NFL may regret going forward with Steelers-Giants on Sunday

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Immediately after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York/New Jersey area, members of PFT Planet who live in that particular area of the globe raised concerns about proceeding with Sundays’ Steelers-Giants game at MetLife Stadium.

The NFL has been steadfast in its position that the game will go forward on Sunday, as scheduled.

But should it?  With the Steelers having to travel to New York on game day because their hotel doesn’t have power and no other accommodations could be secured, the Steelers are at a competitive disadvantage, albeit as former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy told PFT last night not a major one.

What about the folks who paid for tickets who don’t have power or who otherwise have more significant concerns right now than spending all day at MetLife Stadium?  Or the folks who can’t get to the game because they have no gas and no way to get any?

Dan Patrick has suggested moving the game to Monday night, which could help locally.  But league logistics make it very hard to move the game to a new time slot.  For starters, CBS won’t want to lose its doubleheader game, especially since there’s no other game scheduled for 4:25 p.m. ET.

The best solution could have been moving the game to Pittsburgh.  Heinz Field would sell out instantly for the Giants “home” game, and folks in New York wouldn’t have to make the difficult choice between not getting value for the money spent on tickets and further inconveniencing themselves by trying to get to the game.

Sure, it would be unfair to the Giants to lose a home game.  But the Giants picked up an extra home game in 2005, when the Saints couldn’t host New York after Hurricane Katrina.

There’s no clear right answer to this one, but it’s hard not to think that playing the game in New Jersey as scheduled is the wrong answer.  What do you think?

As if you need an engraved invitation to share your views.

85 responses to “NFL may regret going forward with Steelers-Giants on Sunday

  1. If they’re really really really want to keep the game in East Rutherford, then move it to at least a Tuesday like they did the PHI/MIN game back in 2010 due to the last storm that hit.

  2. The best option is to allow each individual fan to make their choice. Offer a full refund for unused tickets, a raincheck for a future game, or some other compensation.

  3. The man power needed in terms of security and all of the other personnel involved with a football game would be much better served helping people whose lives have been destroyed.

    Move the game to a location where the man power and resources aren’t truly a matter of life and death.

  4. by the way, it is a whopping 1 hour flight to NY from Pittsburgh dude…and in a private jet. the game is at 4:15.

    this is a non-issue.

  5. Moving the game to Pittsburgh is defnitely crazy but I have no doubt if the situation was reversed and it was Pittsburgh that was hit by a hurricane the NFL would move the game to New York in a snap. Just like they did with the New Oreans game…the one extra home game they won which was coincidentally the one extra win they needed to get in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

  6. The best solution was to have figured out the best solution sooner, now it’s too late!

    Also an additional solution is to develop contingency strategies for situations like this and others, and to have a great solution and plan figured out in advance. They should start working on those before new future problems arise.

    Really they just need a solid commissioner that can address any and all league matters and the NFL is often unprepared and confused as to what problems they even have let alone the best way to manage problems. This is a fallout issue from a global set of concerns that the league has with themselves.

  7. They moved the Saints/Giants game after Katrina because the Superdome was destroyed.

    And moving it to Monday night would be an even bigger logistical nightmare considering it would add to the traffic mess that has occurred between NJ and NYC with only the Lincoln Tunnel open. Playing a game on a night when millions of people would be trying to get home from work would be a catastrophe.

    I’d argue that Sunday is the best time to play the game at Giants Stadium. Yes, there will be people who can’t attend, but moving the game to Pittsburgh means that NOBODY from this area with tickets will be able to.

  8. Your concern is valid that people don’t have gas to get to the game but I don’t think the 1 day gained by moving it to Monday instead of Sunday would make much of a difference for those people. You also can’t compare the Giants of this season to the Saints of 2005 since the Giants are a playoff contender whereas the Saints were going nowhere in 2005. As far as CBS goes, I’m sure they could move one of the early games to 4:25 to make up for the loss of the Giants game if it was moved to Monday.

    Don’t underestimate New Yorkers, they are a tough bunch. Those that can, will get to the game and have a few hours to forget about their problems.

  9. How about not having the game at all out of respect for the citizens dumpster diving, without power and water who are still trying to piece their life together?

