Polamalu, Gilbert out again for Steelers

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The Steelers are still scheduled to play the Giants on Sunday afternoon in New Jersey and they’ll be doing it without two injured starters who have been out of action for a while.

Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that neither safety Troy Polamalu nor tackle Marcus Gilbert will be in the lineup against the Giants. It will be the fourth straight game without Polamalu, who has played just one quarter since the first game of the season thanks to a calf injury. Gilbert will be out for the third straight game as he recovers from a knee injury.

With Polamalu out, the Steelers run the risk of entering the game without either of their starting safeties. Ryan Clark has to pass concussion tests in order to get back on the field this week, something he has expressed confidence about since getting hurt last Sunday. Coach Mike Tomlin said only that the team will monitor his progress.

They’ll be taking the same course of action with linebacker LaMarr Woodley and running backs Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman as they get to work in practice on Wednesday.

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  1. The biggest test for the Giants was the 49ers, and they passed with flying colours. They’ll probably play down to the competition and squeak out a win, but don’t flatter yourselves

  2. 49ers are all defense. No offense. Wait til you see our aerial assault by ben. Watch and learn. Big ben. Mvp mvp mvp!!!

  3. This will be bad. The storm has left a lot of girls in vulnerable situations. Or as Ben calls it, “happy days”.

  4. With Polamalu and Clark out, Manning and Cruz are as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve. NYG will exploit the backup safeties all day long through the air and crank up the pressure on Ben & Haley to try to keep pace with Manning. PIT offense must control TOP and score on every possession, the defense will not be able to contain Manning in the air. What chance do we have that CLE beats BAL ? 4 and 4 does not look or sound good.

  5. Steelers are second in the league in time of possession. If they can keep that up through the run game and quick passes, Polamalu and possibly Clark being out will be less of an issue.

    And remember, Big Ben is not Tony Romo, Giants fans. Steelers will put up points and avoid mistakes, Giants better try to do the same.

  6. If old & slow represents the 2nd best D in the league, then what represents the Gisnts D?

    Ask RG3 and his 6 rushes for 8 yards about old and slow.

  7. @steeleymcbeam – Unlike Pittsburgh, we play in a division with the most mobile qbs in the NFL. Ben is a statue compared to who we’re used to defending. If his o-line plays as well as it did the last time these teams met, expect the same result.

  8. This will be a tough game, especially without Troy and if Ryan can’t play. I also read the Woodley is hurting. I think a key will be if Harrison can get to his normal playing style as he works his way back from injury. They will need to put ferocious heat on Manning, and may need some DB blitzes mixed in.

    I think the Steeler’s offense should be able to have the kind of game they have had, possessing the ball and hopefully continuing to have a decent running attack with more points scored. I don’t care if Ben is less mobile than the other QBs in the Giant’s division, none of them are as talented overall as Ben, none of them. His play will also be a key to the game. If he makes not mistakes, the Steelers should be able to win.

    I am really looking forward to this game, against a good tough team like the Giants on the road. A Steeler win will surely send shivers down the spines of the Ravens for 11/18 as the Steelers maintain the pressure on them and build momentum with 3 wins in a row!


  9. @justintuckrule regardless of how mobile Mike Vick or RG3 are, I guarentee you Ben is harder to tackle than either of those two. Plus hes a better passer and QB in general. We handled them pretty well ourselves (2-0) so not sure what point you are trying to make?

  10. Point is, we’re used to playing mobile QBs. The way you handled Vick or RGIII is irrelevant. The argument you are making is that we’ll be unable to handle Ben. My response is that we’re used to defending mobile QBs such as Ben so containing him should be no problem for us. Plus, you better hope Ben doesn’t think he can pump fake it 19 times like he usually does. JPP isn’t some anonymous DE from Cincy.

  11. steelersownyou says:
    Oct 31, 2012 11:01 AM
    49ers are all defense. No offense. Wait til you see our aerial assault by ben. Watch and learn. Big ben. Mvp mvp mvp!!!
    Watch and learn? Maybe you need to do your homework. Eli is 3rd in passing yards-Ben is 9th, Giants pass offense is 2nd- Steelers are 8th, Giants total offense is 2nd- Steelers are 14th. So far we have beaten 3 top 10 offenses (Skins, Boys, and San Fran) and 3 top 10 defenses ( Boys, San Fran, and Panthers). No denying Ben will be tough, but Giants won’t be a walk in the park either. Judging by the stats, maybe the Steelers need to watch and learn from the Champs. Go Blue!!!

  12. @justintuckrule: you forgot to compare/mention Ben’s receivers (all 10 of them) to the other teams you mention, Ben’s receivers are hands down superior and Dwyer is a force on the ground (he put over 100 on the high ranked WAS run defense last week). PIT is ranked very high in Time Of Possesson, and if that keeps up, Manning will have to make the most of the few opportunities that he’s actually on the field. No doubt NYG front four will be in hot pursuit of our Big Ben, but – their game plans thus far have been designed for that. Our secondary is the weak link.

  13. Where are you getting Ben as a rushing QB from? He has 45 yards in 7 games. Hes a pocket passer who moves around to avoid players like JPP. JPP is a monster, I wouldnt disagree there, hes one of my favoirite players. But the Steelers arent so much a vertical passing team anymore so JPP wont have time to get there like in years past. This is a totally new offense designed to combat teams with great a pass rush like the NYG, Ravens (of old), etc. It will be a great game for sure and I’m sure there will be plenty of points scored by both teams. Cant wait!

  14. Guaranteed – NYG receivers do not drop a fraction of the number passes dropped by Redskins – big problem.

  15. @bluebagz. Didnt say anything about giants offense. I said 49ers offense sucked. Pay attention lame brain.

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