Irsay pledges matching donations for storm relief


Colts owner Jim Irsay has a history of engaging in charitable acts.  Yes, they usually are done publicly.  But public charity is better than no charity at all — especially if it inspires others to be charitable, too.

In response to Hurricane Sandy, the Colts have announced that Irsay will match online contributions made through Friday, November 9.

Though the explanation is a bit vague, it appears that Irsay will match up to and including the full capacity of Lucas Oil Stadium in dollars, with the expected donation from Irsay in the range of $65,000.  But to get $65,000 from Irsay, fans have to first donate that much, either by visiting the Colts website or the page that has been devoted to the effort at the American Red Cross website.

We encourage all Colts fans to make a contribution, in the hopes that $65,000 will become $130,000.

And we challenge every team to do something similar.  Many people have been adversely affected by the storm.  The NFL has the resources and the platform to do plenty of good for our brothers and sisters who are struggling in the wake of one of the worst weather events in U.S. history.

37 responses to “Irsay pledges matching donations for storm relief

  1. Everything helps guys. We were bombed here in New Jersey. Bombed. Thanks to all who contributed with money and or effort.

  2. Wouldn’t it be something if the NFL donated some percentage of all gate receipts for this weekend’s games to the relief? And a very high percentage of the revenue from the Giants-Steelers game should be donated, as well.

  3. I’ll do flips when Florio can actually write a post without putting in a ‘dig’ into someone! Lighten up Mike – Irsay is donating his own money – going public inspires others to do it (like you said) it’s not necessary for the “yes, they are usually done in public” comment!

  4. Kudos to Mr. Irsay and the Colts organization. Maybe a bulb will go on in the N.F.L. headquarters. Let’s take care of our own for a change.

  5. If Irsay sold just one of his prized possessions – like the original manuscript of “On the Road” he bought for $2.34 million in 2001 and donated it this cause, I’d be a bit more impressed and give him some more credit.

    A few readers here did the math on a previous heralded $50,000 donation and determined that, for a guy worth $1.5 billion according to Forbes, that’d be the same as your or I donating $1.75. Yes One dollar and Seventy-Five Cents.

    The PR person hired to issue his press releases praising himself for making donations costs him more than $65,000

  6. twelvesbelt says: This makes Charles Woodson’s $100,000 donation seem even more significant.

    Exactly. Woodson is at the tail end of a $52 million contract and won’t be getting any more.

    Irsay is worth $1.5 BILLION which increases every year.

    One book in Irsay’s book collection is worth 234 times what Woodson donated.

    Irsay obviously just can’t part with that book.

  7. and folks bash irsay and calls him a idiot, but hes the 1st owner too step up and help out, he also donated last summer in southern indiana tornadoes, good hearted guy!!!

  8. peytonsneck18 says: and folks bash irsay and calls him a idiot, but hes the 1st owner too step up and help out, he also donated last summer in southern indiana tornadoes, good hearted guy!!!


    Not necessarilly. He’s just the first owner to issue a public pat on the back for only offering to make the equivalent of a $2 donation if you and I give several times the equivalent amount.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad he’s giving something rather than nothing.

    I’m just not going to fawn over a guy who issues a public press release for donating a fraction of the equivalent of what I’ve already donated – and I didn’t issue a press release to pat myself on the back.

  9. Having lost a house in Katrina and again in Isaac, ny heart and my prayers are with the people in New Jersey and New York. My husband and I made a contribution to the Red Cross for the Sandy relief effort and I encourage all the Saints fans to do the same.

  10. I love how everyone wants to bash a guy for ONLY donating up to $65000 because he is worth so much more. first of all if he donated as much as some of you broke people think he should to everything that would deserve a donation, he’d be broke like you, and would no longer be able to afford to run an NFL team. I bet most if not all of the people on here ripping Jim for his amount donated, have not and will not donate a dime!