    It’s already bad enough that Mayor Bloomberg is spending police resources on setting up cops at certain checkpoints around the city because he wants to still do the NYC Marathon.

    Or how about Bloomberg using the few generators the city has left to power up clocks for the marathon while people are still trapped in high rises without power, and there’s no gasoline for miles and cars are out of gas everywhere.

    But NY/ NJ should still be worried about a football game?


  10. Play the game in NJ – DONE – if you cant get there – you will receive a refund. – Problem solved – In fact, play it in front of no fans and refund everyone – The NFL can afford it, and it would be great for ratings.

  11. So a major reason the NFL won’t move the game to Monday night (which won’t be much of a help to people in NJ) is because “CBS won’t want to lose its doubleheader game, especially since there’s no other game scheduled for 4:25 p.m. ET.”

    So pander to the billion $ corporation and not the people who need help in NJ. Honestly, the only one who’s gonna get screwed here are the Giants & the NFL with bad PR & an empty stadium on tv.

    The NFL knows first hand how bad the situation is here in the Northeast. They should be organizing the teams to reach out & help the people after they’ve gotten their own families situated.

  12. “going forward ” has got to be one of the most annoying sayings , its up there with “just saying” , “not so much” , “really” and “seriously”. But not as bad as wearing cheese on your head.

  13. ilifadeili says:
    Nov 2, 2012 11:20 AM

    Get your facts straight. The Saints/Giants game you’re referring to was in 2005, the Giants won the Super Bowl after the 2007 season.

  14. “The man power needed in terms of security and all of the other personnel involved with a football game would be much better served helping people whose lives have been destroyed.”

    You are correct. However, I’m pretty sure you could say that about every NFL game.

    Imagine if on ‘any given sunday’, all the people that spent their time and money going to an NFL game instead spent their time and money helping others in their community.

    But, I’m guessing that ain’t gonna happen. I’d do it, but I have to set my fantasy football lineup.

  15. Anyone who thinks this game should be played in New Jersey on Sunday is obviously not here. This place is like war zone. There are millions of people here with no power, no fresh food, no gas for their cars. Trees are still hanging on power lines. People are stranded in their homes.

    Every police officer or other government employee of any type who will be involved in the playing of this game in New Jersey are badly needed elsewhere. BADLY.

    It’s bad enough that the mayor of New York is tying up resources and hundreds if not thousands of hotel rooms that could otherwise be used to house people who’ve lost everything.

    What is wrong with people? THIS IS A SPORTS EVENT! It’s not going to take anyone’s mind off of anything. All it will accomplish is a diversion of resources that will ensure that a human being that is suffering will suffer just a little bit more for a little bit longer.


  16. Keep in mind that the public transit system is pretty much non-existent in the NJ/NY area. That would mean that all those tailgaters will be on the roads around 8pm after a long drinking day since public transit won’t be an option. I’m not saying some wouldn’t be there anyway, but there would be an increase given the lack of alternatives.

  17. If anything….move it to N.E. They are on a bye and that region has ample NYG fans in Connecticut that would love to be able to go to a Giants’ game.

  18. There is absolutely no way the league would cause the Giants to lose a home game. That might cause Goodell to lose his place in the Mara’s pocket.

  19. so NYers claim they’re “resilient” why are they whining about this 5 days after the storm??
    Steelers are the ones being resilient

  20. I live 10 min from the stadium and have tickets and no power. We NEED this game. Resources are not being stripped, we don’t need emergency workers anymore. we need utility workers restoring power and construction workers to start rebuilding… this is going to take months, u want to cancel every home game? BC things aren’t gonna be much better in a few weeks

  21. Let’s debunk some myths here. They moved the Saints games for Katrina so let’s move the Giants. The Superdome was destroyed Metlife Stadium is fully operational and functional and can hold a football game. The Port Authority of NY/NJ will be running buses to the stadium as normal. And postponing the game for Monday night would be so much better. Try getting out of the city during the week and now that the Lincoln Tunnel is the only viable route it is murder. Bergen County has blue laws on Sundays making driving much easier. Gov. Christie also asked Goodell to leave the game where it is. Leaving the game where it is on such short notice is the best option.

