Tyron Smith’s lawyer says more than $1 million is missing


Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith had to call the police in response to the aggressive efforts of his family members to get money from him.  Apparently, they had some success in that regard before Smith put a stop to it.

According to Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News, Smith’s lawyer claims that the player is missing more than $1 million.

“I’m not certain of the amount of money that’s gone,” attorney John Schorsch said.  “I would suggest to you that the numbers are in the seven digits that need to be accounted for.  I don’t know how much of that, if any, is a legitimate gift and how much of that is squeezed out of him or how much of that is flat out taken.  And I know of the latter two categories it’s a bunch.

“I’m going to make sure all the money is justified and it’s not going to be pretty.”

Smith’s mother denies taking anything that wasn’t given to her.  “I don’t know anything about any missing money,” Frankie Pinkney told George.  “The money that we did receive from Tyron was all accounted for and everything is in writing, and he’s authorized all of it.”

Pinkney also told George that two of Smith’s stepsisters, Tiari Dennis and Brittany Pinkney, were among those who showed up at Smith’s home on Saturday and Tuesday looking for money, prompting Smith to eventually call police.

Frankie Pinkney claims that no one has been harassing Smith for money, and that the problems arose because Smith’s girlfriend wouldn’t let the stepsisters in the house.

“They had not seen nor talked to him in months due to a family disagreement, which by the way, was not about finances,” Pinkney said.  “The family disagreement was about his girlfriend, who is five years older than Tyron, who is a big part of the confusion in our family right now. . . .

“Leigh [Costa, Smith’s girlfriend], reported that my daughters were threatening her and they were demanding money. My daughters did not make any threats.”

Leigh Costa denies the denial.  “Nothing she’s saying is factual,” Costa said.  “I didn’t do anything.  I’m a drive-by victim to his family’s chaos.”

Per George, Cowboys security is aware of the situation and has procedures in place to ensure there will be no incidents when Smith is with the team.  Coach Jason Garrett said Thursday that he doesn’t believe the controversy will be a distraction for Smith.

“I think every player and every coach, really around this league, they have different things going on in their lives and you just have to come into work and do your job as best you can,” Garrett said.

Still, it’s a shame that Smith has to deal with whatever issue is causing stress and conflict.  Surely, Smith wouldn’t have called the police on his family members if something wasn’t seriously amiss.  Here’s hoping it all gets worked out quickly, and that if there’s missing money he gets it all back.

53 responses to “Tyron Smith’s lawyer says more than $1 million is missing

  1. Stay strong Tyron. Rise above familial jealousy and build a positive and productive legacy.

  2. There’s very little chance he gets anything back. He’ll just have to chalk it up as a life lesson that when NFL players are told “don’t trust anybody” for some that must extend to their family as well.

  3. That’s sad, is he from from Dallas? If not, did his family follow him? If they did, that’s disturbing, I mean big brother lands a big job out of town and mom and baby sis pack up and literally ride his curtails. Pathetic!!

  4. Since he called the police. I would believe the finance more then the step sisters.

    Just like winning the lottery, family members think that you owe them something

  5. Glad to see this guy isn’t “keeping it real”.

    When you’r a rich guy, always remember what Thorton Melon said in Back To School “Oh, no, no. I never get physical. I just get upset. And when I get upset…HE gets physical.”

  6. the cowboys hire security to protect dez from himself, but wont hire security to protect smith form real danger, except for when he’s with the team.

  7. When there’s this much money at stake, the statement, “which by the way, was not about finances” becomes ludicrous. Families like the one Smith seems to be stuck with always seem to have a sense of entitlement when one hits the jackpot.

    Cowboys security guys have to be tearing out their hair–“Great, we finally get a guy who doesn’t go looking for trouble, and trouble comes looking for him”.

  8. He needs to get with Jerrah and find a nice gated community with staffed security and monitoring. He doesnt need greedy family messing with his life. Glad to see the guy is playing on the road this week and can get away from it all.

  9. I’m glad he called the police and didn’t follow the Talib family problem resolution model.
    Or, closer t0 home, the Dez Bryant model.
    Maybe the first time ever, I feel bad for a Cowboy.
    This may not be the first time for me (I’m old), but I do feel for the kid. Family, Jerry Jones and his posse, “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right”, but he’s probably not laughing. I hope his family backs off (odds are, they won’t), the money is accounted for (odds are, it won’t be), and he can get on with his life and career.

  10. This is why NFLPA is the worst union in the country. Stand up for your members and give them a list of certified NFLPA certified Financial Advisors. Its your duty and responsibility to protect your members on and off the field. If the NFLPA did their job 1000’s of old players wouldn’t be suing the league. They would already be set, and educated how to manage their money.

