Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network whips around the league on Wednesday night

Getty Images

It’s been a few days since the PFT on NBC Sports Network crew has been able to get the show up and running so they’ll be trying to make up for lost time on Wednesday.

Mike Florio and Pete Najarian will be talking about some of the biggest games on the Week Nine slate, including Sunday night’s matchup between the undefeated Falcons and the Cowboys. They’ll also check in on the Giants-Steelers and Eagles-Saints matchups as we start looking ahead to this weekend’s games.

Speaking of the Eagles, Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly will also be on the show to talk about the latest developments with Andy Reid’s team. The most notable of those developments is the word that Michael Vick will be starting at quarterback again this week. Florio will also be answering your questions via Twitter, so keep ’em coming until the show gets underway.

That will be at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.