Buddy Nix says Chan Gailey will definitely coach the Bills in 2013

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Chan Gailey is in his third year as coach of the Bills, and the results so far have not been impressive: Gailey went 4-12 in 2010, 6-10 in 2011 and is now 3-4. But according to his boss, his job is not in jeopardy.

Bills General Manager Buddy Nix says there is no chance at all that anyone other than Gailey will coach the Bills in 2013.

He’s got a year – or more,” Nix told the Buffalo News.

Nix says he has heard the talk in Buffalo that Gailey should be out of work if the Bills don’t make the playoffs, but he dismisses that. According to Nix, the Bills have a plan in place and they’re going to see that plan to fruition.

“Yeah, and I hope I can put that to rest,” Nix said when asked about talk that Gailey could be on the hot seat. “The age-old thing – and they’ve done it around here for years – is to start over about every three years. What that does is make damn sure you don’t make it. . . . You change every three years and you never quite get there. That’s my take.”

Nix doesn’t sound quite as sold on defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt, however. Although Nix didn’t explicitly say so, it’s sounding more and more like Wannstedt will be the fall guy in Buffalo because the Bills’ defense has played poorly.

“I think Chan is the best – he’s one of the best offensive coaches in the league,” Nix said. “We’re playing three phases of our team – two of them are playing well, and we have to get the other one up to par.”

A lot can change over the final nine games of the season, but at the moment, Nix is insisting that Gailey will stick around. Even if the Bills are out of the playoffs for the 13th consecutive season.

Of course, if the Bills are out of the playoffs, Nix’s job may not be safe.

37 responses to “Buddy Nix says Chan Gailey will definitely coach the Bills in 2013

  1. Buddy Nix is beginning to talk as much as Rex Ryan. i dont hear of any other GM that loves the mic as much as Buddy

  2. Buddy Nix just punched his ticket outta town with that comment. …along with Chan Gailey.

    I thought Dave Wannstedt was a defensive genius, overmatched as a head coach. After signing Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, it appears he’s lost his mojo as a D-Coordinator also.

  3. Just because he says it, does not make it true.

    How likely do you expect it is that Nix might say “Well, we hope Chan does well this year, but even if he does we are going with a new HC next year, regardless”

    Lame duck coach alert!!

  4. What a joke of an organization. Buffalo has my pity (but not really, lol).

  5. Gailey’s a great coach. Of course he should stick around.

    I wanted the Bills to use the bye week as an opportunity to fire Wannstedt. Trainwreck

  6. This is ridiculous! A coach with a losing record for three straight years on any other team would at least be on the hot seat. I honestly think if you gave our roster to a coach like Mike Tomlin, Kubiak or one of the Harbaugh’s we would at least be in playoff contention. The only problem is Fitz is not a franchise QB. How we havn’t drafted a young QB yet is mind blowing. Fitz is awful.

  7. Gailey’s contract is up after this season. So I suspect an extension coming.

    I recall a couple years ago, Houston fans calling for Kubiak’s head. They kept continuity and look what it’s getting them.

    13 years of not making the playoffs is a result of blowing the team up every 3 years. I agree with Buddy Nix on this. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and getting the same result.

    They still have some holes, but not as many as they did a few years back. QB and LB, and a #2 WR. This can be addressed within 1 year.

  8. nbaraie says:

    I recall a couple years ago, Houston fans calling for Kubiak’s head. They kept continuity and look what it’s getting them.

    Actually, the hiring of Wade Phillips as DC saved Kubiak’s job. That, and the subequent upgrade in defensive personnel (see JJ Watt, Johnathan Joseph and Daniel Manning).

  9. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. They have to change the culture and they tried everything! GM, Uniforms, Logo, Coaches, Big name FA’s.

    It takes time and commitment from everyone involved. From the President all the way down to the training staff.

    Why not bring back the Polians? Time and time again they lay the ground work for a contender.

  10. It’s comments like these that make me feel bad for Bills fans. No fan should have to put up with this much incompetence from someone in that position of authority. For the Bills’ sake, I hope Nix loses his job after this season.

