Doug Martin runs past Robert Griffin III for rookie of the month


When Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III won NFL offensive rookie of the month for September, plenty of people thought it was just the first step on the road to conference rookie of the year honors.

That might turn out to be the case, but Griffin certainly isn’t without competition. Buccaneers running back Doug Martin has been named the winner of monthly honors for his work in October.

Martin ran for 296 yards in three games last month, including a 135 yard effort in Week Eight’s win over the Vikings. Martin also caught three passes for 79 yards in that game and scored two touchdowns to help the Bucs improve to 3-4 on the season. Martin had 171 receiving yards last month, showing off the kind of versatility that led the Buccaneers to trade up to take him in the first round of the draft. The Bucs have won two of their last three games as Martin and Josh Freeman have helped get the offense into a higher gear.

Griffin hardly had a bad month, but didn’t play well in last week’s loss to the Steelers and missed part of the loss to the Falcons after suffering a concussion. That was enough to get Martin the nod this time around, although we imagine Griffin will remain in the running for further prizes over the rest of the season.

Martin’s backfield mate LeGarrette Blount was the last Buccaneer to win rookie of the month honors.

16 responses to “Doug Martin runs past Robert Griffin III for rookie of the month

  1. Griffin hardly had a bad month, but didn’t play well in last week’s loss to the Steelers

    This isn’t an accurate statement. Griffin played well, but his WRs did not. 10 drops! The passes were on the money. He would have had another 70% completion game if his wideouts could catch a cold.

  2. Morris started with a splash, but Martin has been better in the last month, which is the relevant part. Martin has had three 30+ yard TDs in the last two games and has gotten progressively better every week.

  3. Thank you thereisalwaysnextyear…I dont understand how these professional writers make statements without doing there homework…by homework I mean actually watch the games before commenting…

    PFT should let the writers only cover specific teams and mandate that they actually WATCH all the games before commenting…

    clw1906…EXACTLY…its a classic well he deserves it but we got to recognize someone else…

    I mean how many MVPs should Micheal Jordan really have??!!!??

  4. Don’t be tools skins fans.

    Martin led ALL NFL skill players in yards from scrimmage in October with 155 ypg. This is not a rushing award, but a offensive award. That means receiving yards count as well.

    Martin deserves this reward.

  5. may not have out-rushed Morris but, “He led all NFL players in October with 155.7 yards from scrimmage per game.”

  6. Alfred has a total of 752 yards this year, most coming on the ground. Martin has 767 yards. When you add in recieving yards Martin is out-gaining Alfred Morris. Not questioning Morris’ running ability – just questioning your logic. Plus Martin has had 20+ fewer carries so far (bye week)

  7. peytonsneck18 says: Nov 1, 2012 1:17 PM

    and after hearing that, most skins fans are on suicide watch!!

    Why are you so upset??? Did someone pee in your cheerios???? I think the real problem is that Andrew Luck was suppose to be one of the BEST QB EVER to come out of the draft; and is being compared to other normal rookies. As a Colts fan I would be upset too. My one of a kind guy is actually one of the same!

  8. Come on all fans, can’t we just get along.

    I’m sure all the rookies will tell you – “It was an honor just to be nominated”

    That said – Go Muscle Hamster Go!

  9. by no means am i writing that martin isnt deserving but in any case like this i think sometimes the people voting for player/rookie of the week month etc. take the approach of well that guy won it last time its close lets give it to the other guy

  10. Why should Griffin win anything – QB’s pass the ball and Griffin can’t hit anything much deeper than 30 yards with any accuracy. All that chump does is run because he can’t read defenses and has no leadership skills whatsoever. His 2 minute drills are some of the best comedy you’ve ever seen – somehow he takes 6 minutes to run ’em.

    I’m a Redskin fan and I know what I say pisses off other Redskin fans. But after being blind since 1970 with my Redskins, I’m not drinking that koolaid anymore. This team sucks and Griffin is a bust of epic proportions. He is a loser and slow minded.

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