Chiefs continue to add to alarming turnover pace


Perhaps the most amazing part of the Chiefs’ willingness to give the ball away is that they haven’t already set the record.

They gave it up four more times in last night’s loss to the Chargers, giving them a league-high 29 turnovers at their 1-7 halfway point.

The most dramatic were the pair in a two-minute span that were immediately turned into touchdowns, a sack-fumble by Matt Cassel which was recovered by Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips, followed by a pass that went through Dexter McCluster’s hands and was picked off  by Demorrio Williams and returned 59 yards for a score.

“It’s absolutely disappointing,” Cassel said, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star. “Romeo told us before the game, we’ve got to eliminate penalties, turnovers and not allow big plays on defense, and I don’t know if we accomplished any of that.

“We fought hard, we played hard, but the end result comes down to turnovers and that seems to continue to rear its head for this team.”

The Chiefs are on pace for 58 giveaways, which alarmingly isn’t the record. The 1961 Broncos committed 65 turnovers, giving the Chiefs something to shoot for.

They also have history to lean back on, as head coach Romeo Crennel was special teams coach for the Giants in 1983, when they gave it away 58 times and finished 3-12-1.

His current team doesn’t appear set to win that many games, but with a concerted effort, 36 more turnovers seems very doable.

14 responses to “Chiefs continue to add to alarming turnover pace

  1. Cassel: 11 int, 7 fumbles lost.

    That’s 18 out of 29.

    This confirms what everybody already knew long time ago…Cassel was never worth the contract Pioli gave him.

    Taking a page out of Chris Rock’s page: “Man, I love the chiefs but I m tired of defending them!”

  2. “The 1961 Broncos committed 65 turnovers, giving the Chiefs something to shoot for.”

    65 turnovers back in 12 game seasons?
    That’s 5 per game, or 1.2 per quarter!

    Wow. It’s almost impressive.

  3. Do they not have the Internet or television in KC? Why is anyone surprised that a collection of failures is failing.

  4. Yes, but with the win Nerf keeps his job yet again. Although, to be honest, I don’t think SD would have canned him anyway. Their brass are the only people on the planet who’re convinced that he’s a great coach despite the results.

  5. “Romeo told us before the game, we’ve got to eliminate penalties, turnovers and not allow big plays on defense”
    Apparently this was brand new information to Cassel. He’s an alleged professional in his chosen field, no coach had ever mentioned it to him, and he never figured it out for himself?

  6. A G.M. that can’t evaluate talent, a Head Coach that admits he doesn’t know what’s going on, an OC that can’t game plan or make adjustments, an O-line that can’t block, a D-line that can’t get pressure & a QB that hands out turnovers like they are Halloween candy. What could possibly go wrong?

    There are a few talented players but Clark needs to empty the house and start over AGAIN!!!

  7. “Oh and if your dreams, accomplishments or Kansas City needs me I’ll be in Dallas. Look me up if ever there” – Clark

  8. Riding coattails is a metaphor that refers to the way in which lower level or uninspiring celebrities can often reach stardom through their ties to another, more popular and successful celebrity. This can often be used as a generic phrase for anyone that hangs onto another person as they forge ahead, without effort from the hanger-on.

  9. Let me stay this…. Cassel was the only one who played with any emotion or heart… he the only one who gives a damn… Im not saying cassel is a great Qb but our head coach and offensive cord both blow. Cassel might play better if the O-line could give him more than 2 sec to throw the ball….. you may now go on and Flame me for defending cassel.!!

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