Gonzalez not happy with lack of national media attention on Falcons


Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez should be happy.  He’s headed for the Hall of Fame.  Hell, he’s the best tight end to ever play football.  And his team is 7-0 and headed for one of the top seeds in the NFC.

But he’s not happy.  At least not with the national media.

“Is the national media making a big deal about us like they would if it was Philly, Green Bay or New England?  No, they’re not,” Gonzalez told Jim Corbett of USA Today.  “We played Philly and beat them. And Philly was on TV all week.”

But Philly was on TV all week because Philly was and is a slow-motion chemical train wreck.

“We don’t care,” Gonzalez said, which sort of contradicts his point.  “Our goals are bigger than just getting national media attention.  They’ll recognize us if we go where we want to go.  I’ve day-dreamed about raising that Lombardi Trophy.  I can see it in my mind.”

Before Gonzalez can lift the Lombardi, the Falcons need to win a playoff game, something they haven’t done under the post-Vick regime.  Before they win a playoff game, they need to score offensive points, something they didn’t do in their most recent playoff loss.

Coupled with the fact that the Falcons lack any strong, colorful personalities or intriguing story lines, the national media is taking a wait-and-see approach with the Falcons.  But when the postseason comes around, they’ll have more attention than they ever wanted, because the narrative will instantly become whether the Falcons can finally deliver at least one victory in the postseason.

In other words, the guys who’s currently complaining about a lack of media attention could in a couple of months as the team is preparing to play its initial postseason game be complaining that there’s too much of it.

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  1. just waiting for saints fans to get in here and start tearing this apart. I would listen to them….if they had a leg to stand on this year.

  2. You’re ducking the question. If the 7-0 team were New England, Philly, Washington, or one of the New Jersey teams, we’d be hearing about it every 15 minutes.

  3. nobody will take them seriously until they actually win a playoff game. that’s all that counts, nothing else. doesn’t matter if they go 16-0 if they lose in the first round of the playoffs. they have themselves to blame for that.

  4. Sorry Tony , but most people expected the Falcons to have a very good record , You probably wont get any true respect until you guys start making some noise in the Playoffs.

  5. Don’t worry falcons when we beat you all this weekend and in January I hope you receive all the attention we received about not being able to win playoff games Team Cowboys

  6. Drama fuels the media, and them boys down south tend to do a pretty good job of staying out of it. Despite the recent DUI by a certain declining RB that I won’t mention by name. We’ll call him M. Turner. Or better yet, Michael T. Michael T it is.

  7. Your team has a recent history of spitting the bit in the playoffs. Worry about winning one game in January before day-dreaming about the Lombardi trophy.

  8. Probably because when push comes to shove (playoff time) your team sucks. Also, sorry ATL, their fans have luke warm support for their team at best, and that’s putting it kindly. I remember when the Packers whopped your butt at home in the playoffs a few years back and all I could hear was GO Pack GO.

  9. Dude, who cares, just play and win the Superbowl then you will receive all the media attention in the world until your little heart is content.

  10. Coupled with the fact that the Falcons lack any strong, colorful personalities or intriguing story lines, the national media is taking a wait and see approach with the Falcons……….Now here is the problem with that statement, it seems that the national media DECIDES who has intriguing story lines. Plus, the national audience is sick to death of hearing about the same strong colorful personalities over and over and over again.
    We are tired of hearing about the Eagles and the Cowboys( two declining teams)…Time to feature the Falcons and the Texans.

  11. “Dude, who cares, just play and win the Superbowl then you will receive all the media attention in the world until your little heart is content.”

    No really. The Giants won the SB, and all anyone talked about was Tim Tebow.

  12. We’ve seen the Falcons rip through the regular season before, only to be one-and-done as a #1 seed.

    They want better press, they’ll need better results come January. I don’t care if they are 15-1, in my opinion, and probably the opinion of a lot of fans, the Giants and Niners, to name two, are more physical football teams who are capable of going to Atlanta and winning a playoff game.

