Mario Williams says Texans forced him into free agency


As the Bills prepare to play the Texans, defensive end Mario Williams will get his first shot at the team that made him the first pick in the 2006 draft, shots are being fired.

“I didn’t want to enter free agency in the first place, but it was a one-way door given to me by the G.M. to leave Houston,” Williams tells FOX 26 Sports. “I want the fans there to know entering free agency was not my decision.”

The fans will surely let him know what they think of the situation when he returns on Sunday.

“The way things ended, I definitely feel like it was kind of a rough and all-of-the-sudden goodbye,” Williams said. “There’s some things that I’m definitely uneasy about, the final decision making that happened there. It was just the way it was handled.”

The Texans could have prevented Williams from becoming a free agent by using the franchise tag, but that would have cost more than $20 million for one season, both in cash and cap dollars. And that’s far more than the Texans could have justified giving to a 3-4 outside linebacker who was good but not great.

Actually, Texans fans should have no hard feelings toward Williams. He got a far better deal in Buffalo than he ever would’ve gotten in Houston, and the Texans aren’t exactly struggling without him.

Still, Williams knows things could get interesting, and he welcomes that.  Especially from former teammate Antonio Smith.

“Antonio is always picking and prodding,” Williams said. “He’s definitely trying to add fuel to the fire, but nothing is going to add more fuel to the fire than myself and the help of, I’ll guess I’ll say, a select few people who run their mouth and talk crap.

“The one thing that I enjoy and that I look forward to is people adding fuel to the fire. So I welcome all the newcomers as far as jumping on the bandwagon.”

Given the performance of the Bills, it’s likely the only Mario-related bandwagon on which anyone will be jumping this year.

51 responses to “Mario Williams says Texans forced him into free agency

  1. If Mario could have waited he would have been a part of a Super Bowl winner later when the Texans roll in and out of New Awlins.

    Now he is just an overpaid 1/53 piece of mediocrity.

  2. “I didn’t want to enter free agency in the first place”

    …. who out there really believes that? Um, no one….

  3. His huge salary is the only reason anyone is talking about him. The real story is a franchise that thought they got a good deal. This seems like a non story but just a prompt to hate.

  4. Only 2 times in Mario Williams career did he have double digit sacks, he’s a solid player not elite, never was. The money he is making is insane.

  5. It’s almost about time to to ask if Mario Williams can simply go away. The constant stream of non-sense and whining is becoming a really tough to take.

  6. Just trying to make himself relevant again…. not doing it on the field, that’s for sure

  7. Don’t worry Mario, I think you’ll be testing Free Agency again here shortly, but your price tag will be considerable lower the next time. #FACT

  8. Another over paid, injury prone player making excuses. I’d be pissed if I was a Bills fan. Terrible team paying a ton of money and their big offseason move already sounding like he regrets signing with Buffalo. Just another day in the life of a Bills fan

  9. Mario Williams is a joke, always was and always will be. the greatest thing to ever happen to Mario Williams was that VY was a bust and Reggie Bush never turned into who he was supposed to. Mario Williams has never at any point in his career been an elite player worthy of a #1 overall pick, at best he was above average. DeMeco Ryans (our second roun pick in the same 2006 deaft) did infinately more for our team during his time here then Mario ever did. Letting Mario walk was probably the greatest move to date in Texans history (including signed undrafted Arian Foster).


    Okay Mario. I loved ya bro but you only got double digit sacks for the Texans like once? maybe twice? The biggest problem resigning you was the odd hype machine that was built around you. It wasn’t huge but it certainly was there. Dude’s easy going and addicted to video games and I like that. I hope he enjoys being worth 9 figures and gets a ton of sacks sooner or later

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Boo Hoo Mario! So sorry the Texans “made” you go visit Buffalo (and not anywhere else FYI) and “forced” you to sign a $100 million dollar contract. C’mon dude. Man up. You’re a sell-out just like a lot of players in the league. It’s only been 8 weeks and he’s already coming back crying to us. It’s your own fault. You should took a “home-town” discount and the “team that will actually make the playoffs” discount and stuck in Houston. Nobody gives a damn about you now. Can’t wait for you to come into H-Town and have to leave with your tail between your legs and the entire state of Texas booing you. Have fun doing nothing with your career Mediocre Mario.

  12. Superbowl ring count-

    Reggie Bush = 1
    Mario Williams = 0

    but great move choosing him with the #1 overall pick.

  13. Pretty sure Texans fans dont care about Mario Williams anymore. They now have what Williams was supposed to be and never was with JJ Watt. The only one who is crying is Mario Williams.

  14. C’mon give him a break, this might be his comeback! he is actually talking and sounding exited!!! He’s alive!!!! LOL, until he hurts his wristy again…….

  15. I’m a Bills fan and what sticks out to me about Mario this far is twofold: he plays full speed about 10% of the time and he is quiet when he should be vocal and vocal when he should be quiet. I hope he commits to the game and learns moving forward.

