Stephen Jones: Tony Romo’s not the problem

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The Cowboys suffered another painfully close loss to the Giants on Sunday and the biggest reason why they were on the wrong side of the 29-24 final was six turnovers.

Quarterback Tony Romo threw four interceptions to help create that garish total which did plenty to mitigate the work he did while leading the Cowboys back after they went down 23-0 after little more than a quarter. Romo wound up throwing for 437 yards in that comeback, but he has now thrown more interceptions in seven games this year than he threw all of last season and is on pace for the lowest passer rating of his career.

None of that, nor the team’s 3-4 record, has done anything to shake Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones’ confidence in the quarterback. He told Ian Rapaport of that Romo is “not the problem” with the team and that he believes Romo will “thrive” over the rest of the season.

“We have a lot of confidence in Tony,” Jones said. “That game is a perfect example. There’s a lot of quarterbacks that would’ve had a hard time rallying from that type of adversity. Gotta give him a lot of credit. I think he’s going to get better. There’s a lot of quarterbacks that it doesn’t happen right away for them in terms of winning championships and that type of thing. You don’t have to look any further than the Hall of Famers, (John) Elway and (Brett) Favre. The (championships) came late in their careers. They had some of the same issues that Tony’s had. They had some really great games and then they had some tough ones in terms of turning it over and that type of thing. So, we got a lot of confidence in Tony. Tony has a lot of confidence in himself. And he’s going to be fine.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard some variation on this line of reasoning, but it just isn’t true. Favre won the Super Bowl when he was 27 in his sixth year as a starter for the Packers. Elway didn’t win a title until later, but he won three AFC Championships before he was 30 and went to the Super Bowl in his fourth season. Romo is 32 and in his seventh year as a starting quarterback.

Romo might not be the biggest problem with the Cowboys, but he also isn’t some babe in the woods feeling his way around the NFL. He’s a fully-formed quarterback at this point in time and we’ve all seen enough of him to know that moments of brilliant play mixed with crushing mistakes is pretty much his mode of operation. The Cowboys are obviously fine with that mix, but the idea that Romo’s suddenly about to get better is a hard one to keep selling.

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  1. Until Steve and his father get out of the way and hire a “football” guy to guid the franchise and a non- yes man as coach, the Cowboys will be nothing but mediocre.

  2. To quote the old saying; the only way Romo will ever go to a Super Bowl is to buy a ticket. He not bad, he’s just not good enough. He’s had some very good teams around him too, so you can’t point to that.

  3. its his skill set……..or is it the owner who looks like the old guy off of poltergeist movie

  4. Romo is a joke… he puts up some nice stats sometimes, but bottom line is – he’s not a winner… he needs to take his goofy smile and stupid backwards cap (you’re not a kid anymore tony) and move on to another team who is ok with having mediocore qb’s…. come on jones, how many games does he have to not come through for you before you get it!!

  5. Marty Bennett looked like a loser in Dallas and he’s looking like a winner in NY, what’s up with that…

  6. Stephen Jones sounds clueless. Romo isn’t the ONLY problem; but he is definitely A problem. Rather than picking out the open guy as good QBs do — like RG III — he throws to guys who clearly aren’t open — double covered, blanketed, not even looking for the ball.

    Even Kyle Orton, let alone RG III, could do better with these receivers. But let’s not let Garrett off the hook either. This offense is unaggressive, uninspired and poorly executed.

    Romo’s just good enough when it DOESN’T count to keep idiots thinking he’s a keeper. Parcells knew better; that’s why he was so hard on him for those boneheaded hot shot throws even before handing him the starting job.

    If it were up to the football Jones’, we’d probably still be suffering with Quincy Carter.

  7. There are numerous problems with the Cowboys: Jason Garrett as your coach, the lack of building a solid OL through the draft and free agency (ex-Bengals don’t count), no depth at crucial positions (such as RB, WR, LB, OL, S), and fooling yourselves that certain players are worth keeping around or rewarding them with huge contracts (Olgetree, Scandrick – who has played better, Free, Sensabaugh).

  8. Gunslingers will be gunslingers… And Dez Bryant will continue to bogart the joint and run the wron routes…

    Communication, clock management, and play calling has a lot to do with it as well.

    Coach: I want you to throw to #1 talent.

    QB: he sure gets open, but I never know where he is running.

