Lewis wants Dalton, Maualuga to take charge of huddles

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Bengals coach Marvin Lewis wants the guys who occupy the leadership positions on his team to show more leadership.

Lewis said Wednesday, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, that he wanted quarterback Andy Dalton and middle linebacker Rey Maualuga to step up.

“We’re looking for our quarterback and our middle linebacker to take hold of our football team and that’s important for us,” Lewis said. “I think both guys are such good people that you have to be a little bit of a … [jerk]. But you do and that’s what these guys we’re talking about [Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger] have and I think that’s part of it.

“Andy has a great deal of self confidence and the guys around him but at some point you step out of your skin and you go and it’s time to go. It’s time to step around here both places, all throughout. We’ve wallowed around here in mediocrity. Let’s go and that’s the thing we have to do.”

Dalton has regressed a bit from a sharp rookie year, throwing an interception in every game, and six in the last three games. His 10 picks are tied for second-most in the AFC. He’s also coming off a disastrous last game against the Steelers before the bye.

“You have to play good at quarterback in order to win, Lewis said. “You have to take care of the ball on offense and play efficient at quarterback. Turnovers beat you and if you don’t make plays from that position you have a hard time.”

While the Bengals made great strides last year, and Dalton was a big part of it, he’s also part of the reason they’ve struggled this year. And Lewis apparently wants to make sure he knows it.

11 responses to “Lewis wants Dalton, Maualuga to take charge of huddles

  1. Marvin calling Rey a “good person” really helps one understand what he sees in all these criminals he drafts or brings in through FA.

  2. And next up we play the Denver Broncos and a red hot Peyton Manning. Sigh……… May be a long game if Andy throws picks and gives Manning a short field to work with.

  3. Wow, this is a BS article…putting Dalton and Maualuga in the same light, same level of influence on the team is rediculous! Maualuga continually is in the wrong position, has never had to maintain a responsibility and can’t! He simply is a battering ram looking for something/someone to hit…he’d hit a tractor! But it would do just as good as it has so far for the Bengals…that’s why he was available in the second round. Dalton, his biggest issue is the fact that the O line can’t keep ANY front four from getting pressure! He hasn’t had time in ANY game this year…compare that to the Bengals opponents. Give him time w/a TRUE running game things will be good. Kenny Anderson couldn’t do better in this situation. Hopefully, when Kyle Cook returns things will improve…but I am not very confident in this. Secondly, maybe a second receiver would help…YA THINK?

  4. Marvin can point the finger all he wants. Fact remains he’s the one who chose to only throw it up to AJ Green once in the 2nd half against Pittsburgh in a 7 point game and also neglected to get Gresham and Hawkins involved. Instead he decided to run the ball up the middle with the third string undersized Center playing. That’s on him. You want Andy to improve? Let him throw.

  5. If he’s not there, Marvin just put himself on your hot seat list.

    He knows this season is over and he is building a case for scapgoating the players on the team. It won’t be because he took over playcalling and kept running the ball up the middle over and over again with limited talent to run the ball.

    He keeps putting square pegs into round holes and never, ever figures that it might be better to gameplan to your team’s strengths rather than to blame them for poor execution and lack of leadership because they don’t fit Marvin’s preconceived conception of what wins in the AFC North.

  6. 2nd receiver, home run running back(hello deangelo Williams) and someone in the secondary that will stick with it and cause turnovers what a let down this year. Injuries haven’t helped my biggest disappointment is Terrance Newman worthless c’mon act like you wanna play.

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