Garcon, Meriweather unlikely to play for Redskins

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The Washington Redskins will likely be without receiver Pierre Garcon and safety Brandon Meriweather until after the team’s bye next week.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Garcon and Meriweather are unlikely to play against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. Garcon did not practice with a foot injury that has kept him sidelined since the Redskins Week 5 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Per Jones, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Garcon will not try to play until after the bye.

Meriweather has yet to play this season as an injured left knee has kept him sidelined. Meriweather was able to practice in a limited capacity on Wednesday but Shanahan said he’s a “long shot” to be able to play this week.

Perry Riley was also limited in practice with a hamstring injury suffered last week in Pittsburgh. London Fletcher (hamstring), David Jones (achilles) Sav Rocca (right knee) and Josh Wilson (shoulder) all fully participated.

10 responses to “Garcon, Meriweather unlikely to play for Redskins

  1. As a skins fan it gets harder and to defend the things they do. 44 million for an injury prone Wr that has never had a 1000 yard season, replace an injury prone safety who played at a pro bowl level when he did play with a guy who has more DUI’s then tackles since coming to dc, and who’s biggest hit came in warm ups when he gave his own teammates a concussion….on behalf of skins nation..RG3 I apologize

  2. pieree gar-bage is demonstrating how big of a bust he is…..from his picture, its seems pretty big one!!!

  3. Shanny probably does deserve a lot of blame for the Skins’ issues, but Little Danny Boy will not fire him because of fear of a PR mess. He pulled the trigger too soon on guys like Marty Schottenheimer and eventually the fan base revolted. Now, there may be the need to actually fire the coach before the end of his contract and Danny Boy can’t do it because of past mistakes.

  4. This is not a story, I don’t think any fan in Washington thought Garcon would be playing, as for Merriweather his situation just seems weird all around…he gets a DUI before ever hitting the field and has been out longer than someone who would’ve had surgery on said knee. Now as for Mike Jones, whatever you do never ever believe or put anything into any article written by a Washington Post writer they all suck…and since they were caught scalping tickets and had the number they were previously allotted slashed big time they’ve been on smear campaign….

  5. Who cares about merriweather.. hes a run stopping safety who is a liability in pass coverage, and teams dont run on us (up until Pitt one week ago), they pass.. with good reason. Garcón’s hands are about as good as the rest of the guys who dropped 13 balls for what would have been 128yds. Neither one of these guys would help us anyways.

  6. @cdrion21 – Garcon isn’t a bust yet…he’s injured and can’t play…huge difference. He hasn’t been prone to injuries, sometimes things happen. Redskins still have a good offense and Merriweather isn’t good enough to have a positive effect on the defense. The Redskins weren’t going to make the playoffs this year anyway. They’ve done a good job rebuilding the offense…now it’s time to do the same for the defense. Any real Redskins fan knows that they’re another couple of off-seasons away from being real contenders. Anything else is drastically over optimistic.

  7. Feet are complicated. Lots of very tiny moving parts. You can be disappointed that he isn’t playing, you can be disappointed that he is making a ton of money not playing, but I’m willing to believe the guy would prefer to be out there catching balls rather then nursing a very tiny and very irritating part of his body.

    Instead of cursing one guy for having a foot injury that is outside of his control, maybe we should be questioning the hearts of the receivers that dropped 8 passes last week. Eight uncontested passes were dropped.


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