  13. As a Falcons fan, I don’t really give a crap about praise, I just want coverage. The Cowboys have been irrelevant for almost 2 decades and they dominate the news.

    I pay for NFL Network and ESPN like everyone else does and we get a 10th of the coverage other teams get.

    I get we need to win a playoff game, but that is so tired and overdone. It’s the only thing ever mentioned when the Falcons are mentioned, as if that is something they can address in November.

    Winning 50 games in the NFL in 4 and half years is impressive. To demean that because of 3 losses to Super Bowl teams is ridiculous. The laws of physics, and the basic rules of Football don’t change in the playoffs. The Falcons will get theirs.

    It will be the same as it always is. The Falcons will beat the Cowboys, and the media will focus on how bad the Cowboys are, and refuse to acknowledge how good the Falcons are. Just like they did last week with the Eagles.

    We are just used to it.

  14. There’s a dearth of spotlight Tony because the overwhelming majority of todays sports analyst/bloggers are pedestrian in their approach to covering news worthy material…They’d rather fixate on past events versus focusing on what is present. #Myopia

  15. First off I don’t think you can win playoff games until the playoffs start. Never seen one Won in Nov. Secondly, Ga dome sells out every Sunday! And at last check the Fans that party on Northside Dr, died hard Falcons Fans none fair whether. Well maybe a couple but that’s every team. So just Keep winning Dirty Birds and we will handle the playoffs when they get here.

  16. Tony G needs to shut up and he shouldn’t care about getting media attention…I’m surprised this crap is coming from a guy who has never won a playoff game in his career…falcons won’t get any respect until they WIN a playoff game…no one cares that this team is 7-0, but failcant fans just riding the high until they fall apart down the road and be disappointed again as usual..

  17. Until you win a playoff game, a single playoff game, please, don’t compare yourself to teams that have a national fanbase because they have won Super Bowls.
    The only teams that get a ridiculous amount of tv time and haven’t earned it are the Jets and Skins. There you have a point, Tony. But don’t compare your coverage to the Pats or Packers, at least not till you beat one of them in the post season.
    And by the way, Green Bay isn’t dominating the media coverage, SF and the Giants get more press, and they should.

  18. sb44champs says:
    Nov 2, 2012 10:32 AM
    Mike Smith can smile all he wants, until he gets that playoff victory, it’s a mute point!!


    Mute point? Must be a Saints* fan

  19. The Falcons have always been a bunch of cry-babies! They’ll win the division, get a bye, and then promptly get their butts handed to them by whoever they play in the playoffs. Ha Ha. Gonzalez ain’t never won nothin and he never will. Not on the Falcons anyway! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  20. Relax Tony. The lack of media attention is a blessing in disguise. Who wants the media crawling all over their practice field during the week, and locker room on the weekend?

    Just play the game, win it, and the rest will fall into place.

  21. Thaw past two years is why no one cares about the falcons 7-0 record!! They didn’t just get beat by the packers And giants they got embarrassed!!! so come January we will find out about these dirty birds….

  22. maybe it has something to do with the fact that the falcons haven’t won anything when it counts in the playoffs. Falcons could go 16-0 and it won’t matter until they win a playoff game.

  23. You’re right Tony.

    The media should talk about your great offensive performance last year against the Giants……oh wait, never mind.

  24. Huge fan of Tony Gonzalez, he’s a true professional, but this comment sounds like something a first year player would make. Spotlight is not always a good thing, and Mr. Gonzalez should know that. I’d take an unbeaten record over top headline on ESPN.com anyday. Stick to winning while the Eagles, Cowboys, and Jets soak up the coverage…Notice those three are malign teams?

    Tony should know better!

  25. No one cares because we’ve seen this movie before Gonzo. You guys smash the regular season, then meltdown in the playoffs.

  26. We don’t have to be media darlings.. When NE was on their road to a undefeated season, they had one hick up. The Super Bowl!! So what matters most is The SHIP. Damn a single playoff game. Because we all know what’s next to come across the Air waves if they don’t win the Bowl is “Falcons get off the snide but still fall short of expectations” as if the remaining 30 teams reached the pinnacle of success for the season by virtue of being a NFL team. So stop with all the how bad the other teams are at this point and recognized how good the Falcons are; blowing teams out on their home fields and not just winning on Northside Dr. Again playoffs start in January… NOT NOVEMBER.


