Andy Reid: Michael Vick will continue to be our quarterback


Eagles coach Andy Reid would like to put a stop to the weekly guessing games about the identity of his starting quarterback.

Reid used Thursday’s press conference to put forth a more forceful message about his decision to stick with Michael Vick after plenty of speculation that he would hand the offense over to rookie Nick Foles. Reid said that he never thought about benching Vick during last Sunday’s game and that he’s not thinking about benching him at any point in the future.

“Michael is, was and will continue to be our quarterback. This is not a week-to-week thing,” Reid said, via Dave Weinberg of the Press of Atlantic City.

It’s the most emphatic statement yet about Vick’s job security, which suggests Reid badly wants to turn down the volume on the quarterback controversy that’s been bubbling around the team for the last few weeks. It’s a good effort, but it will only accomplish that if Vick is able to play better than he’s played thus far this season. Otherwise the calls and questions about a change will remain loud and Reid will have to continue to address a question he wishes would go away.

Reid’s words were strong on Thursday, but he wouldn’t be the first coach to reserve the right to change his mind in the indefinite future.

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  1. This is the arrogance stage that every coach goes through before his firing. If Andy Reid wants to keep his job just start Foles, but I see Andy Reid lives by the G-code.

  2. Andy Reid, I loathe you.

    You are a big reason the Eagles havent won a Super Bowl. You are not smarter than every other coach in the league. I thank you for turning around a team that was 3-13 when you arrived. But your time has looong passed.

  3. pacific123ocean says:
    Nov 1, 2012 12:42 PM
    If Reid gets fired in Philly, he will have no trouble finding another coaching job, if he wants to coach


    Youre right. San Diego would be a perfect fit. They constantly have average teams with no chance to win a Super Bowl too.

    Thats all Andy Reid will get you. An 8-8 team, 10-6 at best, and nowhere in the playoffs. He has demonstrated it time and again.

  4. Why go public with comments about players when that info should be private to the team. The upcoming opponents receive info concerning your game plan with this type of talk. Just shut up.

  5. Reid bet on Michael Vick,,,the league quickly re-figured Vick out & they are both sunk. They should have stuck with Kolb. Yeah, Kolb has not looked great in AZ but thats AZ (worst at protecting the QB in the league). Kolb showed solid promise in Philly under Reid’s system. Vick cannot read stunts…..he’s toast, no chance

  6. Vick should know how much that vote of confidence means. Kolb got a similar one right before Reid pulled the rug out from under him and made Vick the starter.

    For those saying Reid will have a job in a second if he wants it, who cares? It’s not really relevant unless you depend on him for your income. Reid’s post Eagles employment is of no immediate concern to most people. If he coaches another team, good for him but for the love of god stop beating us over the head on how much he is in demand in the league.

    Vick should look decent against the saints, everyone else has. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t belong in the league.

  7. Gotcha, just like Donovan and Kevin right??!
    It ain’t over til the fat man sings I guessssss…….
    Mr Laurie, please just take us out of our misery and fire the walrus!

  8. Reid has said in the past “You guys must not be hearing me, Kevin Kolb is the QB of this team.” Next day announced Vick was the starter the rest of the season. This just in coaches in the NFL lie and he’s no different. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vick was the starter against Dallas, or Foles was.

  9. All you Eagle fans can’t wait to fire Andy. Careful what you wish for. One bad coach could take you guys from playoff contenders every year back to your 3-13 years. Good luck when he is gone.

  10. Cereal blogger you are mostly right. Kolb would have as Foles would solve most of the Eagles issues. A REAL qb that knows what a progression is that can throw accurately to a wr running more than a simple fly route. Vicks irst and formost has been a band aid for a horrible oline and had they not wasted money on Vick, Jackson, and Cruzs’ b*tch (thats Nnambdi for thosr not cleaver enough) then the eagles could afford a good online and would have a shot at something more than boos from the home crowd.

  11. Philadelphia – mark my words. If you fire Andy Reid, he will ultimately win a Super Bowl with another team

  12. what he really meant to say is “Go ahead and fire me so I can collect a check and get hred for a new gig.”

    It’s the begnning of the end when coordinators get canned mid season and you stand by below average quarterbacks.

  13. Thank you, Andy. Your refusal to pander to the moron fan base has always been one of your best qualities.

  14. Tomorrow I look forward to a riveting article on this site titled “Andy Reid reiterates that Michael Vick is his starting quaterback” and then a few hours later one titled “Did we mention that Michael Vick will remain the starting quaterback in Philly?”
    only to be followed five minutes later by one called “In case you missed it the first forty times we reported it, Michael Vick is to remain the starting quaterback in Philly.”

