Report: Steelers losing optimism about David DeCastro return this season


When rookie guard David DeCastro tore his MCL and suffered other damage to his right knee in the preseason, there were plenty of people who assumed that it meant the start of his NFL career would be delayed a year.

The Steelers were not part of that group and they placed DeCastro on injured reserve with the designation to return later in the season because they thought he’d be able to help them before the year was out. Eight weeks have passed, which means DeCastro is eligible to play. He hasn’t been able to start practicing, though, and the chances of his getting on the field this year aren’t looking quite as good as the Steelers might have hoped.

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that no one expects to see DeCastro on the field any time soon and that the team has started losing optimism about his ability to make it back at all. He’s working out in a pool and doing a lot of mental work to stay as sharp as possible, but time is running short for the rookie to get back before the year is out.

The Steelers line has done a good job protecting Ben Roethlisberger thus far and the running game has come to life in the last couple of weeks. Whether or not that’s because they are guilty of holding defenders, as Giants defensive end Justin Tuck would have you believe, it has lessened some of the urgency to get DeCastro back.


6 responses to “Report: Steelers losing optimism about David DeCastro return this season

  1. Let the knee heal completely and get him ready for next year. Bad break; however, it’s next man up!

    The line in place has gelled well and Ben is getting rid of the ball in rhythm most of the time. It’s nice to see him upright on the majority of plays for a change.


  2. That stinks for David, the good news is that they’ll have basically 2 first round picks starting next year!

  3. Losing optimisim for a return? How about losing optimisim that he can actually play football. Steve Hutchinson reincarnated, hah! That’s a joke. Steelers will be a .500 team again after this week. Enjoy, cheers!

  4. Not surprising, but Mark Kaboly has to be the most pessismistic beat writer of any NFL team. He claimed the season over after the loss to the Titans, that Mike Adams was a bust and that Harrison wouldnt see the field this year and would be cut before next. He needs to let the Steelers do their job and report the news as it comes.

  5. Ravenator, you didn’t get in to spew your hate until the 3rd comment. Slow! You’re off your game.

    You sure do love reading news about the Steelers, though. They appreciate your attention.

  6. After the Steelers pound his Ravens twice this season and win the AFCN, he won’t show up on Steeler story posts anymore. At least his public library apparently still has power.

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