  22. Playing in Pitt would be total payback for the Giants getting an idiotic extra home game in 2005, when the Saints and Giants could have played in ten places (Baton Rouge, Houston, etc. etc.) fairer to the Saints other than the Meadowlands after Katrina.

    This would go down as a “Pete Rozelle regrets playing the weekend after the Kennedy Assassination” moment for Goodell, except that Goodell has already made so many stupid mistakes, this is just be the latest in a long list.

  23. Life goes on. Here in Florida, we have had our share of storm of the century.
    Those suffering often need a break in the mess of the storm. Play the game.

  24. As a long time Giant fan(56 years) I love watching them play.I have for some time moved away from the tri state region,so the local catastrophy is not personal issue(but obviously a humanistic one) I would definately, miss watching my Giants on Sunday,but this game SHOULD BE POSTPONED OR MOVED TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION.

    I don’t care if it’s Albany or Syracuse or Philly or Pittsburgh.Playing in the midst of rubble and disaster is ridiculously,insensitive.

    The NFL made a mistake playing any games after the Kennedy assasination and were sorry for it later and forever.This would be a similar mistake.

  25. If the Saints could go to the Giants for a home game, then the Giants can go to Pittsburgh for a home game.

  26. It’s not exactly unprecented to move a game to another city, or to another day. In addition to the Saints-Giants game, the Vikings were rescheduled twice in 2010. First the collapse of the Metrodome due to snow moved a home game to Detroit (against the Giants). Then a Sunday night game in Philadelphia was rescheduled for Tuesday due to a blizzard. Sure seems like this situation isn’t much different from either of those. The precedence has already been set.

  27. the way i see it is its a MNF double header or keep it the way it is.. that being bec if u move it to pittsburgh u risk alienating the NY/NJ (kills me putting NJ next to NY) fans who did lose everything and still found a way to make it to take their minds off everything for 4 hours..pretty much they lose everything on top of that the only thing they look forward to this weekend moves to another win in moving to pittsburgh what so ever

  28. As a Steelers fan, sure I’d prefer they moved the game to Pittsburgh. But frankly, I doubt the Steelers will be anymore inconvenienced than Giants players living in that area. These are professional athletes. I expect them all to suck it up and do their jobs just like all Americans have to do when disasters strike.

  29. ilifadeili says: Nov 2, 2012 11:20 AM

    Moving the game to Pittsburgh is defnitely crazy but I have no doubt if the situation was reversed and it was Pittsburgh that was hit by a hurricane the NFL would move the game to New York in a snap. Just like they did with the New Oreans game…the one extra home game they won which was coincidentally the one extra win they needed to get in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

    You should get a job with a political campaign, with your uncanny ability to write something that is utterly untrue for public consumption, without an ounce of concern for making sure it was true first. The “extra home game” was played in 2005. The Giants won the Super Bowl after the 2007 season.

  30. It’s easy to point out folly here, as every outcome now on the table has hurricane-induced drawbacks, but the headline to this article is pretty accurate, in that the NFL very well may regret moving forward with this game on Sunday in NYG.

    Not sure this take is the best, and it certainly does carry its own drawbacks — but moving the game to a relatively nearby western-situated big city (e.g., Philly) might allow the Giants to retain the lion’s share of HFA, plus have a potent positive impact on many of the logistical issues.

    If any of you guys have seen how bad it is in NYC and NJ, it’s brutal. There is still so much ongoing fallout from this megastorm.

    Then, again – Philly and some other regions might be just as bad. So I’m not even sure this concept is the best, but they’re all going to have their share of negatives. Right now, we’re pre-determined to being in the position of trying to choose the lesser of all evils. We can thank Sandy for that.

  31. I don’t think the game should be moved to Pittsburgh. But we all know that if the tables were turned, the NFL would have no problem moving this to MetLife. Anything to help out Goddell’s lap dog Mara.

    And this is coming from someone who hates the Steelers.

  32. in this day and age, you can make excuse on anything… i.e. no power, lack of accommodation, blah, blah, blah…
    So you’re at a competitive disadvantage if you don’t have A/C, cold milk, cold water, phone calls, ice bath, what else?
    Really? You either have it or you don’t… just play the game!

