Michael Jordan has some advice for neighbor Cam Newton

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These are tough times for the two biggest names in Charlotte sports.

But the older one had some advice for the younger one, as former NBA star and current Bobcats owner Michael Jordan said Panthers quarterback Cam Newton can’t put too much pressure on himself.

Obviously he’s trying to put a lot of things on his back and that’s human nature,” Jordan told Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer. “Sometimes when you expect so many great things you want to carry that burden yourself. And its virtually impossible.

“He’s going to have to get the support of his team — obviously the organization is supporting him — and grind through this.”

Jordan and Newton are neighbors in the same Charlotte high-rise, and they’re both hoping for better days.

The Bobcats are coming off the NBA’s all-time worst winning percentage (.106, a 7-59 record last year), and they lost the draft lottery and missed out on once-per-generation big man Anthony Davis.

The Panthers are 1-6, and have fired a general manager and are poised for a huge makeover this offseason, meaning local fans don’t have much to celebrate.

But Jordan said Newton needs to make sure he’s doing everything he can to turn that around.

“He’s got to look at himself in the mirror,” Jordan said. “Every leader in any scenario always must look himself in the mirror and say, ‘Can I do more?’ or ‘What can I do to enhance the scenario with my teammates to pull them along?’ or do whatever I can to try to make the situation better.

“That would be my advice. Look yourself in the mirror and say OK, evaluate what I’m doing, evaluate what needs to be done and see what I can do to help.”

Of course, Jordan didn’t win six NBA titles by himself, as he needed a Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, but more importantly, a Phil Jackson.

The Panthers at the moment look like a Tim Floyd-coached team, which means that much more pressure on Newton himself.

24 responses to “Michael Jordan has some advice for neighbor Cam Newton

  1. cam newton is just another michael vick. cant read defenses, cant read blitzes. cant go through his progressions. very overrated.

  2. The supporting cast has to be there for sure, but Cam seems to lack what Jordan had in spades and that is a killer instinct as well as a drive to be the absolute best. MJ ALWAYS felt slighted and he used that to motivate himself every offseason. He always came back better and hungrier.

  3. This is coming from the guy that single handedly put his Team on his back , always took the final shot , jacked up 30 shots a game , and took full credit for his six championships.

  4. Dear Bill Cowher,

    That job in Carolina you wanted? It’s open again (just as soon as this season is over).


    Panthers Management

  5. I don’t think the comparison between Mike Vick and Cam Newton is at all accurate. You can watch the two and tell the difference. Vick looks uncomfortable in the pocket while Newton is very smooth with delivery and mechanics. The issue is what is being asked of Newton.

    The Panthers brass has him running read-option and that’s not him. RG3 is better at that, and that’s not a knock on Cam, I think Cam is a better drop back passer.

    He needs to understand the growing pains of a struggling team, look at Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and other elite quarterbacks. Success isn’t as sweet if it comes right away.

  6. I think Jordan hit on an important point with this comment he made:
    ‘What can I do to enhance the scenario with my teammates to pull them along?’

    Newton hasn’t had many if any issues in admitting that he can do more or didn’t play well. I’ve not heard him even come close to pointing fingers at teammates either (other than that weird “I’m a lion” rant last year). I think this comment by Jordan is the crux of it. Great leaders make their teammates better, get the most out of them. This he hasn’t done. And some of it is that I don’t think he’s that take charge type leader. There are different types of leaders personality wise, the Bradys the Mannings (both), the Rodgerses, etc…but one thing they all have in common is they make their teammates better on the field. It doesn’t always happen right away (ie with Eli) but it always happens eventually with someone who is a true leader.

  7. I watched the espn 30:30 on wayne gretzy.. He won 4 stanley cups with edmonton. When he got traded to L.A. he said he tried to do too much himself because the players around him weren’t as good as they were in Edmonton. he won 0 stanley cups in L.A. You have to utilize what is around you, even if all the right pieces aren’t there yet, to win games.

    MJ is correct

  8. to red and gold man- cam can’t “read defenses” ? you are hilarious dude.

    you think you know something because colin cowherd said he is overrated?

    cam’s 1st NFL TD pass came on a play where he went to the line, read blitz, called an audible and hit Smitty for a 70 yard score. jaworski was singing his praises for his ability to read the defense and make a good adjustment

    just because the panthers are 1-6 doesn’t mean cam forgot how to play

  9. It all seems so clear now, the Mon-stars came and took Cam’s ability. He looks like Shawn Bradley out there.

  10. The first piece of advice should have been, “Don’t flip the bill of your cap up in public. You’re a 23 yr old millionaire. Not a 12 yr old skateboarder”.

  11. First off, since when is a five story building considered a high rise? Personally I think he s taking advice from his other neighbor Boris Diaw about how to get run out of town.

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