Steve Smith says he plans to stay in Carolina until he’s cut

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Amid reports that teams are trying to pry receiver Steve Smith away from the G.M.-less Panthers, Smith has chimed in.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, Smith said Wednesday that he plans to finish his career in Carolina, unless he’s cut.

Of course, unless he has a no-trade clause in his contract, Smith can be shipped to any other team, regardless of whether he wants to be.  Sure, he could retire.  But he’d be giving up his remaining compensation — and he’d be forced to pay back bonus money.

Still, any team that would be making a deal would want Smith to be happy.  Because you wouldn’t like him if he’s not happy.

Ken Lucas and Anthony Bright approve this message.

36 responses to “Steve Smith says he plans to stay in Carolina until he’s cut


    “Ken Lucas and Anthony Bright approve this message.”

    how original.. still funny though

  2. Anthony Bright may not be safe yet. If he messes up Steve’s McDonald’s order he may get that eye dotted again.

  3. The guys a jerk but a hell of a player. Also a great cook. He’ll be in Charlotte til he’s done.

  4. Smith is part of the problem in Carolina. Cam feels like he should force the ball to him when other wr are open. I think if they trade him Cam would improve as he then would be able to scan the field to find the open wr. Smith is a great wr, but he is also a whinner and a bully instead of a leader. He also drops to many.

  5. Ohh Ken Lucas.. what happened to him.. solid with the Hawks and then faded once Stevie gave him the business in Carolina.

  6. Getting rid of him would not help Newton, Smith is the only receiver with any sort of speed on the team. Good luck with a starting lineup of Lafell and Armanti Edwards. Get Deandre Hopkins in the draft to round out this receiving corps.

  7. blacknole08 says:Oct 31, 2012 3:00 PM

    As a Panther fan, I would like to see Steve Smith retire as a Panther.

    There are plenty of teams that could use a good RB for down the stretch though.


    Do you think either are that significant an upgrade for anyone? The Packers are the only contender I can think of where these 2 would be enough of an upgrade that it would be worth giving up anything.

  8. hey giants champs- he has done more in the playoffs alone than anybody on your team, including cruz, has ever done

  9. To everyone screaming about TDs, the guy is 5’9″. He’s not a redzone target. His TDs normally come from him breaking one big.

  10. Steve will be in Carolina 2-3 more years and then he’ll retire and be in the HOF 5-6 years after that. He’ll be top ten in most receiving categories by the time he hangs up his cleats, or more appropriately, donates them to his Samaritan’s Feet charity.

  11. trojanwarrior007 says:
    Oct 31, 2012 4:24 PM
    this will be Napoleon’s last year there.

    We have a new front runner for post of the year!!!

  12. pantherfan550 says:
    Oct 31, 2012 4:20 PM
    hey giants champs- he has done more in the playoffs alone than anybody on your team, including cruz, has ever done
    But what has the Giants TEAM done that Smith hasn’t? Smith has never understood the concept of team.

  13. And, how has that worked out for them so far? How many picks have been thrown forcing the ball to him or balls bouncing off his hands. Of course he leads the team in yards, he get at least 16 targets a game.

  14. @Panthersfan550

    Your not talking about the Panthers in the playoffs are you? Really? Get a grip man. Steve Smith has done more in the playoffs than any wr on the Giants? How many rings does he have?

  15. This guy is the only Panther other than Julius Peppers (who left the team) anyone will remember in 20 years. I’d let him play as long as he wants in Carolina.

  16. I used to like the guy, but over time he’s proven himself to be a mouthy punk with a “me first” mentality that is damaging to the team…

    I agree with those above who said Cam will never be able to take over that team unless/until Smith ships out.

    Of course, Cam has a maturity deficit of his own.

    Panthers are better off looking for leadership on defense.

  17. As a Nashvillian who’s transplanted in Charlotte, I sure hope these Panthers fans know what a gift Steve Smith’s team loyalty has been all these years. I still wince at the day we Titans’ fans lost our beloved receiver 7 years ago. Seeing Derrick Mason in a Ravens uniform was … just … so … wrong.

  18. keep him until hes no longer productive then ship him to a team thats loves to give players way past their prime huge contracts washington or oakland

  19. I’m a skins fan but have always respected Smith’s game. He reminds me of Santana Moss but a little bit better. They should let him stay as long as he wants. He has been the face of that franchise for years.

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