Rivers, Chargers stick up for their coach after win

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With head coach Norv Turner’s job security becoming an increasing question mark following three straight losses, the San Diego Chargers helped table any immediate concerns over Turner’s fate with a 31-13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night.

Quarterback Philip Rivers and linebacker Jarret Johnson each played key roles as the Chargers scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to pull away from the hapless Chiefs. Rivers completed 18 of 20 passes for 220 yards with a pair of touchdown throws to Antonio Gates and Malcolm Floyd. Johnson sacked Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel in the endzone and forced a fumble that was recovered by Shaun Phillips for a touchdown.

Rivers and Johnson were among the first to come to the defense of their coach.

“I think we want to win for him every week. We really do,” Rivers said. “You play for a lot of things, some more obvious than others, but we play for our coach.”

Rivers said the blame for their losing streak can’t solely be placed on the shoulders of their coach. The players are just as responsible for the mistakes that led to losses on the road at New Orleans and Cleveland and blowing a 24-0 halftime lead at home against the Denver Broncos.

“In many of these cases [Turner] could have definitely pointed it to us because — I know it, we all know it — we’ve made some terrible plays that cost us some of these games. It had nothing to do with a coaching decision or a coach. He’s had every chance to do that and he doesn’t do it. The guys appreciate that and we know that,” Rivers said.

Johnson shared the sentiment saying that with Turner more than willing to stand behind them, the players aren’t going to bail on him.

“He deserves better than what we’ve given him these last three weeks,” linebacker Jarret Johnson told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “We’re going to stand behind him. We’re going to win games for us as a team. We’re going to win games for Norv.

As rocky as the road has been, the Chargers are back to .500 at 4-4 and find themselves just a game back of the division-leading Broncos. San Diego is 3-1 against the AFC West and is still very much in the hunt for the division title. With the support of his players and the playoffs still within reach, Turner seems to have at least bought himself some more time to pace the Chargers’ sidelines.

26 responses to “Rivers, Chargers stick up for their coach after win

  1. good to see the players saying the right things

    the players have always failed thier coaches when it comes to san diego as a franchise (at least since the afl days)

    hopefully they can turn it around, but it doesn’t look like they have the talent they used to have to even hang around playoff contender status

  2. So what if the players love their coach?

    Remember, the Cowboys players loved Wade Phillips and he only won 1 playoff game and had 1 win in the first 8 games of 2010.

    Hate to say this, but Jerry Jones is a smarter owner than Spanos.

  3. Last night was a no win situation for Charger fans and a no lose situation for fans of the Raiders and Bronco’s. 🙂

    Norv stays!

  4. If AJ told them every week that Norv’s job was on the line they would never lose again. Seems to be the only time these guys ever play a whole 60 minutes.

  5. If the window is closing in Dallas, the window has been closed, sealed and boarded up in San Diego for years.

  6. Doesn’t matter what the players say or do!!!!

    Point blank! The Chargers are a mess!

    I don’t see Norv being the coach at the end of the season. Marty Schottenheimer had the Chargers winning, he just could not win in the playoffs.

    Norv Turner can barely get the Chargers in the playoffs.

  7. If they played the Chiefs another 6 times this season, they might have a chance at the playoffs. As it is the chargers offense only scored 17 pts. The chiefs are extremely lucky to have even the 1 win they have.

  8. Of course they’re going to stick-up for Nerf. Wouldn’t you? The players aren’t dumb–they realize that once Nerf’s gone they’re likely to get a new coach who will make them much more accountable and instill a lot more discipline (which is exactly what this team needs).

  9. Some people miss the point.. If the players don’t have the coaches back, then there is no reason to keep the coach. Norv may have his many flaws, but he still has the players fighting for him and with no clear replacement ready (Don’t forget they need an offensive coordinator too since Norv calls the plays) it wouldn’t make sense just to get rid of him now in the middle of the season.

  10. As much as I believe that Norv needs to go Mayock and Nessler made a good point about who would call the plays on offense. Most people can agree he is a decent OC

  11. This is exactly how it went in Washington for years when Norval was HC. Just when it would look like his time was up the team would win a big game or two and the agony would be extended again.

    The Chargers’ FO needs to look at history a little closer, and realize that they are not going to win championships with the current regime.

  12. Of course the players are going to stick up for their current coach. Rivers draws his paycheck from the organization that hired that coach.

    The season ticket holders are the ones that want Norv and AJ gone. They made that claim years ago and are constantly ignored.

    Who should Spanos really be listening to? Rivers or the fans who fill the seats? And by fill the seats, that includes the ones who stopped filling the seats because they are being ignored.

  13. Who’s decision was it to trade Jackson and Sproils anyway ? Management or the coaching staff ? That’s where the accountability lies although i am not a Norv Turner fan, known him since our USC days………….

  14. As a Pats fan, I used to fear the Chargers when Marty was there. They came into Gillette one Sunday and absolutely pasted the Pats. With Norvelous there, I only pity and laugh at them. You know, like the rest of the league.

  15. people have a weird way of remembering

    marty didn’t even have as good a w/l record as norv did in sd

    marty didn’t make the playoffs every year in sd like people pretend he did

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