Roger Goodell is not happy with DeAngelo Hall

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Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall may view himself as a great guy, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t like what he saw from Hall on Sunday.

Goodell said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that the league is in the process of determining discipline for Hall, who was ejected from the Redskins’ game against the Steelers after screaming at an official.

“There’s respect for people who are playing the game, coaching the game and officiating the game. It’s critical that we have that,” Goodell said, via “It’s not only respect for the game and the people who are involved, but also sportsmanship. We want to make sure that we maintain that. That’s not what football is about.”

Hall was angry because Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders wasn’t penalized for taking what Hall thought was a cheap shot. But Goodell indicated that Hall is the one who’s going to be penalized after the league is done reviewing the incident.

“Our football operations staff are looking at that,” Goodell said. “I got a briefing this morning on it. They’re going through the process of evaluating, getting all of the information, and they’ll be making a decision on that either today or tomorrow, I believe.”

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said this week that Hall could be suspended for his actions, although that seems unlikely at this point because if the NFL is going to suspend a player, it usually announces the suspension early in the week to give the team time to prepare not to have the player. So it’s more likely that Hall will face a fine.

“We have very strong rules in this area and we’re going to enforce them aggressively,” Goodell said.

From the way Goodell is talking, it sounds like Hall’s fine will be a big one.

44 responses to “Roger Goodell is not happy with DeAngelo Hall

  1. I usually don’t agree With Goodall on any thing but some one needs to take this guy to task. He seems to think he is Gods gift to football, but a DARRELL GREEN HE IS NOT!!!!!!! Nor any where near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. georgeremus says:Oct 31, 2012 6:03 PM

    Who is?

    Every QB an WR he faces?

  3. I am not saying DeAngelo Hall is an idiot or shouldn’t be fined, but Goodell lecturing Hall on treating the officials with respect sounds a bit off coming from his mouth.

  4. He must’ve thought he was playing pro basketball. I can’t believe the NBA hasn’t come down with a rule that players can’t yell at officials like they’re kids. I blame it all on Michael Jordan. Think about it. Do you ever remember refs getting absolutely chewed out before he came along? I know they can call technical foul, but a player has to go way over the line before that happens.

  5. Hall could be suspended for the rest of the year and his absence would scarcely be noticed. He’s already ranked at the bottom of all CB’s for pass coverage.

    Having said that, in fairness Emmanuel Sanders needs a fine too for his violent mugging of Hall that started the whole mess.

  6. One part of the article says that Hall probably will not be suspended later this week due, in part, to giving the team a chance to prepare for the lost player. Actually, the more damage done to the team the greater the incentive to police their players more stringently.

  7. Roger Goodell should be known to NFL history as “The Janitor” as he cleaned up the NFL and took out some of its more marginal characters.

  8. If anybody should be suspended it’s the official for missing the cheap shot DeAngelo Hall took.

    The NFL should implement a rule where a player has a free shot at any official that misses or calls incorrectly a penalty.

  9. o will they give them time to prepare to be without hall just like they gave the redskins time to prepare for free agency by hitting them with a cap penalty the day before free agency?

  10. I find it funny seeing peytonsneck18 always saying seething stupid and trollish on every Redskin news item. It really shows his football IQ because the idiots focus should be on his division opponents first then the AFC. Dude get out of your mommas basement and get a life!

  11. Watch the play. And I”m a skins fan. Hall bum rushed the WR and they tangled. Hall was “handled” and then didn’t like it. So sorry little baby Hall. You started it and he finished it. Then you cried like a baby. And then you let your team down by getting ejected. Oh yeh, and you allowed the most yards as any DB last year but still think you’re the best. PLEASE cut this guy and move on. He’s overrated and overpaid. He’s a headache and disrespectful. Terrible combination.

  12. “it usually announces the suspension early in the week to give the team time to prepare not to have the player.”

    just like it usually announces $36M and $10M cap penalties just before free agency…

  13. Goodell is a hypocrit for saying someone should have respect for the players, the coaches, and the refs. He has none. He’s just a tool of the owners. And the word “sportsmanship” should never pass his lying lips.

  14. Could not believe Hall’s behavior. He should be suspended. And, like, generally avoided in public.

    It’s a tribute to the professionalism of most all players that this kind of tantrum is so rare!

  15. i have no problem with the league fining Hall. I do have a problem with people calling for Hall’s suspension. The coaches berated the replacements and were only fined. Suspensions aren’t warranted.

  16. Over in San Francisco, there’s a corner getting ready to go to another pro bowl that they should have kept in DC and sent Hall packing. Thanks again, Vinny Cerrato

  17. Here’s what I don’t get – what was Hall upset about anyway? I didn’t see anything much. If anything he’s the one that initiated the extracurricular activity.

  18. The only difference between what Hall does and what happens every week is that Hall’s helmet was off making it easier to see what he was saying. Same refs that told Shanahan that he was “out of control” at one point during the game. Hall got jerked down on an illegal hold then pushed and the refs did nothing. Sanders is the same guy that faked the cramp vs the Bengals.

  19. D Hall is a punk, however something didn’t seem right about the way he blew up. I would love to hear the exchange between him and the ref and find out what the ref actually said or didn’t say to spark such a blatant reaction. D Hall is still a punk but im still curious.

  20. Are they going to suspend coaches for yelling at the ref’s. I think not. All he did was yell at a ref every coach does too. So why would he warrant a suspension to Hall for doing what the coaches do every game.

  21. Goodell:
    “There’s respect for people who are playing the game, coaching the game and officiating the game. It’s critical that we have that,”

    Glad he didn’t include “the Commisioner” in his statement.

    Based on his performance since taking office, respect is the last thing that comes to mind when considering his tenure.

    Rozelle must be getting tired from turning over in his grave….

  22. C’mon braska hall stuck his helmet right in sanders face. Sanders threw him off. What really made hall pod was something the ref said to him. It is not revealed but the “pro” refs trash talk with the players all the time. These refs aren’t much better than the subs that were in at the beginning of the year. Don’t you remember complaining about bad calls last year. these guys can’t keep up with these young fast players.

  23. hall found it was ok because if you look at the game again the washington coach was screeming at the refs the entire game. At one point the ref pushed him off the field three tiimes.

  24. With as bad as the officiating is in both the nfl and MLB I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see someone finally take a swing at one of them. Not defending the hall situation just saying you can’t just say well your getting paid millions to play a game so you have to live with getting screwed by an official every once in awhile. People’s jobs and careers can hinge on some terrible call by a guy who isn’t held accountable for his mistakes.

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