RG3 would rather be compared to Rodgers than Newton

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Given the precocious play of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, which mirrors the precocious play of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton a year ago, the comparisons are natural this week since they play each other.

But setting aside the lazy and frankly insulting implication that they’re similar, based on one obvious factor (not Heisman Trophies), Griffin said he’s aiming a little higher.

I’d rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that,” Griffin said, via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, “someone who has won Super Bowls.”

While it’s easy to perceive that as a slam on Newton, it’s more about Griffin’s own goals. He’s exceeded every expectation this season, but the struggles of Newton make him mindful that he needs to keep working.

Newton called the season “humbling,” and Griffin said he doesn’t want to have the same thing happen.

“You try to appreciate everything and try not to weigh too much on your personal success so that you don’t have to be humbled,” Griffin said. “I don’t want to ever need to be humbled because I always appreciate things and make sure I continue to forward and try to do better.”

Both quarterbacks are sensational talents, but fans in both cities are learning it takes a support system around them to translate that talent into more wins. Whichever one is best surrounded will have the best chance to emulate Rodgers.

38 responses to “RG3 would rather be compared to Rodgers than Newton

  1. Pretty soon they’ll be comparing Rodgers to Rg3! Season ain’t over boys!!! Let’s get it done, get a little healthy during the bye and finish strong!!

  2. It wouldn’turt to have the receivers actually catch the balls that RG3 throws right into their hands. That’s a good place to start with regard to surrounding him with support – the man can’t catch his own passes. At least I don’t think he can. Maybe he can.

  3. Smart guy!!!! He wants to be compared to winners and from what I see going on in Carolina cam is far from being a winner

  4. probably every QB in the league that has yet to win a super bowl would like to be compared with rodgers. cam has said the same thing. but i don’t think either player will be like him. both can be special though. biggest difference in the two players that is the most noticeable is cam’s freakish durability that rg3 will never have.

  5. Comparing him to Newton is lazy, Newton is built like a tank while RG3 is skinny as a rail. RG3 is more like Rodgers but with Vick’s athleticism, which really is frightening.

  6. Seems reasonable to compare a 2012 rookie qb who can run and pass and started off on a roll to a 2011 rookie qb who can run and pass and started off on a roll. Not everyone is comparing them because they’re both black.

  7. I take that as a direct slam of Cam Newton. Not the part about wanting to be like Rodgers, but the quote about being humbled.

    Don’t worry, Robert. You will be humbled, and I hope that it’s this week.

  8. RGIII is a sharp dude. He sees that Newton is a dope, with terrible accuracy, decision making, and leadership.

    RGIII has the nack for always saying the right things.

    Cam Newton’s ROY campaign is the most overrated season in sports history. He had like 11 turnovers in the 6 games they lost by one score. This year the team had 2 field goal attempts thru 7 weeks. 2!!! Its tough for that stat not to be a reflection of the QBs 3rd down inefficiency. He’s either taking sacks, fumbling, throwing picks, or going for home-runs. Coaching is also to blame for not attempting longer tries, but Newton ultimately should be responsible. Culpepper 2.0

  9. I don’t think Robert Griffin was trying to be spiteful but his comments do come off as a diss to Cam Newton. I am a big fan of both quarterbacks but I am starting to believe more and more that the Shannahan’s need to allow Griffin more conventional drop-backs and less option-read. Needless to say, as a Giants fan, I am looking forward to seeing this young man more often for seasons to come!

  10. comparing win % for a rookie on a terrible team 8 games in makes no sense. Rodgers inherited a team that went 13-3 the year before and went 6-10 his first year not even rookie season.

    It’s not slighting rodgers by RGIII saying that’s who he wants to be compared to at all. He’s just got big ambition

  11. i got an idea on how RG3 can be compared more to rodgers than newton…stop running for 10 first downs a game, stop running for 50 yard tds (i know).. and start tossin the ball for 300 yards and 4 tds a game lol.. u want comparisons to him, start playing more like him instead of the vicks, newtons, youngs..

  12. Griffin takes what he can get. If it means breaking the pocket to gain a first down, that’s what he does. If it means hitting his third read, that’s what he does. The kid plays a much more mature game than one would expect. Not a single Skins fan, myself included, expected him to play the way he has. Luck, yes, I could see him being excellent from the start based on the system he played in at college. Griffin, was a bit of a wildcard due to the fact that he was seen as a bit more raw due to the system he came from. What seperates RGIII from people like Newton, Vick and Leaf (why the comparison?) is his tireless work ethic and humbleness. Griffin is a pro’s pro as is Luck and from what I’ve seen, Tannehill and Wilson. Great QB class here. Weedon? Well, he’s stuck in Cleveland.