  27. paulitik74 is absolutely correct. That playoff stat will be addressed in January. For now, we should get more coverage than the teams which we are beating week in and week out.

    At least one comment mentioned that Atlanta fans do not support their team as much as some other fan bases do. Perhaps some increased national media coverage would help to fix that.

    Just ask the typical Packers fan who has never set foot in Wisconsin.

  28. “But Philly was on TV all week because Philly was and is a slow-motion chemical train wreck”

    Even if ATL was a slow-motion chemical train wreck, we’d still be at the bottom of the barrel with media attention..

  29. They need to beat a great team, and prove it this post season if they get there. Bears and Giants are still the teams to beat.

  30. Come talk to us in January princess. Other than Denver you haven’t beaten a team that is a serious contender for the playoffs YET. Up ahead Atlanta has to face the Giants, Detroit, New Orleans and Tampa Bay twice each. You come out of that with 4-5 wins you can come back and cry about lack of media attention.

    Reality I see a 12-4 team scraping into the playoffs, and will probably loose the 2nd round after a bye and go 1 and done. You’re the NFC version of the Charger so Ganzales should feel right at home…

  31. Here is the thing about the media that irks me, everything has to be “great theater” (coining Dan Patrick). I understand that they have papers to sell, audiences to entertain, etc, but there are those of us out here that don’t need a Tebow, Jets, Cowboys, Eagle implosion story all the time. They’ve stopped selling the sport and instead focus on the drama. It does get old.

  32. I’m the Saints fan that you were waiting for. And, you right. This is a wasted year for us. Now, to your beloved Falcons. As soon as this group wins a playoff game you’ll get all the attention you want. Until then just play.

  33. We got excited about you a couple years ago when you went 13-3. How did that turn out?

    Point is Tony, we’ve been through this dance before. You left us hanging last time, so we’re not gonna waste our time until you do something new.

  34. That is funny coming from a guy who has never won a single playoff game in his entire career.

    win a game that matters then get back to me

  35. Really?
    “We don’t care,” Gonzalez said.
    Then why you brought this whole thing up then??? It’d be ok if you said you care. C’mon man.

  36. Only narcissists care about who’s looking at them, and beg for attention. Real Bad Boys move in silence. Score more than 2 points in your next playoff appearance, and you will get noticed.

  37. I think everyone covered my sentiments on this already.They seem to run out gas when they get out the gate so fast as the season progresses. Don’t know why but that’s been their history under Smith.

  38. Why don’t they get more coverage?

    Maybe because everyone outside of Atlanta thinks the Falcons will be another one-and-done playoff team.

    Win a playoff game and that bandwagon will fill up faster than a restroom at an Oktoberfest.

  39. Is he serious? How many national games on tv have they played ? Compared to other teams …….child please!!!!

  40. When your goal is to win a superbowl, most great teams would love to be 7-0 and ignored by the media. Its called flying under the radar and its a gift. Win the superbowl, hell, win a playoff game and then assess your media coverage.

  41. The Falcon’s also have an unbelievably easy schedule. The only team they have beaten so far this year that is any good is the Bronco’s. That was back in week 2 before the Bronco’s started playing well. You brag that you beat Philly…so has nearly every other team that has played them. You beat the Panther’s by 2 points in a game you should have lost. The Panther’s record…1-6. Oh yeah, the rest of the NFL should just stop playing because Atlanta already has the Super Bowl wrapped up. Green Bay was 15-1 last year and forgot they still had to win in the playoffs. Just like the Falcon’s ALWAYS forget they have to WIN playoff games. I remember in 2010 when the Falcon’s were talking so big going into the playoffs and then Green Bay absolutely DESTROYED them AT HOME. Probably good reason you aren’t getting the publicity you think you deserve.

