No truth to Tebow-to-Jags talk


At first blush, the notion that a Jacksonville TV station is reporting that the Jags will make a play for Tim Tebow before Thursday’s trade deadline made sense.  It felt like a trial balloon from owner Shahid Khan, who likely realizes that they can stink without Tebow — or they can stink with him.

Having Tebow means filling up EverBank Field for five more home games, even though they’ve lost their three games to date there by a combined score of 95-20.

It also makes it easier to market the team to London, where Khan could be concerned about his ability to sell out Wembley Stadium a month after the Steelers and Vikings play there.

But a source with knowledge of the situation confirms to PFT that there’s nothing to it.  Though the source wouldn’t rule it out for next year, it’s highly unlikely now.

So what happened?  As the source explained it, Tebow is in the Jacksonville area during the Jets’ bye week, which may have sparked a chain of rumors that at some point began to feel like something more.

Thus, Tebow will remain in New York, waiting for the call that may never come for him to play more than four or five snaps per game.

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  1. Ridiculous ! So an owner is saying “let’s postpone additional revenue but consider for next year??” Not a solid business manager, they should trade for Tebow now and salvage ticket revenue.

  2. Seems like ever since the Jags refused to bring in Tebow in 2010 this franchise has been out of sync with the universe. Bring Tebow home and all will be right again!!!

  3. Maybe the Chiefs should consider Tebow. He can’t possibly turn it over anymore than their current qb committee.

  4. This site has the best photos. How’d they get one of Tebow without a TV camera or microphone in his face?

  5. It is so ironic that Tebow helped decide which team to be traded to. Elway asked.

    If he had green-lighted to Elway for a move to Jacksonville, he would be their starter.

    Tebow may suck as a quarterback, but he knows how to win football games….and Jacksonville’s running game would be a whole lot more interesting.

  6. The Jags do need a new punt protector…….

    But seriously, why else would Tebow be in the Jax area during his bye week?? Hmmm…. maybe because his family lives there and he grew up there? That’s a little more logical Mr. Jacksonville TV anchor.

  7. This is the last thing the Jags need. Gabbert’s completion percentage, TD:Int ratio, and yards are all up fairly significantly from last year. He just had his first 300 yard game and did it on the road and kept the team in the game without MJD.

    Like others have said, trade him to KC, he can play QB as well as anyone they have…

  8. The worst thing that coulda happened to Tebow was for him to go to the jets. The coach is a big mouth and the team stinks. And they won’t start him no matter how bad they do because Ryan is an idiot. The jets are the antichrist to football and he lands there. This guy could start on a team if there were a coach willing to adapt to his style of play. And it’s not like they wouldn’t have college talent who can run dip n dunk and option at QB because probably 1/3 of college teams still run this plays so, I say let the heavens bring down a coach will balls to run an NFL team with an QB option and do that for his whole career I bet it would be like any other team 50/50

  9. Tebow knows that if he goes to Jax, the pressure will be too high for him to succeed. The expectations placed on him by the fans, media, evangelical churches will make out to be a messianic savior for the franchise, when, in reality, he’s a below average QB.

  10. I was at the game in London on Sunday and I was depressed to see not only a number of Broncos Tebow shirts but even a Jets one too. I was hoping that us Brits were too smart to be taken in by Tebowmania, but it seems as a nation of fans we are just as dumb as you guys, lol.

  11. @trojan33sc: it makes complete sense to say a self made billionaire, who made his fortune in around only 20 years, lacks “business sense”.

  12. I hope they quit blacklisting Tebow for being an outspoken Christian one of these weeks….

    What makes Michael Silver an NFL ‘expert’ anyway? He is one of the biggest Tebowphobics.

  13. Hundreds of millions of American Christians impatiently await Tebow in there at QB, comrades!

    If Tebow stinks so bad, I would think you’d want him in there to show us your Eastern European expertise on NFL QB’ing.

  14. trojan33sc says: Oct 31, 2012 9:36 AM

    Ridiculous ! So an owner is saying “let’s postpone additional revenue but consider for next year??” Not a solid business manager, they should trade for Tebow now and salvage ticket revenue.

    im sorry Trojan, but he[Khan] made it to be an NFL owner without your help. I am sure he knows how to create enough revenue

  15. people like crappygovernment are why I’m so glad that Tebow didnt get traded here, and it’s why I hope he never dons Teal in his life

    also, we’ve sold out our games so far and won’t be blacking any out all year so clearly we don’t need a gimmick QB to sell tickets

  16. no, just a lifelong Jacksonville citizen and lifelong Jags fan who doesn’t give a crap about the Gators and isn’t particularly fond of religion. aka the only two reasons you could ever want Tebow on this team, because it sure as hell isn’t his “talent” (or lack thereof)

  17. Tebow is a gold mine for the Jaguars. Sign him up and instantly sell out the stadium. Merchandise sales will be through the roof, your games will become must see television.

    You will instantly double if not triple your fan base around the globe.

    He will win you games too boot.

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