Two extra days before trade deadline might not make a difference

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The NFL seemed to be doing teams a favor by giving them an extra 48 hours before the trade deadline, because of Hurricane Sandy.

But personnel men from a number of teams say the extra hours probably won’t make much of a difference in terms of the number of deals made.

As evaluators from teams who would be considered both buyers and sellers tell it, the Thursday 4 p.m. deadline is no real benefit, because it would send players to new teams too late to be fully integrated into a game plan this week.

“If they were going to push it back at all, they should have pushed it back to next Tuesday,” one personnel source said. “If we bring a guy in this late in the week, the coaches haven’t worked with him, he doesn’t know us, and he probably wouldn’t be able to do much this week anyway.”

That philosophy was reflected in the Lions’ decision to bring in wide receiver Mike Thomas in from Jacksonville, which was completed yesterday. By doing that deal 48 hours before the deadline, he’ll be in Detroit in time to be a factor this week against his old team. If he flew in Thursday night, he’d get one practice in Friday, and may not pick up enough to matter.

Most of the ground work for any deals that might be done was already laid last week. Personnel men spent the week on the phones, gauging interest and the potential costs. So anything that needed to be wrapped up could have been done earlier this week, if it was done at all.