  11. Good for Irsay for donating something. But let’s look at this action as it really is: a $65,000, TAX DEDUCTIBLE, advertisement for Colts Football.

    Irsay can take a lesson or two from Bill Gates on how to be a real philanthropist, if he actually cared about anybody else, beside himself.

  12. You guys act like he has 1.5 billion sitting in the bank. Who knows how much actual cash he has in the bank. 65,000 is still 65,000. At least he’s doing something, unlike many of the other million and billionaires. And, of course it’s public. How do you challenge the community to pitch in without making it public? So many negative people.

  13. I would literally try to do a backflip if Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, and Zygi Wilf did this too.
    Zygi Wolf (a NJ native) and the Vikings have pledged $100,000. No word yet from JJ and Danny Boy, although, to be fair, there is nothing that mandates their giving other than human decency.

  14. it is great all these efforts are being made to help but how much of it will actually end up in the hands of the people who need it? how much will end up in the coffers of the red cross? anybody remember what happened to the money donated to help the people of hati? years later they are still living in tents and as bad off as they were before the quake. what happened to the money donated after 9-11? or katrina? hope they get it right this time.

  15. for people who are bashing irsay, it is his money to do what he wants with it. the fact is he did not have to give a penny but did it anyway. maybe because of him evey owner will donate that much if not more. I bet if you had his money you would not be so gung ho about spending it except on things you wanted.

  16. 65k is pocket change for Irsay. If I was worth 1.5 billion the donation would be no less then six figures. Without meeting with the press about it. Irsay is scum and always will be.

  17. My son lost everything in the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa so my heart goes out to all of those in New York and New Jersey. Any donations will help, I hope mine does! Many prayers for all in need.

  18. @j0esixpack
    How about every time you get the urge to write something hateful about someone that is helping people in need, you text the Red Cross $10 instead. I was going to say hateful and ignorant but I am not sure you could afford that.

  19. Something is better than nothing, Wade is donating his 210k game check, Woodson with 100k, you would think owners would be more generous than players who have no connection here. My uncles house in Seaside park is gone, washed away, everyone around here has absolutely no electric and more importantly no heat, which is horrible for the people with children, people are sleeping in the lobby of Howard Johnson because it has heat unlike the rest of the hotel AND they’re still CHARGING for the rooms! That have no heat no electric nothing with people huddled in lobby on generator bc have small children people that lost their homes, stories like this should get more attention. I’ve never hated a company more than I do Howard Johnson right now, praying for all the other people around who have children. It’s freezing. Thanks for the donation Irsay but more NFL teams need to be doing this…

  20. Hopefully the Eagles, Giants and Jets owners get off their asses and start doing something like this seeing as their fans are the ones directly affected by this

  21. That’s kinda cheap for a billionaire, Woodson who is only worth like 50 million put up 100K himself!

  22. NFL-NFLPA announces that theyj ointly are giving a million to the relief effort. MLB-MLBPA are doing the same thing.

    It’s not much compared to what the relief effort is going to cost, but it’s a lot of money, it’s something, and it shows that every once in a while management and labor can do the right thing and do it in a timely manner.

  23. Props to Irsay. Can’t say I’ve agreed with all his choices but this one i can’t disagree with. even if it were all for publicity sake. don’t care. My boy ziggy and him are pushing for support. cant argue with that. cnat blame him for wanting to mold his stadium after a class A teams stadium in Lucas Oil, also. Can’t wait for the new Vikes stadium. Finally going to a game will out-weigh sitting on the couch watching in HD. But… Here’s to hoping they keep the troughs!!!

  24. I made a small donation. If we extrapolate it out what I gave to what I have in the bank and Irsay is worth 1.5 billion his donation should be in the ballpark of $75 million lol. He actually should have kept this to himself when you look at it not exactly an overwhelming charitable contribution.

  25. Won’t fully follow through. Goodell didn’t when he said if the lockout happened he would reduce his salary to a $1…how’d that turn out?

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