McKinnie grateful he wasn’t traded to Arizona


He’s a backup in Baltimore, and might have been the best lineman in Arizona.

But Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie said he was relieved not to have been dealt to the Cardinals, as was rumored.

“I heard it, too,” McKinnie said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s a blessing to be here, I’m blessed for that. I didn’t really worry about it. I was hearing everything and I didn’t know what to think. If it happened, it happened. I wasn’t worried about it.”

McKinnie’s had a rough season, from financial issues to losing his starting left tackle job to Michael Oher, after starting every game last season. He played 18 snaps in a reserve role last week, and practiced all week despite a hip flexor injury.

“It’s a long season, and we can do a lot of good things,” McKinnie said. “I’m staying ready. . . .

“It’s in the process of getting better,” he said of his hip. “I’m still working on that. I could play Sunday if they need me to.”

The Cardinals would have absolutely needed him, and likely put him in a better position to earn some money back down the road.

20 responses to “McKinnie grateful he wasn’t traded to Arizona

  1. He should be grateful that he isn’t in jail. That is usually what happens to the average citizen that cracks heads with metal pipes outside strip joints at 5 AM. But NFL players get a special brand of justice as evidenced by McKinnie and his teammate, Ray “I didn’t see anything”Lewis.

  2. We’ll, after reading this headline, I guess there’s a first for everything! Although he should be grateful he’s not in jail, grateful he still has a job, grateful he hasn’t had to file bankruptcy QUITE yet, and grateful that any team would want him with his me and the party first attitude he has! Seriously, what a waste of talent he has become the past 3 years…..

  3. stairwayto7 says:
    Nov 3, 2012 9:28 PM
    With all the strip clubs with hot women he would spend over $2 million in a weekend in Phoenix! In Baltimore he can spend $30 a night!

    Better than spending $10 in a Georgia college bar to get an undergrad to accompany you to the bathroom.

  4. largest waste of space known to mankind. Havint ingestigated the love boat incident, I know what a sexual deviant that man is…. condenseding while working the girl over. He should be out of chances and just disapear. or maybe he could get a job at a stadium as a turn style

  5. farty5 are we just making stuff up now? Do you really think a 24 yr old, single, Super Bowl winning QB needs to pay or rape a 21 yr old gold digger that was clearly “DTF”? If your going to hate at least make some sense.

  6. McDouble has all but forgotten how blessed he is to be in the NFL. His God given talent and hard work have gotten him to where he is today. Too bad his hard work gave out on him.

  7. Sad thing about Bryant is that he rarely try’s and he is still better than half the tackles in the league. I honestly wonder what a player he would be if he actually took pride in playing his position at a higher level. As for the recent demotion I figure it is probably his age catching up with him. Wasted talent and as it is with anyone else he will fade away because of it.

  8. This over-hyped and over-rated team with the 30th ranked defense and now near-decimated by key injuries should be hit upside the head today in Cleveland, putting them in a tie with the Steelers in the AFCN. Come 11/18, the Ravens will be falling faster than the temperature in the northeast. THUD.

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