  33. 1. The stadium was not impacted by the storm – as opposed to the roof of the superdome being damaged – so there isn’t the same reasoning to move the game as there was in New Orleans (or in Minnesota for that fact).

    2. I live in one of the areas that was deeplly impacted by the storm. I can’t wait to go to the game as an escape for this past week.

    Locals are not concerned about the game – i love how it is people based in other areas that are so concerned about it.

  34. This game should be moved to PITT – no worries though – they could paint the endzone to say Giants and make it a “home game” for the Giants… surely no Giants fans would have an issue with this approach.

  35. Find a nuetral site and give Giants ticket holders first opportunity for seats, then Pitt. fans, then anyone else who would like to see the game.
    No, it isn’t ideal but what they are doing isn’t really workable either.

  36. OF course Goodell wont let NYG lose a home game. ITs where he lives. If this was the other way aroung the game would have been moved to NY as in the past with NO. Hes a joke.

  37. Move it to Pittsburgh. Minnesota had to play a game in Detroit after the roof collapsed. What’s the big deal? The marathon should have been postponed too. I don’t know what they’re thinking!

  38. packerhater says:
    Nov 2, 2012 11:36 AM

    “going forward ” has got to be one of the most annoying sayings , its up there with “just saying” , “not so much” , “really” and “seriously”. But not as bad as wearing cheese on your head.


    I agree with you on the “just saying”. Anytime I see that, I automatically hit the thumbs down.

    As far as wearing cheese on your head, here’s something bear or viking fans may not have realized – it’s not real cheese. It’s just a piece of foam.

    As far as the game – if there’s any way it can be played as scheduled, then that’s what they should do. Those who need the distraction would welcome it, and those who have more important things to worry about wouldn’t even miss it.

  39. otrd13-

    Glad to hear you don’t need any emergency service anymore. Get in your car and come a couple hours south and tell me what you see.

  40. Same-day travel is a huge disadvantage for the Steelers. I think it would be a blow to the concept of competitive balance between two of the NFL’s most prolific franchises. I also believe that, at the minimum, the NFL should have tried the double-header for Monday Night, perhaps alternate accomadations could have been made.

  41. Play the game in Baltimore. The Ravens will be in Cleveland and it’ll be an away game for the Steelers and effectively a home game for the Giants, given how the Baltimore area will respond to an opportunity to root against the Steelers.

  42. As someone from New Orleans, we would have given almost anything to feel normal and have our Saints play at home immediately following Katrina. I know it was impossible for it to happen given the wide-spread destruction. However, since NY/NJ can still feasibly host the game, I think their fans would prefer to have it at home and played at it’s regularly scheduled time.

  43. Aren’t Steeler opponents at a disadvantage all the time? Between fake injuries and referee assistance, teams don’t stand a chance

  44. Play It in London! Oh By the Way….Does Anyone Know What Year the “Extra Home Game Was Played?”

  45. I know for a fact that many of us who are Giants ticket holders are looking forward to Sunday afternoon.

    I lost part of my roof was with out power for 4 days.

    One bright spot is going to the game on Sunday it will be a return to normal and escape from the madness.

    The trip from Pitt to metlife is shorter then the bus ride to Philly that the Giants make each year.

    Unlike the issues with the metrodome and the Saints game the Giants have a place to play.

    The folks who work at the staduim are getting a paycheck cancel the game and the workers get screwed out of a days pay.

    Fans with out power can go get something to eat and have some fun for a few hours.

    I will bet the fans will be there cheering the world champions

    If the NFL did anything but play Giants fans would not be happy at all

  46. justintuckrule says:Nov 2, 2012 11:53 AM

    If anything….move it to N.E. They are on a bye and that region has ample NYG fans in Connecticut that would love to be able to go to a Giants’ game.
    Actually, that’s not a half-bad idea.

    Foxboro is a two hour drive to NYC; any fans who have the resources to drive to the Meadowlands can just as easily drive there, and there are a TON of Gints fans in the area, might even seem like a ‘real” home game for the Gints.

    Even Pat’s fans would probably sell the place out if only to see either the Gints or the squealers get beat (one of them has to lose, right?).