    Coach: ya, well he can’t read the play book.

    WR: thanks for iPad coach, what are all these lines and X’s and O’s?

  9. He is a problem, but not the biggest.

    The biggest are a combo of three bad elements:
    Jerry Jones
    Jason Garrett
    Dez Bryant

    There you go!!

  10. Stephen Jones may say he has every confidence in Romo but I bet he still has every rodeo, monster truck rally and dog show on his speed dial.

    You just can’t let the football cathedral sit empty come January.

  11. Romo is a top 10-12 QB. You can win with that, but you have to build a good team with RELIABLE targets for him. Not to mention a Head Coach with some balls who knows when to call a timeout.

    Top 10 QBs dont grow on trees. There are only 10 on the planet. Romo is good enough to win a superbowl, but in order for that to happen before he really starts to decline they need to get rid of Dez and get a new head coach. Otherwise the cowboys are riding on a prayer.

  12. Die hard cowboys fan here and let me tell you, I’m sick and tired of this coaching staff and so called front office enabling tony romo like they’ve been doing lately. Apparently six interceptions aren’t his fault they’re a “team issue” yet Tony’s the one with the ball making bad throws. I know Dez and Kevin make some mental mistakes but Romo should know he needs to go somewhere else, or Red Jesus should actually grow a pair, be a coach and bench those guys and give someone else an opportunity to step up and help this team. But no, skeletor is the head coach/gm/owner/head cheerleader who makes all the decisions. It’s mentally exhausting wondering why these Joneses and coaching staff don’t know how to do what’s best for the team!

  13. Stephen Jones is Jerry’s boy so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s not the coach, it’s not Romo, it’s not Jerry or Stephen….then why does the team keep under achieving?? Is there any accountability in that place. “Just stick with Romo his best days are coming”? Seriously? What you see with Romo now is what you are going to get. An inconsistant QB that is not ever going to win big games.

  14. I always get the feeling that if Dallas cut were to cut Romo, he would end up signing with some other team and end up turing into some freak like superstar…Either way its time Dallas starts thinking about the future at the QB position.

  15. I loved it when before the game last week, Aikman said that Romo is under rated, not over rated. And then 4 picks. I doubt Aikman will be saying that again anytime soon. Then again, he had to clean up the comments he had made previously about going to a cowboy game just to be seen.

  16. Whatever dude. All I can figure is that Romo must be one hell of a great practice player, because the Cowgirls organization has always been so impressed with him, even though he can’t get it done on gameday.

  17. i wouldnt point all the blame at romo… most his int’s are targeted towards dez, he just cant run routes and ends up having romo throw int’s.. get rid of dez and use all ur receivers like all the other elite qbs get to..

  18. Well, he isn’t the ONLY problem. But he is A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM. The Defense is playing pretty well and Romo has coughed the ball up to the opposition 15 times. The team has 19 turnovers in total.

    Still think he isn’t a problem, Steven?

  19. Romo is part of the problem… the put the game on him everything and he collapses… where is the RB… where is the defense… when you are at 1 yard line and you decide to pass 3 straight times… that’s a coaching issue…
    Romo will be very successful if you ask him to play like matt schuab this season… but if you put the game on him… you will get 4 int…

  20. Favre’s championship came “late in his career?” That’s news to me. He won the Super Bowl in his 6th year and played over a decade after that. And at least Elway had made 3 Super Bowls earlier in his career. I do hope however Jones believes everything he is saying, and signs Romo to a 5-year contract extension.

  21. Haha Stephen is just like his father (dillusional)… if they really don’t think Romo is the problem then they both need to lay off the pipe

  22. The only sensible conclusion to the “Romo is not the problem” sentence would be, “My dad is.”

    Like Jones the Elder, that boy ain’t right.

  23. You people are analyzing this stupidity to much. The truth of the matter is, Jerry coaches Steven on what to say, and he steps on his nuts so daddy doesn’t have to. This comment is made bc they both always say this, and they could never ever admit that they were wrong. Their egos are so big that they would rather run their team into the ground and suck than to admit they were wrong. To many admissions of being wrong or weak at your job losses the faith of those above you. The problem is they are the people above them. The most important thing that can be done to end this is for Dallas fans to break out the brown paper bags and stop going to games. Will never happen, but Jerry’s pocket book is the only thing that will help open his eyes if that we’re possible.

