Tracy Porter returns to practice, hopeful to play


After missing his second straight game due to lingering symptoms associated with a seizure suffered in August, Denver Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter returned to the practice field on Wednesday.

Porter missed practice twice last week and was held out of last week’s matchup with the New Orleans Saints. Porter hasn’t played since the Broncos’ 31-21 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 5.

Porter has been on medication to control the light-headedness and racing heart that have been causing him problems. The medication has apparently helped enough in order to get Porter cleared to return to practice. Porter was held to limited participation during the Broncos’ practice Wednesday.

According to Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press, Porter  hopes to be able to play against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday.

”It’s a matter of me getting my conditioning back, getting my legs back up under me,” Porter said. ”As far as seizure-wise, I don’t have any problem.”

Porter has compiled 21 tackles for the season and had an interception return for a touchdown in the Broncos season-opening 31-19 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Porter was the only player to be limited during Wednesday’s practice. Mike Adams (knee), Chris Kuper (forearm), Peyton Manning (right thumb) and Jacob Tamme (hip) all fully participated for the Broncos.

8 responses to “Tracy Porter returns to practice, hopeful to play

  1. Dear Terry Porter,

    Please stay hurt. Our pass coverage has been doing better without you.


    Every Single Broncos Fan That Wants The Team To Keep Winning

  2. @azwhildcat96

    This is the coaching staff that benched Von Miller for Mario Haggan last year, the coaching staff that benched Rahim Moore for Quinton Carter, the coaching staff that benched Moreno for McGahee, and the coaching staff that benched Orton for Tebow. The best players will play regardless of salary or draft position. Don’t sweat it.

  3. I’m pretty sure Terry Porter retired from the Portland Trailblazers year ago.

    Tracy Porter, however, was playing like he usually does. Giving up some big plays, but making some as well. I’ve been enjoying the progress of Tony Carter. If they want to install him as Denver’s #2 corner that’s fine, but remember that the Broncos defense has struggled with creating turnovers over the past few years. Don’t let the exception (San Diego) blind you. Porter, if nothing else, is a ballhawk.

  4. @croteus,

    Tony Carter is playing great, but he is the nickel corner in Porter’s absence.

    Chris Harris is the man who has stepped up as the number two corner and he’s done extremely well.

  5. @Broncobeta

    That’s why you would have to install him in that position, because he’s not the #2 corner currently. I must be missing something. =)

    I don’t buy into Chris Harris yet. Maybe the misunderstanding is because I didn’t mention that? He played very poorly last year, and prior to Porter’s injury – from what I saw, anyway. A few games doesn’t change my mind.

  6. LOL dudes I was drunk and I reposted it correctly but they ERASED that one. That being said, I think Terry Porter could do a better job covering receivers than Tracy.

  7. @croteus
    Are you serious?
    Chris Harris was balling last year in the Nickel, and now he is doing even better on the outside!
    I’m not sure what you are watching, but Harris has been playing great!

    I am all for keeping Tracy Porter on the sidelines, Harris and Carter have really stepped up, and it’s nice to see that we have some promising talent at that position for the future after Champ retires.
    I think the Denver front office and coaching staff is regretting paying Tracy Porter 4 million dollars for just this 1 year. They’ll eat it, and release him after this year. Get ready for the emergence of Harris, Carter, and Bolden.

  8. @croteus

    Chris Harris has been starting in place for Porter. He is the number two corner on the team, I don’t know why you don’t think that is.

    Also, I don’t know how you can say he played poorly last year because that wasn’t the case.

    You can’t be down on a guy who picked Rivers twice and one to house, in his first start.

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