Eagles tell Vick not to be afraid to make mistakes


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick made it through an entire game without a turnover for just the second time this season in Sunday’s loss to the Falcons. Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says that’s fine, but it’s not what he wants Vick thinking about.

Instead, Mornhinweg said, the Eagles want Vick to be focusing on attacking opposing defenses, even if he has to take chances to do it.

“You know our mentality, we’ve talked about that before,” Mornhinweg said. “We want to be aggressive, agressive, aggressive. Unafraid to make a mistake. When we make a mistake, we tried to swiftly correct it and we move on. It’s that simple. There’s reasons why these things have occurred. Excellence is all about attitude. We’ve discussed that as a unit — that is important, that attitude and that certain mentality. I thought last ballgame, at a certain point in that ballgame, we needed more of it.”

There’s probably some truth to what Mornhinweg is saying: Vick didn’t take many chances downfield against the Falcons, which is why he averaged a season-low 5.5 yards a pass. But the Eagles’ coaches also seem to be working hard at building Vick’s confidence. Mornhinweg’s comments may have been intended to have the same effect as Eagles head coach Andy Reid saying this week that Vick is the starter not just this week but going forward. The Eagles’ coaching staff doesn’t want Vick looking over his shoulder and fearing that he may be benched.

Mornhinweg acknowledged that confidence and mental toughness are important attributes to being the starting quarterback in Philadelphia.

“I will say this, that there are some players that can’t play in this city,” Mornhinweg said. “It’s that simple. The tough guy, physically and mentally, can thrive, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and this city. I’ve been here a while now, I’ve built up a lot of respect for our fans. They are passionate. It’s almost like they can say anything they want about their players, but nobody else can. We understand that. It’s very simple: outside influences distract us zero.”

And the Eagles don’t want Vick distracted by outside talk that he’s turning the ball over too much.

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  1. Is anyone more fed up than hearing about a team with supposed All-Pro talent? Until Reid is fired, I dont want to hear about the Eagles anymore!

  2. Mike Vick has nothing to fear from the Saints defense. Chuck it with your eyes closed, Mike.

  3. Guess the coaching staff is hoping Vick is making mistakes to offset the multitude of mistakes they will make on Monday night. Sigh, can we please end the season and blow this team up already?

  4. The Eagles would be much better with Matt Leinart leading the way – The man has 2 national championships and a Heisman Trophy – I think he would be the best person to lead the Eagles a Super Bowl championship

  5. 2 turnovers and injured by 3rd quarter

    the line isn’t good but they are huge think all 6’4 an up. need to pound teams more 3 and outs all day lead to fresh lineman rushing QB all day. don’t even think Vick can see over them without 7 step drop. Can’t do that every play in the NFL

  6. oh , no worries he will make plenty
    true to form ….. he wasn’t for the first 8 games why change now …
    can’t teach an old dog new tricks

  7. Vick has never been afraid to turn the ball over. He averages just over one turnover to every TD over his career. Actually, his career stats are right at average, or about 50% on everything. Kinda strange really. Couldnt even hope to plan it that way.

    And, enough about the O-line. Vick is responsible for calling protections and shouldnt expect to get more time in the pocket than anyone else. His O-line is 0% responsible for Vick taking hits outside the pocket. Vick likes to run with the ball – always has. That means he has never read past the first couple routes before taking off. Always has, always will. That is just how he learned to, and currently plays.

    Vick has never been a pocket passer, ever. His passing stats are less than spectacular if you look at them over his career. I have no clue where the delusion among fans came from. Somehow Vick ended up in the “great” catagory, when he is average. I guess that is why people are so critical of the man. If you Judge Vick against his statistics, he has actually been playing like he normally does. Is that good enough? Probably not, but time will tell.

  8. clownsfan says:Nov 2, 2012 2:29 PM

    Does anybody care what Marty Mornhinweg thinks?

    Only when Mornhinweg “takes the wind” instead of the ball in overtime.

  9. Real QBs make ‘mistakes’.

    With Ron Mexico you have what has always been the case: a RB with a cannon arm who was too lazy to learn how to be a legit QB.

    So what is a ‘mistake’ to a real QB comes natural to a player like Vick.

  10. Saints have worst defense in league.

    Vick gives up more turnovers than any other player in league.

    Somethings gotta give.

  11. Against ATL. Vick had guys running free in the secondary, was looking right at them, was NOT under pressure…and did not throw the ball.

    He missed at least 2 TD’s…

    I think this is what Marty and the Eagles coaches are talking about.

  12. This article has to be a joke…. lol

    Anyway, its important for a qb to take risks to have success, just not every down.
    vick doesnt have the smarts to pick and choose when to be conservative, and when to let it all fly. Thats why he racks up turnovers, and his OL struggles, he stretches everything out and the whole play implodes. Every once in awhile he is successful, but mostly not. (sound like the eagle games you have been watching?) YEP!

    Eagles need a NEW QB… oh and a different walrus!

  13. Round and round the eagles go with vick…”play fearless” next game – 3 INTs….then “play smart”…next game 0 INTs but no offence…”play fearless”

  14. hhbagels says:Nov 2, 2012 4:17 PM

    Round and round the eagles go with vick…”

    Kind of like a toilet bowl!

  15. “I sure wish they’d play Foles….he can’t be worse”

    Maybe he can’t be worse, but even if he’s only “as bad” as Vick that will be enough to destroy his confidence and ruin his career.

  16. Umm? Didn’t Vick state a few weeks ago that mistakes were essentially predestined and were meant to happen if they were meant to happen.

    Here is an idea…use reverse psychology and tell him to make mistakes and maybe he will stop making mistakes.

  17. Ok….ive heard enough. I am a dedicated, bleed green since Randall Cunningham came outta UNLV, EAGLES FAN. I was at phoenix stadium when philly had a chance at another Super bowl visit and failed and it broke my heart. I walked outta that stadium like a man and rocked my “Westbrook” jersey all the way back to my hotel with a smile on my face because im a true fan who does not bark hard when we win and call for Andy’s head on a plate when we lose. Trust me eagles family, we are not better without our coach. Just need one quality transaction for a QB that can read defense pre-snap and an offensive coordinator that can read our QB and make in-game adjustments to what the defense is doing. Mornigweg is the problem!!!!!!!

  18. eagles brain trust vick just keep throwing ints and fumbling the football. your doing a good job.

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