  13. RG3 shouldn’t be compared to Newton. He posses an often overlooked quality that Newton seems oblivious to… Humility. Newton said this year has been humbling but he has always like such an arrogant, selfish child. They are both phenomenally talented QB’s. but I’d take RG3 over Newton any day.

  14. Rodgers is a great QB ,he learned behind one of the best and inherited a good team,so it was a easy transition.For all those that say RGIII runs a lot, you would too if you had receivers that can’t catch. He’s giving props to rodgers and his accomplishments. On the other hand Cam Newton with his individual award means nothing QB’s are about team not those type of awards. I wish RG had Steve Smith.

  15. Please explain to me …why is it bad that RG3 can run for 50 yard tds? He is accurate ( almost 70% completion rate, drops killed him), proven to be very intelligent (graduated early), and seems to posses leadership skills (based on teammate reactions, not their words but their facial reaction). I dont understand the naysayers, haters, or whatever you want to call them…it doesnt make sense. Is it personal, is it something else?? If you are aware and really watch the kid, then you have to respect the game, so far. PERIOD!

    If A. Rodgers or any QB could run for a td, believe me they would do it. Its amazing that people talk about someones ability to run and pass as a negative. RG3 can do both, should he not run…does that make him less of a QB..really?!?!

    Last point, PEOPLE THERE ARE WHITE QBs WHO COULD RUN AND PASS….why do we always compare black QBs to black QBs..just saying?!?! Ever heard of Steve Young???

  16. Someone tell JarJar3 until he stops being an option based QB he will be compared to other young option based QB’s… not Super Bowl champion QB’s, if he wants to be compared to them, he has to win a Super Bowl. Poor JarJar.

  17. I think he’s right. He is accurate as hell on the run. Deion was hilarious after Steelers/’skins game. He kept saying “oops, shouldn’t have hit you in the hands” to the WRs.

  18. Gruesome actually meant Roy Rogers (sic) the old Western hero. When he is relaxing Robert loves nothing more than to put on a ten gallon hat, a plastic, silver colored sheriff’s badge, and a cap pistol. It’s that playful childlike streak in him.

  19. So, Griffin would rather be compared to Rodgers than Newton, and that is a bad thing? Rodgers is probably the best in the NFL right now. Why wouldnt Griffin aspire to be as good?

    Here is the thing. Griffin shouldnt be compared to Newton, or anyone else. I think Griffin has something we have never seen before in the NFL. He is an accurate passer, and he can run for 100 every week. Not only that. When Griffin is no longer able to make explosive plays with his legs, he will be able to stand in the pocket and connect in the passing game.

    If Griffin can keep getting better, and the ‘Skins build a team around him.. Look out. Washington will be a force in the near future.

    Neither the Redskins or Colts did bad with thier first picks in that draft. Both QBs are performing well and both look like they will make it if they dont get hurt.

  20. jaymc1988 says: Nov 1, 2012 12:02 PM

    i got an idea on how RG3 can be compared more to rodgers than newton…stop running for 10 first downs a game, stop running for 50 yard tds (i know).. and start tossin the ball for 300 yards and 4 tds a game lol.. u want comparisons to him, start playing more like him instead of the vicks, newtons, youngs..
    terpfan and realtalk beat me to the punch, but the point is Griffin runs when it’s his best option.

    Unfortunately that pins him into a “damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t” corner among critics. If instead of running, he tried to force the ball into triple coverage, his completion percentage would drop, and he would be criticized for not being a great passer. If he runs, instead of throwing a bad pass to a mediocre receiver who isn’t really open anyways, he’s a “running quarterback” and a “Vick 2.0” bust who “can’t read defenses”. The fact is that when Griffin runs, it’s because it’s the smart play to make right there.

    Eli scrambles for extra yards, Rodgers scrambles for extra yards, but the reason we don’t talk about them as running quarterback (any race issues aside), is because they aren’t Olympic-class sprinters like Griffin happens to be and therefore don’t pick up as many yards as he does.

    Does anybody think, for a second, that if Marino, Brady, Peyton, or Favre (well maybe not Favre, he loved throwing into double coverage) had Griffin’s athleticism, they wouldn’t take off running just as much as he does? If you don’t, then you just don’t understand football or the quarterback position.

  21. firstclasspack says:
    Nov 1, 2012 11:08 AM
    Career Win %

    Aaron Rodgers = .657

    Cam Newton = .304

    RGIII = .375

    Can’t imagine why he isn’t being compared to Rodgers.

    You and all the people who gave you thumbs up are idiots! Dude is half way through his first season and people are bashing him cause he said he wanted to be compared to a great QB. That’s what all people want to compared to, greats!! Last I checked A. Rodgers wasn’t that great in his first year as a starter. Look it up. Learn football instead of guessing. HTTR!!!

  22. When Rodgers can run like RGIII, I would consider a comparison. Whether you like it or not RGIII, that ability to gain yardage with the run is similiar to Cam.

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