NFL will not announce DeAngelo Hall discipline today

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The NFL has not yet determined the discipline that Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall will face for an incident with an official on Sunday.

A league source tells PFT that there will not be any news on discipline for Hall today.

Hall is expected to be fined but not suspended for the incident, in which he berated an official for not throwing a flag on Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders after what Hall viewed as a cheap shot from Sanders.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in an interview this week that the way Hall conducted himself wasn’t appropriate, but he didn’t address the discipline Hall may face. Hall has said he believes the official was just as much at fault for their on-field argument, and he wants to talk to Goodell to give his side of the story. The fact that the NFL isn’t ready to discipline Hall yet suggests that the league office plans to give Hall the opportunity to state his case before making any determination on his punishment.

13 responses to “NFL will not announce DeAngelo Hall discipline today

  1. John Mara has decided that the appropriate punishment is to strip the team of its number two overall pick last year and award whatever player they selected with that pick to whichever team happens to be playing the Steelers this week. Hey, if it’s all random it’s fair, right?

  2. I still think it looks like cheap shot BY Hall as he bum rushes the WR. The WR did throw him to the ground, but if you’re going to start something you better be ready to finish it…and not cry like a baby when your butt gets handed to you.

    Hall picked a fight, lost, and then went and cried to the grown up who wouldn’t hear any of it.

  3. Fine the guy, but also let the fans know what the Ref did aswell and if he will be punished. Heck, if he was jawing back and forth with Hall, maybe the Ref should get the same punishment.

  4. Not excusing HIS part in this but….

    DeAngelo has said all along, the official was jawing, and giving it right back to him. Goodell doesn’t want to deal with THAT part of it, but the picture posted
    sure seems to back him up here.

  5. Roger is really taking his job as Commish of an entertainment sports league way too serious, he is treating it like a dictator- and nobody actually cares who the Commish of this league is, fans just care about wins and losses along with fair play.

    The refs are there to officiate not be apart of the game, these guys are not untouchable police officers, they can’t treat the players with disrespect, treat them as professionals aswell.

    The Roger era has gone on way too long, the NFL needs a Commish who doesn’t want to be the face of the league.

  6. In keeping with the Mara theme…the League will announce Sunday morning at noon EST that Hall sucks and that suspending him would be a “competitive advantage” in favor of the Redskins.

    Instead, Ryan Kerrigan and Robert Griffin will be suspended for the Panthers game. Additionally, Halll must be retained by Washington next season and must start every game.

  7. seanatch says: Nov 2, 2012 6:25 PM

    Too many articles about this. You guys can’t find more interesting things?
    find something better to do than complain about how bored you are and that you have to read the same things over and over again…… your problem.

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