  47. I live in Oklahoma and we face devastating storms every spring. A football game, a basketball game or any other form of entertainment is not going to take your mind off of what just happened or help you put your life back together. This game should be postponed.

  48. The game should be moved and the ticket holders refunded. The NFL shouldn’t behave as stupidly as the Nanny mayor of NYC, who by permitting a marathon to be run this weekend as proven beyond doubt that he is an imbecile.

  49. So it’s okay for the giants to be at an unfair disadvantage but the steelers? What happened to the saints 7 years ago is irrelevant to what is happening with the giants now.

  50. As people have said, there is precedence to moving the game to another stadium.

    You have the Saints going to the Giants after hurricane Katrina. You had Minnesota in 2010 playing on Monday night in Detroit right after the stadium collapse and on Tuesday night against Philly.

    But, the most on point occurrence, was in 2003 when the San Diego/Miami Dolphins Monday night game was moved from San Diego to Sun Devil Stadium because of fires near San Diego and Qualcomm was being used as a evacuation point.

    Don’t think for a second if the shoe was on the other foot and Pittsburgh was a mess that the game would have been moved to MetLife stadium.

  51. At this point there is no 100% right answer.

    Whether the game is played at 4:25, moved to Monday, or moved to Pittsburgh there will be a segment of fans affected by the situation, or by the arrangements made.

    Moving it to Monday would likely mean that fans in another city are affected as well when CBS moves game x to 4:25.

    Sure there are some in and around NY/NJ that won’t be able to attend due to new circumstances that have crossed their face and that is unfortunate and I feel for them. But what % of the 80 some odd thousand will that prevent from going. Moving the game to Pittsburgh would affect 95% of that 80k.

    Again, there is no perfect answer. This world isn’t perfect which is evidenced by events such as Sandy.

  52. ya because moving the game to Pittsburgh wouldn’t provide an advantage to the Steelers.. play the game where its supposed to be played and move on…

  53. Play it in New Jersey.

    The Gints could be affected by the distractions this week..the Steelers by having to fly-in on gameday.

    The fans who can make it will be treated to a matchup of QB’s that have won 4 out of the past 7 SB’s.

    The fans who can’t attend have bigger worries than the lost opportunity to see this game.

  54. Game should be moved, Philly or DC would work.

    The police that will be at the game should be helping people who really need it.

    Power at Met Life Stadium but not the hotels, businesses, and homes next to it? Glad we have our priorities straight.

  55. It’s a Giants home game and the stadium is game-worthy, play it there. The folks who can make it to the game will truly appreciate it.

  56. The people of NY/NJ have spoken through their comments here and approve of the game being played at MetLife. A move to Pitt would be unfair and a relocation to Gillette would require much pre- planning for which there is no time. The issue which seems to bother the citizens most affected is the running of the Marathon. I can only hope things improve for everyone in the area who have suffered so much.

  57. “Steelers are at a competitive disadvantage”

    All road teams in all games are at a competitive disadvantage.

    By your logic there wouldn’t be any games played ever.

  58. The real mistake was moving the Saints-Giants game in 2005 to New York, when it could just as easily been played somewhere far from Katrina’s destruction but still not in NY, such as Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Dallas, or Houston. The league learned from that fiasco and moved the Vikings game to Detroit after the Metrodome roof failed.

    What I find disturbing is the kneejerk “we’re going to play at MetLife” reaction when it’s the Giants who face losing a precious home game.

    I’m not saying move the game to Pittsburgh, even though I’m a Pittsburgh fan. Move it to some location where the teams can prepare somewhat normally but still play in front of a decently full stadium–New England, Philly, Washington, Baltimore (my preference, since the Steelers are used to the hostile crowd full of Ravens fans they’d face).

  59. cliverush says: Nov 2, 2012 3:02 PM

    The people of NY/NJ have spoken through their comments here and approve of the game being played at MetLife. A move to Pitt would be unfair and a relocation to Gillette would require much pre- planning for which there is no time. The issue which seems to bother the citizens most affected is the running of the Marathon. I can only hope things improve for everyone in the area who have suffered so much.