  16. Well he got what he wanted. A good but outrageously overpaid player on a bad team. He choose Buffalo. He threw away a super bowl ring for the money but a lot would of done the same thing.

  17. If Mario Williams is worth a $100m contract, then JJ Watt is worth at least a $200m contract.

  18. ““He’s definitely trying to add fuel to the fire, but nothing is going to add more fuel to the fire than myself and the help of, I’ll guess I’ll say, a select few people who run their mouth and talk crap.

    Fuel to the fire ? Lol the way he’s been playing he’s burning about as bright as a single matchstick burning. Not much in the way of smoke and flames from Williams this year.

  19. Amazes me how human beings bash NFL players and their demands then porbably end up whining about his or her own job to family and friends. Not Mario’s fault that “professional” NFL scouts touted him as the #1 overall pick. Maybe we should be bashin those scouts and not Mario.

  20. ilovefoolsball says:

    “Superbowl ring count-

    Reggie Bush = 1
    Mario Williams = 0

    but great move choosing him with the #1 overall pick.”

    Yeah, like Reggie Bush had a whole lot to do with the Ain’ts winning the Super Bowl that year, but you keep telling yourself he did and that he should have been the first overall pick. Maybe one of these days you’ll actually believe it.

  21. Geez, Mario. It is always about him, but it is never his fault, somehow. How many people has he thrown under the proverbial bus this year? I felt bad for him on draft day – it must suck to hear your name called AND hear loud boos accompanying it on what should be the greatest day of your life. He cannot blame Rick Smith. They’ve known him for years, and knew darn well he was about the cha-ching. That is reason one the Texans didn’t even negotiate with him. AND the fact he was no longer needed. You got what you wanted, Mario! Stop complaining!

  22. Ya. I feel bad for Mario, that the Texans forced him to go to a team who would over-pay him to the tune of $50 million in guaranteed money

    When he signed, he said, “I’m ecstatic, very excited. I can’t wait for the opportunity.” Yet, he was forced? I’ll take that “force” everyday. Hell, I would even go to Cleveland for that kind of money. Maybe.

    The Bills sure are getting their money’s worth. Think how ecstatic and excited they must be over Mario’s 3.5 sacks and 16 tackles so far. At this pace, he will finish with around 7 sacks and 35 tackles! Great signing!!

    Meanwhile, in Houston, the defense thrives.

  23. well this worked out for everyone. He got his money, the Texans didn’t overpay for a guy who “looks like Tarzan,plays like Jane.”
    Oh…well, guess it didn’t work out for the Little bills or the city of buffalo.

  24. My problem with Mario was that he only wanted sacks. He would start his rush, see that it was a run and just quit. Sometimes the play would come right back at him and he would just be standing there. Why not give it 100% for the duration of the play. Tackles are nice too.

  25. If you mean by not wanting to overpay for you, they forced you into free agency, then you are correct.

  26. Since his injury last year we’ve come to realize that he was good but not great. Now we’ve got a DE who is not great, but a beast in J.J. Watt. I don’t think anyone here in Houston would have thought to boo Mario at the game this weekend until he started talking like this.

  27. srcnsd says:

    “If Mario Williams is worth a $100m contract, then JJ Watt is worth at least a $200m contract.”

    Very true, and as a Texans fan, it worries me a lot. Hope JJ truly wants to stay a Texan and doesn’t go to the highest bidder. If he does test the free agent market, it’s bye bye to JJ in Houston. But I don’t want to think about that right now!!!

  28. And his stellar play this season has really made that look like a bad move by the Texans, you know, if this whole thing is true.

    Which I doubt it is.

  29. “cover200 says:
    Oct 31, 2012 2:14 PM
    Amazes me how human beings bash NFL players and their demands then porbably end up whining about his or her own job to family and friends”

    And most people getting anywhere from minimum wage to $20-25 per hour can’t be considered to have the same motivation to go full tilt all the time as someone getting 100 million can they.

  30. I wouldn’t mind bringing him back to the Texans in a couple years at a greatly reduced contract after he collects all his guaranteed money from the Bills. He was always a solid player and for a while was the only bright spot on what was then a horrible defense. If I recall correctly his first three years he accounted for about half the sacks on the team.

  31. Another Mario Williams posting, another onslaught of Texans fans assuring us all that they don’t miss him. You would convince the NFL more if you didn’t respond.

  32. As a Bills fan, I’m starting to hate this guy. His attitude is as poor as his play through this point in the season. He is not a leader, he is a mercenary and he is destroying the team aspect of the defense.

    I never remember the collective attitude of the Bills being so poor before they brought this guy to town. You can’t tell me there isn’t some unspoken anti-mario sentiment floating in that locker room. A lot of these guys have spent their careers in Buffalo, working their butts off to make their due. Mario comes in, gets paid a huge contract, then loafs on the field. I don’t see that sitting too well with the guys.

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