Peyton Manning isn’t as protected as people think


After Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning slammed his thumb into the helmet of Saints defensive end Martez Wilson, Wilson’s helmet seemed to strike Peyton in the chin.

No flag was thrown.

After the game, Broncos coach John Fox said the team would take a close look at the play.

Regardless of whether the league took a close look at the play, no fine was imposed on Wilson, according to an NFL spokesman.

So the next time anyone wants to complain that certain quarterbacks receive special protection from the league, here’s a piece of evidence to the contrary.

18 responses to “Peyton Manning isn’t as protected as people think

  1. That’s a pretty weak presentment of “evidence”. I would hope you have much more to build a case around.

  2. not sure a second look is even warranted. technically didn’t manning hit his thumb on martez wilson’s helmet? not the other way around.
    manning and brady are plenty protected and probably more than people think. this no fine doesn’t prove anything

  3. Other quarterbacks take multiple hits like that each game and no one bats an eye. Is anyone seriously going to argue that some QBs aren’t given special attention and protection from the refs?

  4. No need to present evidence. Who watches football, knows, that he isn’t protected. There is no evidence to the contrary.

  5. Ditto. There’s something strange going on with both Mannings….you never see either take hard hits. Both are pocket passers with little mobility, and should be getting popped from time to time. Tebow was getting pummeled last year in Denver with virtually the same O-line. Sure, a good part of it is talent, but I suspect maybe something else is going on…!

  6. Tebow got sacked all the time because he held the ball too long and the OL never knew where he was or so they didn’t know where to push the pressure to. Manning gets the ball out immediately and the OL always knows where he will be….in the pocket.

  7. jwag, you obviously haven’t watched any Broncos games. Peyton has taken some monstrous hits. And that horrible O-line is built for pass-protection a-la Manning, not running all over the field hoping your QB releases the ball within 30 seconds of the snap.

  8. The best QB’s have this thing about them that usually prevents them from taking big hits. It’s called pocket presence. Manning, Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, etc. all the really good to great QB’s have it.

  9. jlb10 -he was talking about helmet in chin,nothing to do with the thumb.

    Everyone thinks their guy gets no protection, while others get too much. probably not true either way. Refs try to call it honestly. Sometimes they just do a bad job….

  10. You’re a lawyer, and this is your “evidence”? I knew law schools had become degree mills, but this is ridiculous…

  11. ESPN did a story last year sometime that detailed the amount of RTP calls guys have gotten since 09. It was pretty eye opening for the whiners who complain about certain QBs getting calls because of their name.

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