Two defensive scores help Chargers blow past Chiefs


The San Diego Chargers scored 21 points in the fourth quarter, including two defensive touchdowns, to cruise to a 31-13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Norv Turner’s job security incredibly tenuous entering the game, the Chargers found themselves holding on to a 10-6 lead heading to the fourth quarter.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers connected with Malcolm Floyd from 13 yards out to give the Chargers a 17-6 edge with just over 11 minutes to play.

Then the defense put the game away.

On the ensuing possession, Jarret Johnson stripped Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel in the endzone and Shaun Phillips recovered for another Chargers touchdown.

Cassel then watched a pass bounce off the hands of running back Dexter McCluster straight into the arms of linebacker Demorrio Williams that was returned 59 yards for a score as San Diego all of a sudden had a 31-6 lead on their way to getting back to .500 at 4-4.

The Chiefs find themselves at 1-7 and have now played eight full games and have yet to hold a lead at any point this season. Their only victory came on the final play of overtime against the New Orleans Saints in Week 3 when Succop hit a 31-yard game-winning field goal.

The Chargers offense came out firing against the Chiefs as Rivers led San Diego on a seven-play, 84-yard drive culminating in a 14-yard touchdown pass to Antonio Gates to quickly jump on top 7-0.

Rivers was nearly perfect in the first half starting the game 14 of 14 for 179 yards and a touchdown. But with the Chargers threatening in the redzone inside the final minute of the half, Rivers threw a pass away and then was intercepted by safety Eric Berry to keep it just a one-possession game going to the break.

As has been the case all season for Kansas City, they failed to take advantage. Ryan Succop saw his string of 14 straight field goals made come to an end with a missed 39-yard try in the third quarter. Succop did convert from 41 yards out to make it a 10-6 game headed to the fourth quarter, but the Chiefs couldn’t get out of their own way. The Chiefs turned the ball over four times on the night and are dead last in the league with 29 turnovers on the year. The Dallas Cowboys are next on the list with 19.

Rivers finished 18 of 20 for 220 yards and two touchdowns with an interception.

Cassel actually managed the game well and had the Chiefs in striking distance before the Chargers capitalized on Kansas City mistakes. Cassel was 19 of 29 for 181 yards and an interception on the night.

The Chargers travel to Tampa Bay next week while the Chiefs head to Pittsburgh.

32 responses to “Two defensive scores help Chargers blow past Chiefs

  1. The Chargers are a half game out of first and 3-1 in their division.

    Can we please stop with the mid season firing talk of Norv Turner now? It’s quite frankly ridiculous.

    This San Diego team is no where near as talented as it was 5 years ago.

    He’s actually doing a decent job, let’s sell how the season plays out for them before we talk Norv firing.

  2. How did ROMEO crannell get a second chance at a head coaching job? Seems like a nice job and good D-coordinator, but horrible head coach

  3. CHOO CHOO! Looks like I beat you to it joetoronto
    I know what you’re gonna say its only the Chiefs, well your Faiders have only beat the Chiefs, the Steelers by a field goal and an overtime field goal against the powerhouse Jacksonville Jaguars. I guess you forgot the smack down on Monday night in week 1. I noticed you were mute then too. your idiotic comments are almost as pathetic as the fact that you’re a Canadian Raider fan

  4. I don’t care if the strip sack and interception weren’t his fault. Cassel is awful, and so is the rest of this team. Scott Pioli should be fired before lunchtime tomorrow.

  5. RIP Chiefs season. Had you not been facing a coach-less saints team you’d be looking at a possible winless season.

  6. Hold your nose and repeat after me…. Pioli = P.U.
    They might as well be The Chefs.
    The entire management and team should be put in the witness protection program.

  7. First time I’ve gotten to see the Chiefs on television this year; my sympathies go out to all Chief’s fans.

    This outfit looks like a junior varsity, and plays like one too. A total house cleaning is needed – top to bottom – management, coaching staff and probably a good chunk of their players – who seem to just be going through the motions.

    A dreadful performance.

  8. Another home team wins a Thursday night game. It’s obvious this is becoming the NFL’s gift to the home team. Not only is this an almost automatic win for the home team but then they get ten days to prepare for the next opponent.

  9. drop the 2 defensive td’s and you have a slimmer 17-13 win. too close. I would go nuts if they dismantled the semi good vikes like a.p. is gone this week, oh now harvin left and dang! jared allen is gone? That is like watching a slow horrible death for you charger fans. dang. Gdeli and gang from MN wish you well.

  10. Last year I thought the Colts were intentionally losing games to get Luck. This year, I dont believe the Chiefs are doing that at all. They just suck. Worst team Ive seen in a while. Where’s Orton when you need a win lol? Oh yeah, being the backup of another bad team.

  11. DAMNIT!

    I gotta sit thru another NORVember and then watch these under-performers smash the Faiders to end the year and save Norv’s job again….


  12. KC should not even be talked about the city sucks and the team as well. I had the pleasure of living in your city for two years and from day one couldn’t wait to get out!

  13. Villa43,
    Well I’m old, disgruntled, and fat…but at least I don’t live 3,000 miles away so here goes. We have three trophies since the titanic sank. And to be truthful, I rep and speak for all the Raider Nation when I tell you this…I’ve never been to Oakland, my boy joetoronto actually lives in Canada and has never traversed our way, but lookey here! Look at me! I’m a 43 year old disgruntled Raider fan who lives kinda close by. So when I troll on any AFC WEST teams post, label me a buster. I’m shallow. Matter fact, you could email be but i won’t respond because I caught my wife in bed with Norv🐗

  14. Interesting that PFT would bother to mention that the Chargers’ defense scored two TDs. When the Broncos’ defense scores TDs, that bit of info always is lost and all the credit is given to Peyton Manning…
    Funny how some teams are teams, while other teams are all about their quarterback… I really miss the days when football was the ultimate TEAM sport and wasn’t about the ultimate individual player.

  15. Chiefs were doing their best impression of the Dolphins circa 2004-2011(except for 2008) last night. It was truly spot-on.

    Feel bad for Chiefs fans. Just have to hope that your GM doesn’t use the very high pick you’ll have in April on someone like an injured, undersized, punt returner, who has a nice family.

  16. “With Norv Turner’s job security incredibly tenuous entering the game,”

    The Chiefs have not held the lead in regulation yet this season. Which is a new record ,breaking the one set in the 1940’s and yet you fail to mention Crennel or Pioli’s, incredibly tenuous, job security.


    BTW good win Chargers, you are still in the hunt.

  17. Let’s face it Chargers fans, if SD canned Nerf & A.J. they’d probably hire the (soon to be fired) team of Crennel & Pioli to replace ’em.

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