  11. Chan Gailey should find a scapegoat quick to keep his job. Hey, Chan, take my advice: Fire the defensive coordinator would make you keep your job until Black Monday at least.

  12. One year left of the stadium lease, one year left for Chan, and one year left for NFL in Buffalo. Better not happen, but looks more inevitable.

  13. So Buddy wants a franchise quarterback after giving a whopping contract to Fitz. Now he says Chan Gailey is safe. Something tells me Buddy is the one that isn’t safe.

  14. If anybody is keeping track, Dick Jauron had a better overall record at this point during the season than Chan Gailey. How do you still have a job if your not better than Dick FREAKIN JAURON?!

  15. I like the idea of staying the course, but I am not convinced the Bills will every get anywhere with Chan at the helm. The answer is not some big name coach either, I think the Bills need someone young and hungry.

    The biggest problem I have with Chan is his lack of emotion. His lack of personality rivals Bellicheck, but BB has the ability to get his team fired up to play. I’ve seen no emotion out of the 2012 Bills, they are just going through the motions, poorly.

    If we are gonne keep Chan, can we please please please fire Wannstedt? He also seems emotionless on game day and doesn’t have a clue of how to run this D.

  16. Gailey is so highly thought of by Bill Cowher, the former Steelers coach recommended Gailey to the Rooneys as his successor.
    I’d say that’s pretty high praise.
    Give Gailey a chance.

  17. Firing Gailey would be a mistake.
    Get a franchise QB, and all of the rest of the problems will instantly fix themselves.
    Chan needs to buck up and find someone with a brain cell to run the “D”.
    Wanny is a joke..

  18. I’m not ready to give up on Gailey quite yet and neither should the organization. The blame for the losing record doesn’t fall on one person, nor two. The blame wraps itself around every player and coach on the team. From Nix to Gailey and Fitzpatrick to Byrd, everyone deserves a little bit of the blame. Houston is a major player this season, but expect a different Bills team to roll into Texas. We’ll see much more of Spiller and Jackson and less of Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson. On the D, we’ll see much more blitzing and a whole lot more of 1 0n 1 play, no more zone.

  19. Let’s see what happens at the end of the season when the Bills are 5-11. Nix is right that this is the pattern in Buffalo but the pattern which is also the same is crappy 1st year better 2nd year crappy 3rd year. If it was crappy 1st year, crappy 2nd year, better 3rd year things would be different. the only point he does have is the Defense is letting the team down. So I guess if they can turn that around and have them only be in the middle of the pack in the league on D. That should be good enough to get the Bills to .500 and join 20 of the other teams in the league. Next stop Superbowl. Of course they will have to buy tickets but they still can go.

  20. Time out. Nix is right. The offense is playing fine. And this off season he had Meachem and Williams (wr and de both HUGE NEEDS) in and they were able to sign the biggest free agent of the year. Nix and Gailey should be safe. Wanstedt is a HUGE disapointment. He should be fired.

  21. The stupidity here astounds me! The reason why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs is they don’t INVEST their money on scouting, draft prep, GM’s, head coaches or coordinators. They cannot evaluate talent. Look at their roster. There isn’t ANYONE on their roster from THREE YEARS AGO. J.P. Losman, Rob Johnson, McCargo, Maybin, etc. have all been wasted pick and some of them they actually TRADED UP TO GET. They cannot coach up their players either. Chan Gailey has NO BUSINESS being an NFL head coach. He and Wandstadt have been riding the coattails of their Super Bowls years in Dallas for way too long. Here’s a clue, that team was stocked with talent, especially from the Hershel Walker trade. I’m not really a Bills fan ( Go Steelers) but I live in Rochester and I have been hearing the same things for over a decade and a half. These fans deserve a better effort from this team and instead they get routinely fleeced for what little money they have left in this economy. RALPH NEEDS TO DIE and have the team sold to Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Terry Pegula and then you will see how it’s supposed to work. Fire Buddy, Chan, Wandstadt and the entire front office. They should have never been hired in the first place but they fit in the Bills budget. THAT SUCKS!

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