  42. Mike Smith can smile all he wants, until he gets that playoff victory, it’s a mute point!!

    I believe the words you want are it’s a moot point, If a mute point no-one could hear it!!

  43. Relax Tony, no one is ignoring you… we are just waiting to see if your team will be consistent enough to have faith in. I for one have been following their success, and find it refreshing they they have shook things up a bit. But see me come playoff time and we’ll talk about giving you long-term credit. The 9’ers got it last year by barely missing the Super Bowl. Do that and I’ll rant and rave about you! Until then, just enjoy the moment.

  44. He cries about not getting attention ,then says he doesn’t care about not getting attention. Just shut and play.

  45. They aren’t getting national media attention for several reasons.

    First being their division is weak this year, the Saints who are typically a sure thing to win the division are a mess as are the Panthers and Bucs.

    Secondly, their team while undefeated isn’t exactly decimating anyone. Green Bay last year lit defenses up and Rodgers was a Madden QB, same with Brady and the 07 Patriots. They absolutely ran teams out of the building. The Falcons this year have been in some close games with some really bad football teams.

    Lastly, the Falcons have never won a playoff game with Matt Ryan nor is he playing like he’s the best QB in the league right now.

    So it’s natural for people not to get too excited about their success right now. Because the last two years they’ve choked in the playoffs. Scratch that, they’ve been straight up embarrassed.

  46. Im hearing a lot about them on tv and radio. They’re overrated anyways, just wait til they start playing better teams like NY, SF, GB, CHI, etc…

  47. My favorite part about this is Tony G. was BORN to be on TV. he already does a ton of it every chance he gets. As a Hall of Famer, and someone who REDEFINED the position, as well as a handsome man with nice smile, who is able to articulate well… He’ll have media attention on him the rest of his life and will soon be joining it.

  48. Well they’ve beat one team in the top half of the league and might only play 1 more the rest of the season. Maybe by end of the year the Broncos win will look better?

    If they were 7-0 and had beaten the someone like the Giants, Pats, Niners, Bears, Packers, or Ravens it might be a different story.

    When the Packers went on their streak last year they beat the Saints, Bears, and Falcons in the 1st 5 weeks, and at the time those were seen as big wins.

  49. The only reason the Failcans win the division this year is because Godell has successfully handicapped the Saints this year!! Wait till next year, it won’t be close!!!

  50. The same thing happen last year to my 49ers. We got no love from the media most for 2011 but once we got to the playoffs and beat the Saints then we got attention.
    The Falcons playoff losses the last 3 years have been awful.

    Win in January then you will get attention.

  51. huh looks like a lot of people pull for teams that arent as good as the Falcons. While youre bringing up 2 pts and we havent played anyone etc etc…who has your team lost to? Right N.O? The Falcons will get to your team when theyre on the schedule. 7-0. You’d take it. Go Falcons!

  52. Who have the Falcons played this season? They have an easy schedule, weak division, and a bunch of stat monsters who have won ZERO playoff games. Seriously, who cares about giving Atlanta attention

    Besides Roddy White is creepy with his helmet off..

  53. Does anyone ever go to a stadium in any city, or any town, in any sport. and see an Atlanta fan? You may see a Braves jersey or two, but only because they played in Milwaukee and Boston first. In other words, there are no Atlanta fans, outside of Georgia. Unlike fans of other cities.

  54. sb44champs says:Nov 2, 2012 2:47 PM

    The only reason the Failcans win the division this year is because Godell has successfully handicapped the Saints this year!! Wait till next year, it won’t be close!!!


    I suppose that we will have to take you at your word. Until then, I will keep an eye out for you at the Saints game.

    Will you be the one with a bag over your head?

  55. I agree with the Future HOFer. ESPN and the NFL Network are still giving most of their coverage to the Jets and Eagles. Both of which will not be in the playoffs this year.

  56. Thats because the national media knows that although the overrated falcons are doing well(who have they really beaten), once they get to the playoffs they will fall flat on their face just like Melted Ice and the Failcons always do. I can’t wait to sit back and watch it to.

