Munnerlyn critical of defensive play calling in loss to Bears

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In the wake of the Carolina Panthers 23-22 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday that dropped the Panthers to 1-6 on the season, cornerback Captain Munnerlyn was critical of the defensive play calling on the final drive of the game.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Munnerlyn said the Panthers stayed in the same defense throughout the Bears game-winning drive. It was a decision Munnerlyn was far from pleased with after the game.

“I just play the defense they call, but you gotta switch it up,” Munnerlyn said. “I felt like [Bears quarterback] Jay Cutler, he knew what we were in. So he knew the weakness of the defense and they attacked it.”

According to Cutler, that’s exactly what happened.

“They were playing one coverage, and we just kept hitting them and hitting them and hitting them,” Cutler said. “That’s pretty much it.”

The Bears drove 55 yards in 2:27 to set up a game-winning 41-yard field goal from Robbie Gould as time expired. Cutler connected with Brandon Marshall four times for 36 yards on the drive on the exact same play of their own — a simple slant — that the Panthers struggled to handle in their Cover-4 defense.

While Munnerlyn never brought up the name of Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, it’s not too difficult to figure out to whom his criticism was pointed.

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  1. Several years ago the New York Giants fired their Defensive Coordinator and hired Perry Fewell as the replacement. Why? Same thing happening to the panthers defense happened with the Giants.

    The Carolina Panthers will have a new management and coaching staff next season.

  2. Good find detective!

    And that’s why they call him the Cap’n. Sounds like a smart player. Too bad his DC is not on the same page and wavelength as the players.

    I guess you could say they are not well “coordinated” together?

  3. The Captain would have been better off not saying anything. Whether it’s this coaching staff or the next they won’t appreciate him criticizing the coaching staff.

  4. What is it with DC’s trying to become head coaches too early? I understand that is the natural progression of it all, to be promoted to the next position. It just seems thats some of these guys are making the switch too early.

    Ron Rivera – 7-16
    Dennis Allen – 3-4
    Greg Schiano – 3-4

    IMO Ron Rivera is twice the D co-ordinator when he doesn’t have to worry about preparing the offense.

  5. I think Muunerlyn should be named captain of the Carolina Panthers. This way they can call him Captain Captain ala Major Major of “Catch 22”

  6. You made the team by default. There wasnt anyone else. Be greatfull your on a team this year.
    of the 64 starting cornerbacks you rank at about 128. Worst corner in the league last year. You didnt even know you were in the game for the field goal and we burned a timeout for you. Your critical of the play calling… The world is critical of how you even made the team. 🙂 You think when this staff goes you still have a job lol

  7. I remember a lot of Bears fans clamoring for Chico (Ron Rivera) to become our new head coach, after doing well as DC in Chicago.

    Hindsight is 20/20, of course, but boy am I glad we didn’t go that route. Rivera is a good DC, but it seems he’s losing this team as Head Coach.

    The flipside of this story is the kudos that should go to Cutler for taking advantage and playing well when it mattered.

    Once again Cutler deserves some praise, and typically the media’s quiet on that account.q

  8. This exact same story ran two days ago on this site. Look it up in the Panthers/Bears sections. The title for that one was:
    “Panthers stayed in same coverage, Bears drove for game-winner.”

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