  15. Good stick with him. That means you’ll be out of a job next year and Vick will be out of the league.

  16. And because a head coach in the NFL says something it’s true? PULEASE! The fact that anyone puts any stock in what NFL GM’s or coaches say is ridiculous. We all know that they say whatever is convenient or just flat out lie through their teeth.

  17. Everything Reid said sounds good, until convict has another multiple turnover game, then the change will come. The Eagles downfall was sealed when they made the decision to take Vick, the classic loser underachiever who’ll never amount to anything but mediocrity.

  18. Of course Vick will continue to be the starter. Reid didn’t manage the roster well enough to have a veteran backup.

  19. I’d take Andy Reid as my head coach if Jim Johnson (RIP) came with him in a package deal.

    That’s about the only way I’d take Reid at this point. He constantly tries to prove that he is the smartest guy in the room. Reid likes to prove his genius by ignoring his best player Lesean Mccoy, hiring inept offensive line coaches to coordinate his defense (rumor has it Howard Mudd got offered the job before Bowles took it), and burning all of his timeouts in the first few minutes of each half, well before the 4th quarter when he would actually need to use them.

  20. Leave it to the Giants’ fan here to be the voice of reason. All you Eagles’ fans need to step back from the ledge. Reid is a fantastic coach and Vick is just going through a rough patch. There is talent up and down your roster. After this week, the schedule gets infinitely easier. If history is any guide, the Eagles will go on a tear soon. The odds of the NFC East coming down to the final week (Phi vs. NYG) are much better than the Giants running away with the division. That’s just how our division is. We’ve all seen this story before. Chins up.

  21. What I want to know is how it is that Romo can have a 5 pick and 4 Pick game and Orton backing him up yet no QB controversy?? But the PHilly phans are gung ho to bench 4X Pro bowler Vick for Nick Foles??? You’ve gotta be kidding me. There’s no way you toss this season into the can being just 1 game under .500 when history has proven nobody runs away with the NFC bEast!!! Patience is a virtue

  22. Everyone piling on Ried for replacing QB. He sees Foles everyday in practice and he is coaching to save his job… wouldn’t he know foles gave him better chance to win…
    now where do i start that Ried to cowboys thread…

  23. Please keep Andy Reid, and start Vick until he can’t even stand any more. This will ensure that Philly never even glimpes a SB berth again.

  24. The difference between Romo and Vick is that Romo has had consistent success as a QB – never finished a year under 90 in QB rating and never finished a year with less than 60% completion.

    Vick has only done those things ONCE in his career. The likelihood that Romo will return to his typical self is far greater than Vick repeating a career anomoly.

  25. brownmud says:
    Nov 1, 2012 1:05 PM
    All you Eagle fans can’t wait to fire Andy. Careful what you wish for. One bad coach could take you guys from playoff contenders every year back to your 3-13 years. Good luck when he is gone.


    Or we could end up with a coach who actually knows how to call run plays, can use timeouts effectively, knows when it is appropriate to challenge a timeout, and doesnt think he is smarter than every other coach in the league.

    Its quite possible the Eagles could actually win a Super Bowl with another coach. Every other NFCE teams fans love to rag that we dont have a SB trophy. Well, Reid has been coaching our team for 14 of those 50 years. Thats a pretty big clump.

    Greasy Neale didnt have that problem…

  26. Andy said the team was committed to a long list of guys right before he reversed field and fired or benched them. This situation is no different. If Vick lays a few turnovers on the Saints D, he’ll ride pine.

    While Andy is the reason the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl, he’s also the reason they came as close as they did.

    The idea that Andy Reid should keep this information from the public contradicts the complaints every Andy-hating Eagles fan has had about his press conferences for the entirety of his tenure as Eagles coach.

    if Andy wins a Super Bowl with another team, it will be because he has surrendered every form of authority except offensive game-planning. He’s a terrible in-game coach and would have to hand play calling and even the decisions about calling timeouts to someone else.

    The Eagles and Chargers are basically the same franchise: lots of talent, lots of high expectations, no hardware.

  27. @bringbacktheflex—-If by “the likelihood that Romo will return to his typical self” you mean 9 seasons and 1 playoff win to show for it I Get ur point!!!! Lol Up until last seasons victory @ Lambeau field by my GMen, Mike Vick was THE ONLY QB IN NFL HISTORY to ever go up to Greenbay and win a Playoff game!!! Numbers are “cute” and stats may get you a paycheck but that doesnt make you a warrior/winner/baller!!!!

  28. Romo is garbage tired of people making excuses for this guy. Dont he lead the league in turnovers thats a stat for you. Vick is not the issue in philly as some of you would want him to be give him a better o line and watch how things change. Foles is not the option so Andy did the right thing and vick should be the starter for the rest of the year.

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