  24. LOL to whoever said the guy needs reliable targets.. lets see hes had, T.O (h.o.fer), terry glenn(decent num 2), demarco murray(beast), miles austin(beast), dez bryant(beast, still not there yet though), jason witten(beast HOFer), martellus bennett (thank you dallas for letting eli have a new toy)..hes had a monster defense every year except last yr and possibly the year before that, im sure im missing a few more key guys. i mean what else does the man need?

  25. It’s funny to read all these comments, when no one on here could throw or even take the snap from the center. If its so easy to play QB in the NFL why are u posting on these sites & not making $$$. Over 7 billion people on the planet & only 32 MEN can actually go out their & play a GAME. So if its so easy, obviously u are one of the 32 men who talented enough to play QB in the NFL. Let us know how that works out for u. U probably won’t want to quit ur day job just yet.

  26. If Stephen Jones thinks Tony Romo is not the problem then he’s right, the problem is Stephen Jones.

  27. burnttoast71854 says:
    Nov 1, 2012 3:48 PM
    It’s funny to read all these comments, when no one on here could throw or even take the snap from the center. If its so easy to play QB in the NFL why are u posting on these sites & not making $$$. Over 7 billion people on the planet & only 32 MEN can actually go out their & play a GAME. So if its so easy, obviously u are one of the 32 men who talented enough to play QB in the NFL. Let us know how that works out for u. U probably won’t want to quit ur day job just yet.

    its bec we already accepted the fact we cant play football, throw one, catch them in traffic, take the we dont. and we get jobs were good at…so if u play in the NFL thats your JOB you get paid to do it, and if u dont..then u get someone else who signed up for the nfl thinking there talented to take ur place.

  28. Cowboys took lead 24-23 with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, had momentum, were at home and had a chance to get right back in the division hunt. What happened next? Romo didn’t score the rest of the game but hey, it’s never his fault they don’t win.

  29. I love my Cowboys, but it’s not just Romo. Unfortunately as QB, he will get the praise and the blame. Dez has talent, but not the mental toughness you expect out of a top WR. Any pass he doesn’t catch he turns around looking for a flag. The OL has been shaky with too many penalties. No excuse for those. Garrett is NOT head coach material. He has the same facial expression no matter what…no emotion. We need someone who will hold these guys accountable for their play. And his play calling is a killer. I agree with the prior story about the Cowboys need better play calling as if they are playing from behind, but that mental toughness starts with the coach. Our defense is getting better but could use some depth. If Romo spend time in the film room instead of the golf course, he could be a much better QB. It’s like he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

  30. burnttoast71854 says:
    Nov 1, 2012 3:48 PM
    It’s funny to read all these comments, when no one on here could throw or even take the snap from the center. If its so easy to play QB in the NFL why are u posting on these sites & not making $$$. Over 7 billion people on the planet & only 32 MEN can actually go out their & play a GAME. So if its so easy, obviously u are one of the 32 men who talented enough to play QB in the NFL. Let us know how that works out for u. U probably won’t want to quit ur day job just yet.


    Funny…I didn’t read anywhere on this page that anyone posting said they could do it better than Romo nor did I read anywhere about anyone saying it was easy. It is what it is: If Romo’s so good why does Alex Smith have exactly as many playoff wins?

  31. Romo is a very good QB and has the skills set to be great. The problem is, there is no accountability exactly because of statements like this by Jerry, Steven, and Garrett. If you were Romo, would you worry about job security when everyone you are accounatble to makes excuses for you? Until someone makes it clear that the turnovers are unacceptable, his turnovers will continue, and unfortunately that will not happen as long as Jerry owns the team.

  32. As soon as I saw, “Stephen Jones says…”, I knew the BS would be flowing. At least his father made a fortune and owns the team, even if he’s a publicity hog and knows nothing about running a fottball team . What exactly has “executive vice president” Stevie ever accomplished besides being Jerry’s son?
    Romo leads the world in interceptions that are not his fault. that is all.
    Ain’t that the truth. People are always looking for reasons to excuse his failures. I guess that since he’s been anointed as a Great Quarterback, people will make excuses for him, since it is Known Fact that Great Quarterbacks never make mistakes. All I see is a guy who gets picked off, sulks, and wears his cap like a 13-year-old.

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