Tannehill taking all the first team reps in practice


In another good sign that Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be ready to go Sunday at Indianapolis, he took all the first-team reps during the portion of practice open to the media,

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Tannehill was still wearing a brace and compression sleeve on his left knee, and was “still clearly favoring his knee.”

But after splitting the first team reps with backup Matt Moore yesterday, having Tannehill do all the work is a sign of apparent progress.

Moore’s an excellent relief pitcher, who has stepped into several bad situations and made them better, and the Dolphins have to be glad they kept him for just such a situation.

The Dolphins were also without cornerback Richard Marshall (back) or defensive tackle Tony McDaniel (knee).

16 responses to “Tannehill taking all the first team reps in practice

  1. Freeney hasn’t done nothin this year & he’s facing a very good line this week,even if Tannehill gets knocked out Matt moore will come in and there will be little if no dropoff,Luck is going to be a great one but Phins D will be ready for him.

  2. “too bad mathis and freeney will put him back on crutches before the 1st half is over with”

    Guess you havent seen the phins defense play yet? Id be more concerned about Wake if i were you,or a random safety

  3. Too bad Vontae Davis wont be out there. ..Nothin like getting burned by your ex…(see what i did there?)

  4. Too bad Reggie Wayne is going to be shut down by Sean Smith *does chest bump*

  5. Matt Moore is probably the best back up QB in the league. The Phins are really lucky to have him and should do everything to keep him happy. Don’t tell the Jets how this works.

  6. It makes no sense to me to take a chance at potentially hobbling Tannehill with long-term problems by not letting him heal 100%.

    That’s especially true with Matt Moore as his very capable back-up.

    Let the kid rest and heal up a week.

  7. So the mighty 4-3 colt fans are out talking smack already, ha ha! Neither of these teams have done anything to boast about, yet.

    I must say that Tannehill has heart, a bone bruise anywhere but especially near the knee is very painful. Kid wants to play, not because it’s against Luck, but simply because he has the competitive fire you must have to suceed at this level.

  8. I don’t remember the last time rookie qb’s came out and was so successful with so little to work with. luck, Tannehill and rg3 have done great with sub par offense

  9. So the mighty 4-3 colt fans are out talking smack already, ha ha! Neither of these teams have done anything to boast about, yet.

    no dolphins have started last week, F#@% the dolphins!!!

  10. peytonsneck the Dolphins don’t care about you.
    Wait until you meet Cameron and crew. Try running the ball first, because that is not going to happen. If those old guys put Tannehill on crutches then we have Matt Moore. Maybe you haven’t met him yet. At least you admit neither team has done anything yet. Good job you understand that.

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