Flacco doesn’t want to be compared to anyone

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At a time when it’s popular not to accept a quarterback for who he is but to find some other quarterback to whom he compares, it makes sense to pose the question to the player who may be the subject of the comparison.

That’s what Erik Kuselias did during Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, when interviewing Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

“I don’t need to be compared to any body,” Flacco said.  “I go out there, I play my style of football and we just got to go out there and continue to win football games.  I don’t really care who I’m compared to, it’s just for you guys to talk about and for me to go play and whatever will happen, happens.”

That’s the right approach.  To see if he used the right approach in response to questions regarding his contract talks, the impact of the loss of linebacker Ray Lewis for the balance of the season, and the team leaders who’ll step up in his absence, click the box below.

If you do, you’ll also see that there was an unexpected cameo appearance during the Flacco interview.

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17 responses to “Flacco doesn’t want to be compared to anyone

  1. Kim K….

    Drama Queen, thinks they are better at their job then they are, speaks highly of self, and no awards to back it up.

    Spends half their work day on their back.

    Have unibrow, and a personality of a wall.

    Elite excuse maker!

  2. Steeler fans fail to recognize the fact that Torrey Smith and Flacco have owned them as of late. Must be tough when your a .500 team who was swept and tebowd out of the playoffs last year. Another sweep coming up, cheers!

  3. I wouldn’t want to be compared to anyone either if I was the QB of a team that won a SB with Trent Dilfer as QB….

    I mean if he could do it…

    Just sayin.

  4. When is “as of late”? If you want to rest on old laurels, then the Steelers won 6 Super Bowls, how many have the Ravens won, of course excluding the 2 you are still celebrating from last year?

    “Tebowed”? At least the Steelers didn’t get “Vick-timized” this year by the Eagles like the Ravens did, “as of late” in 2012 of course.

    11/18 can’t get here fast enough.

  5. Its true that in the overall meetings between these two the steelers have dominated, but since flacco has been the starter the games have been alot closer and more competitive. I think both of their offenses have potential to be explosive but they lack consistency. Where both of these teams are in trouble is the defensive side of the ball. IMHO neither team has the defense to beat the texans.

    And to the poster who said flacco shyed away from competition, get your facts straight! He wanted to compete for it but there was no competition as the coach had already made his decision. Joe went to delaware and the rest is history. I dont get all the hate for the man. He is a 5th year player with a great record in the reg season and even some wins in the post season. He doesnt have to throw for 400 yards every week, he just has to win and he has done that.

  6. if I was him I would not want to be compared to anyone as well. you douch thanks for nothing in fantasy football.

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