Giants won’t have Chase Blackburn against Steelers

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The Steelers won’t have Jonathan Dwyer running the ball on Sunday and the Giants won’t have Chase Blackburn trying to stop his replacement Isaac Redman.

Blackburn has been ruled out of Sunday’s game because of the hamstring injury that forced him out in Dallas in Week Eight. That leaves the middle linebacker job to Mark Herzlich against Pittsburgh. Herzlich started two games for the Giants last season before his season came to an end thanks to a sprained ankle. That injury led the Giants to bring Blackburn back to the team and his play was an important part of the run to the Super Bowl. Now Herzlich is the replacement and the Giants will hope that there’s not a significant drop in production.

The Giants have other absences at linebacker as well. Jacquian Williams is out and Keith Rivers is listed as doubtful with a calf injury. That could mean a lot of the three safety look the Giants used last season if Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle are able to play. With Stevie Brown, the Giants would have a strong trio to use against the Steelers passing game.

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw didn’t practice Friday and is listed as questionable, something that’s becoming a weekly tradition as he manages his foot injury in hopes of remaining on the field.

9 responses to “Giants won’t have Chase Blackburn against Steelers

  1. so….. who’s gonna cover Heath Miller?
    Because unlike Bruce Arians, Todd Haley actually understands how good he is and will surely exploit the Giants coverage deficiencies.

  2. Giants’ fans have been waiting for Herzlich to take over anyway. Chase is a heady signal caller but a bruiser up front he is not.

  3. @Hines86for6:

    If you think the Steelers are going to win by solely going to Heath Miller all game, you’re going to be quite disappointed come 7:30 pm Sunday night. The Cowboys tried that, ask Witten & his NFL-record breaking 17 receptions, and they came up short AT HOME. You ask who is going to cover Miller? I answer you that the Steelers can pick their poison between Stevie Brown, Kenny Phillips or Antrel Rolle. The Giants run a 3 safety package when all 3 are healthy for the sole purpose of shutting down opposing TEs. The NFC East has 3 very good TEs in Celek, Witten & Davis & facing Miller isn’t going to be something new for Perry Fewell & the Giants. When the Giants run their 3 safety package, they have shut down every TE they’ve faced. Witten exploded last week because the Giants were forced to put a LB on him with Phillips out. Running this package, the Giants shut down every NFC East TE last year, and also shut down the Pats with Gronk & Hernandez TWICE. I wouldn’t worry so much about who is going to cover Miller as I would worry about who is going to stop Eli, Nicks, Cruz & Bennett. Without Polamalu, again, the Giants are going to be able to throw all over the Steelers’ defense. The Giants may give up some yards, but I don’t see the Steelers’ geriatric defense stopping one of the best offenses in the league enough to pull out the win. Remember, this game is at Giants’ Stadium; if the game were at Hines Field I could see them maybe winning, but definitely not on the road. This is the same Steelers team that lost on the road to a very bad Titans team. The Giants certainly aren’t the Titans & they’re going to show the Steelers that they’re the class of the NFL this Sunday.

    One thing the Steelers have going in their favor, however, is the extreme competitiveness of Big Ben. In the eyes of almost everyone outside Pittsburg, Eli Manning has surpassed Ben Roethlisburger as the best QB in that draft class. Even as big of a Giants fan as I am, I respect Ben as a player (not a person) & I expect a big game out of him. I think he’s going to come out with a chip on his shoulder & try to show everyone that there should at least still be a debate over who is the best QB from that draft class.

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