  57. Maybe no one wants to hype the Falcons for being undefeated because they are only barely undefeated. Four of the seven wins by a TD or less. If Carolina doesn’t have an implosion and give up a 59 yard pass from the end zone with a minute to go, Atlanta wouldn’t be undefeated. I know, they did give it up, so the Falcons are undefeated. I know it takes a good team to win the close games. But, would you want to be the national guy starting to hype them for being undefeated, only to have them lose the next week? If they win another game or two, they will get the publicity, but have been too lucky so far for anyone to want to jump on their bandwagon yet.

  58. It’s nothing personal, Tony. It’s just that the two perhaps best teams in the NFL right now (Atlanta & Houston) are based in bland towns the rest of the country doesn’t care about or have any interest in at all.

    That, and the team’s failure in the postseason.

    In seriousness, the Falcons have never built the brand those other teams have. And it won’t happen while Gonzales is playing – if they achieve great success now, then in the future, Atlanta may be one of “those teams”. But first this team has to lay the foundation for future Atlanta teams getting respect.

  59. As a Buc fan, I agree with Tony and he is speaking on behalf of all Falcon fans. I too am sick of the Man Channel talking only about their darling teams who are all worse than ATL. They have earned respect of the media and deserve it. Matty Ice and his receivers are lighting up the field. But the facts are the talking heads won’t give them credit and the Falcons are going to take it regardless. 32 teams, good or bad have fans and should get equal time. Go Gonzo and go Bucs! Look forward to playing you guys real soon.

  60. If you wanted to be on an overhyped team, go play in the AFC East or the NFC East. The media doesn’t seem to notice anyone not playing in those divisions.

  61. To be honest, I don’t think even a playoff win would get the Falcons the mega media attention as some on here say will happen. The Falcons just lack that “it” factor that terrible teams like the Cowboys and Jets have in order to stay relevant despite not winning much of anything. There really isn’t a lot of drama or stand out personalities on the team that the media can exploit and shove down our throats to get ratings. It seems like people talk about teams or players that everyone absolutely loves or hates. The Falcons just don’t really seem like that type of team, so their success is generally going unnoticed. I don’t see a playoff win changing that view all that much from the public at first.

  62. All I hear about is Matt Ryan for MVP …. How is that a lack of attention ? I think many teams every year play great football and never get any attention lots of teams have been 7-0 there was a period if time when the colts did it every year , the packers did it last year the Patriots in 2007 ,to really shock the media sadly being undefeated halfway through a season isn’t impressive enough anymore ….

  63. There’s three ways to get media coverage in the NFL…

    1. Be a storied franchise like Pitt or GB

    2. Be a team thats on the verge of being/is a dynasty

    3. Have fans that throw batteries, boo santa, and regurgitate on 10-year old children.

  64. adoombray says:
    Nov 2, 2012 2:41 PM
    My favorite part about this is Tony G. was BORN to be on TV. he already does a ton of it every chance he gets. As a Hall of Famer, and someone who REDEFINED the position, as well as a handsome man with nice smile, who is able to articulate well… He’ll have media attention on him the rest of his life and will soon be joining it.


    Kellen Winslow was the one who actually redefined the TE position. Gonzales,Graham,and Gronkowski are merely following his footsteps.

  65. “Is the national media making a big deal about us like they would if it was Philly, Green Bay or New England? No, they’re not,” Gonzalez told Jim Corbett of USA Today. “We played Philly and beat them. And Philly was on TV all week.”


    Not sure if it’s been mentioned above, but the Falcons (at least seemingly) are a team that not infrequently gets hyped up at some point during the season and then either underperforms down the stretch or gets bounced early on in the playoffs. The Chargers are another team in this camp, as were the Saints, to a lesser degree, prior to Brees and perhaps at the start of his tenure with that team.

  66. If u guys would have seen the interview u would have seen that that’s not what he was asking for… As florio himself wrote that’s not what we’re craving…. Ur just bringing out what u want to be covered not what he actually Said.. And by the way their r a lot of comments for a teams that nobody cares about!

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