Redskins to unveil throwbacks on Sunday

Last Sunday, the Redskins were the first victims (along with the rest of us) of the Steelers’ prison bumblebee throwback uniforms.  They’re arguably the worst ever, with only the Eagles’ now-defunct Brazilian soccer team alternative uniforms in contention for the all-time title.

This Sunday, the Redskins will be unveiling arguably one of the best throwback ensembles, as mentioned in the Wednesday one-liners.

The 1937 gear includes a brown helmet that will be painted like it’s leather.  A nice touch that won’t be visible is the presence of the words “Team, Effort, Tradition” inside the back of the neck of the jersey.

We approve of the effort of this team to create a tradition that is far more pleasing to the eye than what the Steelers wore last week.  Here’s hoping that our rods and cones recover in time to fully enjoy the Redskins’ duds.

21 responses to “Redskins to unveil throwbacks on Sunday

  1. Perfect timing. They’ll go well with their throwback offense. Shanahan should wear a big fur coat too.

  2. How about the Bronco’s original uniforms as the worst? Gene Mingo blushed when he had to wear this getup:)

  3. A throwback to the days they had a winning team. Alas, they only get to wear them this weekend before returning to reality.

  4. I happened to love the Steelers uniforms last week and I’m a Skins fan.

    Is it hip to say you don’t like them just like the white ESPN anchors making fun of a white guy dancing; trying to say the in-thing ?

  5. I’m confused… Yes, The Steelers throwback uniforms were rather ugly and loud. I will not argue that point. But please explain to me what a team is supposed to do for throwback uniforms? I was under the impression that they are supposed to dress in uniforms that are similar to the ones worn many years ago. Wouldn’t be much of a throwback if you used something new. I remember the throwback uniforms the Steelers wore back in the 90’s. They were much more ugly than the ones worn last week!

  6. Only time the current skins players can feel like a winner, cause theyll never win anything but a high draft pick…IRG3 with the girlie hair string after the game Sunday at the podium ..heeey girlfriend

  7. i expected something cool…..look like boring stripped down tampa bay uniforms. starting to think florio has wood for anything redskins

  8. The Eagles’ throwback did have Swedish roots. The Philadelphia flag contains those colors. By the way, the Eagles scored 56 points against the Lions in those uniforms. As far as I am concerned, they can wear them every week if they score 50+ in them.

  9. No time like a non-classic non-rivalry game against a team that has only existed since 1996 to unveil a classic throwback jersey from the early days of the NFL.
    Seriously though: unis look good, but it just seems like a weird to time to showcase ’em.

  10. Call me weird but I don’t like when the skins wear throwbacks because I love the current uniforms and helmets. It’s what I’ve been used to since I started following them. To me the best uniforms in the nfl. The skins throwbacks look like Boston College but I’ll deal with them for one week. At least they aren’t fugly like some I’ve ssen. Go Skins!

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