    None of us wants the marathon. No one cares — other than the runners and their friends and family — it’s getting in the way of everything that the restorers are trying to do. Those of us who need to get downtown to help family and friends, CAN’T because everything is blocked off below 42nd St., and then on the east side, for these runners. They waste tons of water, WHEN PEOPLE IN JERSEY DON’T HAVE FRESH WATER TO DRINK OR WASH UP WITH!

  60. Game should be played in MetLife as long as it is possible to do so. If it was not possible than the other options should be examined. As we have found out, Metlife can have a game so why should they not. The reason they could not play the game in Katrina was because they had people living in the stadium in New Orleans. If MetLife was unavailable the game should be played anywhere but Hines Field. This game is super important for both teams and it would give way to much advantage in the Steelers hands if they get the home game.

    Like I said, if the game can be played @ Metlife Stadium than it should be. That is why we will see a game this weekend. Think about all the people who are having issues in NY/NJ. This will be a way for a few hours for them to forget about the problems exist and enjoy football sunday.

    So the Steelers have to take a bus ride to the game. Cry me a river, there many other issues going on with people that taking a bus for a few hours is not the end of the world. Its not like they will be taking a school bus to the stadium.

  61. mt99808 says: Nov 2, 2012 11:30 AM

    Why not just move the game to Philadelphia? While it’s in PA it’s closer to NY than Pitt.

    Because that area was hit just as hard… ?

  62. Steeley McBeam says: Nov 2, 2012 11:49 AM

    This is perfect for Coughlin. Gives him an airtight excuse for losing Sunday against the Stillers.

    Except for the fact that it won’t happen. The guy with the Tomlin comment had it right before. Leave well enough alone.

  63. Moving the game to Pittsburgh would be a huge advantage for the Steelers. And the reason is simple: The Steelers are a far better home team than they are a road team. Although, a case could be made that the Giants are better away than they are at home…
    It’s six of one and a half-dozen of another.
    Keep it as is!!!

  64. This seems like a NO BRAINER! There is a precedent, and NY was even involved in the precedent. Move the game to Pgh, end of story.

  65. To those that have been hit hard by this storm I hope you are able to get your lives back on track and that your hardship does not worsen. I live in the Philadelphia area, and while we got battered and bruised we did not get the punch to the face like NY or the club upside the head that north and Shore Jersey did.

    I hope that the NFL did not move this game for the sake of someones pockets, either CBS’s or Mara’s as that would be a huge disservice to untold numbers whose lives where turned upside down and the nearly hundred people who lost their lives in the NE US.

    While there are similarities to Katrina and Sandy there is a big difference between Met Life and the Superdome. The Superdome was being used as an evacuation zone and was hosing thousands of people. Now the NFL moving the game to NY was a mistake as it should have been played somewhere else. The suggestions of moving this game to either NE or Philly are not bad ones and are definitely plausible.

    Lets just hope the NFL isn’t making a mistake on this.

  66. I have no skin in this game but I am a huge NFL fan and have been for 40 years so I know how much joy the game brings fans and the cummities. I am very sorry for all of the damage and suffering the people of the northeast are going through. I think that many of the folks who have commented are really missing the crux of this issue. As long as a great majority of fans are unable to attend the game due to the dire circumstances which are affecting Giants fans AS WELL AS NON-FANS, the game should be postponed or re-located. What kind of message are the Giants, the NFL and CBS sending? No matter what anyone officially says, the game will divert resources that could otherwise be used to assist people that appear to be in real need of help. I feel the same about the NYC marathon. Are these events really so important that they should be held within site of folks who do not have food, water, power or shelter? I know these events are an economic boon, but there is a time and place for everything…

  67. I have no problem with the game going on. I am from Jersey originally. I am terribly saddened by the tragedy. That being said, the game would be a welcomed distraction for fans. I have no objections.

  68. @justintuckrule

    I agree that would be an ideal solution. Empty stadium and lots of Giants fans.

    I am not sure why my last comment was deleted on this subject. If one of the mods would let me know it would be appreciated. I know that it was not offensive to anyone or any team.

  69. What are the people who paid for tickets, but have bigger things to worry about? Give me a break. Based on the HUGE lines at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue of people waiting for the iPad Mini – and that it sold out in less than 20 minutes, I can guarantee – MetLife Stadium will be full. Life goes on.

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