Lions, Jaguars downplay possibility of Mike Thomas sharing secrets

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Mike Thomas was traded from the Jaguars to the Lions this week, and the Jaguars play the Lions on Sunday. So does that mean Thomas will be handing the Jaguars’ playbook to the Lions’ defense, teaching the Lions the Jaguars’ signals, and otherwise serving as an informant?

Not according to people on both teams, who say Thomas might try to give the Lions some information, but there’s only so much you can do in a few days of meetings.

It’s a different scheme going in this week,” Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey said. “He hadn’t heard anything for this game plan. No, I have not been involved in anything like this where a player has been traded the same week. It’s hard to give a lot of information, then for a defense to not only know what they’re doing, then process what the offense is doing and have to adjust to it all in a short amount of time. That’s a very difficult thing to be able to do.”

Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch said it couldn’t hurt for the Lions’ defense to talk to Thomas, but he noted that it’s not like Thomas knows which plays the Jaguars are going to call.

“I’m not sure if he can give us anything, but I’m sure we’ll take it,” Tulloch said.

Thomas was acquired for the way he can help the Lions’ offense. Any help he can give the Lions’ defense this week is a bonus, but it’s a small bonus.