  11. How about taking your free loading and lazy as and get your own career. Everyone has the potential to make six or seven figures, just because you’re family doesn’t mean you’re entitled to his hard earned money.

  12. You know that’s sad. Frist of all he’s the on that plays football. He’s not responsible to take care of anyone else. and, that includes his mother. The second issue I have is that fact that his mother has a problem with his girl friend. He’s a big boy. Let him live his life the way he wants to. This is one of those times that I side with the player.

  13. The ESPN documentary “Broke” put light on this problem where family milks the pro athlete untill the well runs dry. It didn’t surprise me that family would try to get money but I didn’t realize just how aggressive they could be and how big of a problem it has been.

  14. People can’t pick their family. After reading stories like this, I wish sometimes they could. Entitled degenerates just want part of his success. It sounds like he’s going about this the right way. Hopefully, this ends in a positive way.

  15. Kick them to the curb and tell them if they’re having money issues, vote democrat.


    yeah, do that. That’ll make sicko family members stop trying to leech off their relatives who “make it”. please…..

  16. nflofficeadmin says:

    “It’s embarrassing that they all have different last names.”

    Hey genius, they are all Women. His Mom obviously took the last name of her new Husband, and his daughter would obviously start off with his last name as well. Ever think maybe the third one could be married and taken HER Husband’s name? Because, you know, that’s what Women do when they get married. And I wouldn’t expect Tyron’s girlfriend to have his last name just yet…

  17. Cowboys, please help this kid. Hold back some of his pay in an escrow acct that no one can squeeze out of him so he has money to start his life in his 30’s without going broke.

    Tyron seems like a really good kid, and that’s just what he is, a kid. Please someone help him and protect his livelihood. These guys work so hard to get where they are and jackals are always looking to take the reward from them.

  18. fatguystrangler says:
    Nov 2, 2012 10:33 AM
    People can’t pick their family. After reading stories like this, I wish sometimes they could. Entitled degenerates just want part of his success. It sounds like he’s going about this the right way. Hopefully, this ends in a positive way.
    You can choose them. People don’t owe other people anything, including love, trust and respect simply because they are related to them. Love, trust and respect must be EARNED if they are to mean anything. I have no qualms about distancing myself from unsavory people and saying no regardless of their relation to me. I trust some of my friends more than a lot of my family BECAUSE I chose them. I’m glad this kid has the maturity at his age to do the same.

  19. He needs to look at M. Jacksons family to see what NOT to do. They’re still doing this crap years AFTER his death. It’s sad but he sounds smart enough to push back. Older girl friend will go from a 38c to a 38long and she’ll be gone too. Good luck to him.

  20. thelastpieceofcheese says: Nov 2, 2012 12:34 PM

    This guy signed a a $12.94 million contract last July and is now complaining over a lousy million bucks!

    What a cheapskate!
    That’s BEFORE taxes for one thing. For another, when did you ever give away, lose, or EARN a million?
    Never right? But you’d probably shoot someone over a $10 rock you thought you were entitled to wouldn’t you?

  21. Hey Tyron, its your 1/2 brother Jawanna Pinkney Dennis Smith from your stepmoms side!!!! Gots my money?

  22. This story is becoming weirder and weirder. They weren’t even blood relatives, jsut stepsisters, and, how did they “steal” 1 million dollars? I sure hope he doesn’t have wads of cash lying around. Smith really needs to have a trust where he (or anyone else) can’t touch the bulk money until he’s in his 50s like Allen Iverson does.

    I feel bad for the guy as he’s being sucked dry by those who are supposed to have his back.

  23. His mother and stepsisters sound like grifters, instead of Cinderella this is Cindernflfella. The girlfriend had the best line, “I’m a drive-by victim to his family’s chaos” fairly eloquent, ya think? I think a few years or so away from the mother would be good for the young man. The stepsisters can kick rocks.

  24. Very sad to read about what’s happening with this talented player. No person – whether they’re an athlete or some lucky person who won the lottery – should have to put up with shenanigans from family members like this. I remember reading an article about “friends” and family hitting Calvin Johnson up for money after he was chosen to appear on the Madden cover earlier this year. He said anyone who tried getting money from him were essentially cut off from his life. Sadly, Smith may have to resort to this so his family members can learn how to learn like productive members of society.

  25. thelastpieceofcheese says: Nov 2, 2012 12:34 PM

    This guy signed a a $12.94 million contract last July and is now complaining over a lousy million bucks!

    What a cheapskate!

    Sounds like you’re the free loading type who sit on his mom’s couch all day playing video games while she takes care of you. Doesn’t matter how much money you haver how much is at stake, you’ve earned it and no one has the right to take from you. This has nothing to do with being cheap, its Smith’s choice on who and how much money he wants to give. Don’t judge before you know the facts, these are probably family members who didn’t show their faces until he came into millions.

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