Kluwe quits Pioneer Press over gay marriage issue


Vikings punter Chris Kluwe had been writing a popular online blog for the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  Kluwe has decided to stop.

Via Deadspin, Kluwe has quit writing for the Pioneer Press because of the paper’s editorial against gay marriage, an issue in which Kluwe very strongly believes.

Folks in Minnesota will vote Tuesday on an anti-gay marriage amendment to its Constitution, which will define marriage as a union between a man and a woman only.

While we respect Kluwe’s decision, he could have used his platform with the Pioneer Press to contradict, undermine, and/or twist the tails of the folks who run the paper, forcing them to either take it or to fire him.

However it worked out, it would have been awesome.

UPDATE 8:00 p.m. ET:  A prior version of this article incorrectly stated that Kluwe wrote for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  We apologize for the error.

55 responses to “Kluwe quits Pioneer Press over gay marriage issue

  1. If my work led to profit for a firm that I disagree with, I’d quit too. Why drive traffic to those neanderthals?

  2. Florio, while i admire passion, it seems like you’re trying to make profootballtalk into pro-political-talk

    gay marriage is a political issue. If this were about bullying and discrimination in relation to sports athletes, id absolutely understood. But i couldnt care two loads of crap about an irrelevants punter quest to make gay marriage legal in minesotta or boycotting an online blog due to politics

    Your obssession with kluwe’s political life is unreal. We get it, hes a good dude. But this isnt news worthy at all and a lot of people support equality of marraige anyway so whats the purpose of this nonsense

  3. I am sure kluwe cared so much about our society he would be protesting in Dc about a real issue that shamefully has been swept under the rug by the obama administration and the media..the coverup of the terrorist attack in benghazi

  4. Good for Kluwe! Yes it was a platform for him, but he made a strong philosophical point to part ways with a company unsupportive of civil rights.

    There’s plenty of other forums for him. How about NBC/Florio and PFT offering him a blog for starters?

    Mark my words – 10 years from now (hopefully sooner) people will be ashamed they didn’t support equal rights for the friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc.

    Perhaps they should look at it from another perspective. Let’s say opposite sex marriage were prohbited for some reason. Do you think heterosexuals would be expected to just happily accept this? After all, under the same arguments of gay marriage opponents, their civil rights wouldnt be viewed as being infringed upon… They could just choose to marry someone of the same sex.

  5. It may be so called news, entertainment, politics, what ever… I think most true sports fans don’t mind being a little well rounded knowledge wise. Even if it’s an “obvious” subject you want to avoid yourself. A bit more than just the X’s and O’s never hurt anyone.

  6. Good thing he quit. One less thing on his mind. Maybe now he will have some extra time to actually PRACTICE punting! The last game or two was terrible on his part! I could care less whether he is for or against gay marriage. He’s paid to kick the ball. So kick the ball Kluwe!

  7. “Just punt the ball, Chris. This stuff is getting in your head and showing what a mental midget you are”

    Have you read anything Kluwe has written? He’s one of the more thoughtful and intelligent athletes currently in sports. Your comment is nonsensical, and I don’t ever understand the logic of “a kicker/punter doesn’t deserve to have an opinion.” That’s just absurd.

  8. Hey Cakemix……does anybody really care what you have to say?? I’m not exactly clamoring for the next Cakemix comment so, I guess a pro athlete with a blog in the St. Paul newspaper/website might be a step up from you. I look forward to the next post about you that Florio writes, should be good. Okay, now let’s see how many “shut up kicker” and “just kick the ball” comments the mental midgets can produce in the comment section. Real insightful stuff, can’t wait.

  9. I prefer if the athletes just stay outof the political stuff regarldess of what side of the fence they are on. I watch sports and these guys play so that I dont have to think about the two clueless liars running for President, my NYC mayor who cares only about rich people in Manhattan, and a Congress who cant go anything done. Just kick the ball Kluwe

  10. bathroomben7 says:
    Nov 3, 2012 7:21 PM
    Now Kluwe will have to leave MN to get married.
    Oh, I see what you’re saying there – you’re making the inference that Kluwe’s gay! Oh, but he’s already married, with a couple of kids.

    You’d better head back out to the playground to find yourself a different infantile way to try to insult someone.

  11. I agree with Kluwe on the gay marriage issue, but he’s being a bit sanctimonious here.

    If you pretty much flip the bird to those who disagree with you rather than engage them in discussion, you aren’t going to change many minds.

  12. “Trade him to the 49ers. That disaster of a city will love every stupid thing this kook has to say…”

    Umm…ever hear of Andy Lee? He’s already broken punting records and he’s on track to break more. He’s also the 49ers punter. I don’t care whatsoever about Kluwe’s political views, I care about how good someone is, and Chris Kluwe is not even close to being Andy Lee on the field.

  13. Thank God for states rights. It’s an issue that needs to be decided in each of the states by their citizens.

    That being said, if you work for an entity that has strong beliefs opposite to yours and it bothers you, you need to separate from that entity.

    Whatever happens, it’s a wonderful thing that the federal government won’t be involved.

  14. So if the owner of the Vikings decided he was against same-sex marriage, I suppose that Kluwe would quit his job out of principle?

    Same sex marriage, like abortion, is an issue that divides the country just about in half. Everybody works for somebody, works with somebody, buys from or sells to somebody who disagrees with them on this issue and others. If everybody decided to not associate with people/organizations that disagreed with them, nobody would have a job, trading partners or customers. People disagree passionately about this issue and we all have to sort of get over the fact that, whatever we believe about this issue, many good and decent people disagree with us about it.

