Redskins to unveil throwbacks on Sunday

Last Sunday, the Redskins were the first victims (along with the rest of us) of the Steelers’ prison bumblebee throwback uniforms.  They’re arguably the worst ever, with only the Eagles’ now-defunct Brazilian soccer team alternative uniforms in contention for the all-time title.

This Sunday, the Redskins will be unveiling arguably one of the best throwback ensembles, as mentioned in the Wednesday one-liners.

The 1937 gear includes a brown helmet that will be painted like it’s leather.  A nice touch that won’t be visible is the presence of the words “Team, Effort, Tradition” inside the back of the neck of the jersey.

We approve of the effort of this team to create a tradition that is far more pleasing to the eye than what the Steelers wore last week.  Here’s hoping that our rods and cones recover in time to fully enjoy the Redskins’ duds.