Report: Matthieu moves in with Patrick Peterson’s family

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As former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu tries to shift his focus from returning to college football to preparing for the NFL draft, he’ll get a change of scenery.

Jennifer Hale of WVUE reports that Mathieu has moved to South Florida, where he’ll live with the family of Cardinals defensive back Patrick Peterson.

Peterson, who attended LSU, and Mathieu are close friends.  After Peterson left LSU, Mathieu changed to No. 7, which had been worn by Peterson in Baton Rouge.

Per Hale, Mathieu hopes to escape negative influences in Louisiana, where he recently was charged with marijuana possession.  He previously was kicked off the LSU football team after failing multiple drug tests.

29 responses to “Report: Matthieu moves in with Patrick Peterson’s family

  1. Maybe he IS the negative influence. All the same, I hope he figures it out before I read more about the man he “could’ve” been.

  2. I’ll predict Pete Carroll will draft Tyrann in the 2nd round to fill their only pressing need on defense, nickel DB. Would be good for him to get as far from baton rouge as possible and away from bad influences

  3. I admire Mr. Peterson for attempting to help a very troubled mate. I wish him all the best. Of course, if Matthieu has as serious a problem as has been reported, he will have NO problem finding new “negative influences” in S.Florida, of all places! Chances are he actually needs professional help in a rehab facility. Way to stand up P.P., you are a good man.

  4. If Vontaze Burfict went undrafted, so will Matthieu. He got in trouble repeatedly in college, give him 7 figures and more time off and guess what’s going to happen?

  5. Praying for this kid to get his life straight, maybe if he sees how Peterson’s family is living it will open his eyes.

  6. He’s NOT going to go undrafted with that much on field talent!!! Sorry to all the Haters that rather wish bad and unfortunate circumstances upon a person that you have ZERO personal knowledge of!!Lol Just ask Janoris Jenkins, he slid all tge way to the 2nd round and now is looking like the steal of the draft.

  7. This kid is nothing more than an idiot. He was hyped to have all the talent in the world and has zero common sense. Guys like this shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the NFL Draft

  8. I agree with the comment about the weed sucking down here first off. But more importantly Petersons family must have a strong family presence cause I feel they’ve raised a good kid in Peterson. If he was on the steelers or ravens or even the pats D we would hear a lot more about him but being in Arizona and on aa below average team we hear little, but never anything negative. Good move by Mathieu IMO and he will be drafted by the cardinals and that’s gonna be an awesome duo.

  9. Sinister23: QB is the least of your worries. How about an entire offensive line outside LT, another OLB who can actually rush the passer, 2 safeties and another DE. Another QB won’t fix the scattered holes on your team

  10. I imagine he would be a very late draft pick. Peterson & Fitzgerald would be a great influence on him, but the Cards rarely pick up kids with troubled pasts. On the other hand the Rams would pick anyone, their like the Bengals of the NFC West.

  11. A change of scenery (and changing your dope smoking so called friends) can work wonders.

    It worked for me

  12. It’s not like this kid hasn’t had every chance in the world to get his act together because he is a great talent. He has been cut a lot of slack others wouldn’t get and still manage to blow it because he is undisciplined, arrogant and has a sense of entitlement.
    If he couldn’t even get his act together for college ball he will NEVER survive the NFL and all of it’s temptations. I would be worried for Peterson’s younger brother who is a another talent just getting started but who could be derailed by the Honey Badger’s antics. South Florida???…yeah, sounds like a good place to go rehab…lol. My hats off to the Peterson family but sometimes these guys are looking for a hand out, not a hand up! I would LOVE to see Pete Carroll end up with a troubled youth like the Honey Badger…fit right in with his other cheaters!

  13. Don’t think Whisenhunt would give this guy a second nod…even WITH Peterson’s endorsement. The Cardinals don’t take on “special projects” that will detract from their focus on the field. The plus’s with the Badger just wouldn’t out weigh the negatives. Yep, let Pete Carroll have him…or the 9ers…lol…fit right in with those guys!

  14. Runnin’ from the Law. A future “America’s Most Wanted” candidate.

    Like his secondary play, too many blown chances.

    Separate yourself from him…quickly.

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