  15. 8man says:
    Nov 3, 2012 9:18 PM

    Whatever happens, it’s a wonderful thing that the federal government won’t be involved.


    Clearly you have NO idea what you’re talking about. You do realize it’s going to make it to the Supreme Court, right?

    It’s disgusting that people are being denied their basic human rights.

    Let the man talk, at least he knows what he’t talking about. I’d love to see any of you people saying “He’s just a punter” go out there and do his job. No takers? Didn’t think so.

  16. Hey, Kluwe, what is Vikings owner’s position on gay marriage? You may have to quit your real job.

    Drag Vikings ownership into the gay marriage issue; I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.

  17. “He’s just a punter” a punter that works ten plays a week and gets payed seven figures….hows that blue collar 40 paying you?

  18. So the only NFL player to take a strong “pro” stand on gay marriage is a punter. Yeah, that’ll help the cause.

  19. I want to marry my Golden Retriever. I love her and she loves me. We can naturally make as many children as a gay couple.


  20. Chris Kluwe has also taken some very brave stands on other issues as well:

    – He believes racism is icky

    – He is against misogyny

    – He hates red traffic lights and poverty

  21. The only reason people even know who he is and the only reason his opinion is published is because he plays pro sports.

    If he was just another one of us with the same opinion no one would care.

    And as a Vikings fan, I am so sick of about Chris Kluwe. I really don’t care what his opinions are on anything as long as he punts well.

    And guess what? He isn’t even punting close to well.

    Do him a favor and release him so he can spend more time fighting the man. We need a punter who can help us win games. Not one who is using the media to play them.

  22. Kluwe! If you arnt gay then stop speaking in their defense, im sure gays can speak for themselves, end of story.

  23. Maybe I’m wrong in this case, but isn’t an Editorial just an opinion of one person?

    Looking at the Editorial it says “the Pioneer Press is not endorsing one way or another.”

    There could be more to it, but I’m not sure I understand the reason to quit if its one person’s opinion.

  24. The Pioneer Press editorial gave a neutral endorsement, it wasn’t pro gay marriage, but nor was it against gay marriage either. Instead it presented arguments from both sides and left it up to its readers to decide, and that is was what caused kluwe to quit…

  25. I know will be unpopular but I am sick and tired of professional athletes/ entertainers who feel the need to let the rest of us know what thier political views are and what they think on certain matters as if thier view is somehow more important than anyone elses. It also amazes me that a large group of people actually give a crap about what they think. If you cant stand up for your own beliefs and need someone else to reinforce it for you, then you have a serious problem. If he wants to go work for MSNBC then all the more power to him or support a candidate for office.. but please spare everyone else the lecture of what you think and how important to the rest of us that it is just because you play football

  26. The sports media use gossip stories about athletes to drive traffic and sell ad space. If one of these guys jaywalks or kisses a fashion model, it’s all over the place whether he likes it or not.

    In this case Kluwe is using the media goldfish bowl athletes live in to spotlight an issue of importance. He does it knowing full well there can be negative consequences.

    And yup – as a liberal I have no tolerance whatsoever for bigots.

    Issues of basic human dignity and fairness aren’t quite the same as tolerating someone who listens to Carrie Underwood — or something else that will never be on my playlist. Bigots get zero tolerance.

  27. micker716 says:
    Nov 3, 2012 10:40 PM
    So the only NFL player to take a strong “pro” stand on gay marriage is a punter. Yeah, that’ll help the cause.


    Are you kidding me??? There are many NFL players that support basic human rights (i.e gay marriage). Brendon Ayanbadejo, Antonio Cromartie, Nic Harris, Scott Fujita, Michael Strahan, Michael Irvin.. Just to name a few that are public about their support.

    Oh and how could I forget the San Francisco 49ers making a video for the It Gets Better campaign.

  28. cakemixa says: Nov 3, 2012 7:16 PM

    Does anyone really care what a kicker thinks anyway?q

    Yes, we care what a kicker (punter) thinks. We don’t care what you think.

  29. “Iluvbears”, Why should anyone care what Chris Kluwe says about anything? He is a kicker, kick the ball and shut up. I am sure we will find out at some point that Chris Kluwe likes boys himself.

  30. Much ado about nothing. He probably wanted to quit writing and this served up a timely and convenient excuse. Keep in mind his reading audience is the same group of people who elected Al Franken to the US Senate and Jesse Ventura to be the Governor of MN, not exactly your smartest bunch.

    Let’s hear what he has to say about the Viking’s pending explosion, that should prove to be very entertaining. And better yet, its football related.

  31. Quitting when he did raised public awareness just before the election. Hopefully all Minnesotans will be treated the same in regards to their personal choices just after the election.

  32. I for one thank him for taking a stand on his personal beliefs, which by the way accelerated getting the word out for others to witness. At this point in the election process, I believe him writing an article would only get buried with the rest of the print media filling the trash cans. I’m sure he didn’t work there for the money, so what is wrong with a writer taking a personal stand on an issue. You all should look deep inside your being for just a little compassion. Most likely, you will never be approached by a gay person for anything more than maybe directions or some other mundane task. Gays are typically not aggressive to try to change anyone over to their side and only want the same rights as any other person in our country. Nothing more, Nothing less. I’m sure you can find real issues to dwell on. Oh, the games back on, need to get my gay a$$ back to the tv. Peace!

  33. He’s just a punter? Not a blocker or pass catcher or a pass thrower? It’s not like he’s the guy who erases the chalk board at NASA and they are the ones who write on it, they all are the ones who erase it. They are playing a game.
    What yanks the chain of the religiously right (and some non-religious straight men for some reason?) is this guy talks to the young heterosexual fan and makes spreading anti gay nonsense harder for them to do.

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