Current cap space, NFLPA version

[Editor’s note:  The talk about the cap hit that would apply to the trade of Panthers running back Deangelo Williams gives us a reason to provide an update of all team’s cap room.  These are the NFLPA numbers; the league’s numbers may be different.]

Jaguars $20.1 million

Eagles $20.1 million

Browns $14.5 million

Titans $14.1 million

Chiefs $13.8 million

Seahawks $13.5 million

Broncos $12.1 million

Bills $11.7 million

Buccaneers $11.7 million

Bengals $9.0 million

Vikings $8.4 million

Packers $7.5 million

Dolphins $7.0 million

Cardinals $6.9 million

Patriots $6.4 million

Colts $5.0 million

Raiders $4.6 million

Bears $4.2 million

Jets $4.2 million

Panthers $4.0 million

Cowboys $3.7 million

Redskins $3.3 million

Saints $2.9 million

Texans $2.7 million

Lions $2.5 million

Giants $2.2 million

Chargers $2.0 million

Rams $2.0 million

Ravens $1.4 million

Falcons $1.1 million

Steelers $1.1 million

49ers $579,000

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  1. The 49ers are at the bottom of the cap space list for a different reason: they front-loaded contracts.

    Of Patrick Willis’ 7-year, $53m contract, a full 1/3rd of it counts against the cap this year. Only a $3.5m cap hit next year. If evenly amortized, the 49ers would have $10m more in cap space

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