Vick text: “It’s great to know that I have the support of my coach”

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Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said Sunday he thought he might get benched.

Wednesday, the team finally got around to sending out word that he wouldn’t, via a mass text from the team’s PR department.

And at least in a message he typed with his thumbs, Vick seems OK with that.

It’s great to know that I have the support of my coach,” Vick said in a text message to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’s driving me to work harder and remain focused to help this football team win games.”

Maybe self-delusion and sarcasm is easier via text, because after being left to twist in the wind for half a week, what the Eagles and coach Andy Reid put Vick through hardly seems like support.

Both sides will eventually talk about it today when they resume practice for Monday’s game against the Saints, and the messages will likely follow the same path.

But the way Vick’s latest status update was handled shows how close Reid is to making the last move he can make. After offering up his defensive coordinator, there aren’t many more buttons left to push.

Giving Vick a shot at the league’s worst defense gives him a chance to save himself, but if he doesn’t, the next text the Eagles send out will be about someone else.

14 responses to “Vick text: “It’s great to know that I have the support of my coach”

  1. how do you know behind the scenes Andy was in full support of Mike? A good coach always looks at all his options, it doesn’t mean he has no support.

  2. Vick has never learned to “work harder”. That’s his problem. He’s the same reckless, non-chalant guy he was 10 years ago. And the results are basically the same. Worse actually.

  3. @h3min1230
    then don’t text it to a reporter for your local newspaper, especially when his job is to cover your news.

  4. Vick’s play has been a problem but it’s not nearly the biggest problem this team has.

    Benching Vick won’t accomplish anything. Foles isn’t going to save the Eagles and starting him would equate to waiving the white flag on 2012. The Eagles need better play-calling, better offensive line play, and lastly a defense that can actually put pressure on the quarterback and not get burned by scrubs like Drew Davis.

    Vick hasn’t played that well but he also hasn’t played as badly as some people say he has. The Eagles need to feed Mccoy the ball more and try to work in some screens to him as well. Shady is the best player on the Eagles and he needs to be the focal point of the offense every week.

  5. why do the fans or even reid need to show our support for vick?

    what has he done for us recently to show us he deserves that support?

    he needs to stop responding to texts and prepare for monday night football. in my opinion, vick is fighting to save his and reid’s career so he needs all the prep work he can get.

  6. The last couple of weeks, Vick was not the problem. The first few weeks he was a big part of the problem. This team is going nowhere fast, the O-line is a mess, the defense can not stop anybody, there is no leadership, and the team is full of gutless me first players.
    Putting Foles in may not give you the best chance of winning (which I don’t see them winning anything anyway) and it also maybe detrimental to his long term development.
    I know what Vick is, he is an aging QB who always relied on his speed which is declining with age. Vick has never been an accurate passer, and a guy who turns the ball over too much.
    I do not know what Foles is, he could be Bobby Hoying, he could be Tom Brady, nobody knows for sure. At some point you have to put him in there and see what you have with him. Granted Reid will most likely be fired at the end of the year and the new coaching staff will want to bring in their own QB. But if Foles shows enough, it may make the head coaching job in Philly a bit more attractive. Right now it is the devil you know vs the devil you don’t know. I think it is time to see what the young guy can do rather than than 30 something QB whose best weapon was his legs.

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