Reid, Vick deny that Vick believed assistant coaches wanted benching


Though Eagles coach Andy Reid reportedly was “likely” to bench quarterback Mike Vick, Reid ultimately didn’t.  According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Vick believed that some assistant coaches wanted the change to be made from Vick to Nick Foles.

On Saturday, both Reid and Vick denied that account.

“I don’t know where that would come from,” Reid told reporters.  “That’s not the case.  Everybody is on board with Michael.”

“Is on board” is different from “was on board.”  It could be that the assistant coaches weren’t on board, but that they were told they’d better get on board, or they’d be getting off board, permanently.

Vick was a bit stronger in his denial.  “That’s absolutely false,” Vick said, via comments distributed by the team.  “Coach [Reid] and I never had that conversation.  Everything we talked about in that room was personal; it was man-to-man.  But that never came up.”

More importantly, Vick said he doesn’t care if they think he should be benched.

“Not at all,” Vick said.  “My coaches do a great job of getting me prepared; putting me in the best position possible and I’ve got nothing but the upmost [sic] respect for them and they know that without me even having to say that on camera.”

All of it is talk unless and until the Eagles start winning games.  If they do, the talk will die down — until they start losing again.  If they don’t, it will likely end up being a lot more than talk.

32 responses to “Reid, Vick deny that Vick believed assistant coaches wanted benching

  1. Thats a good sign the coaches need to be fired then. If you dont think that Vick should be benched, then you have no business being an NFL coach.

  2. You guys that make comments about Reid and his kids are some of the most classless people I’ve come across I don’t care how much you dislike Reid or whatever I’m a father of two and I find those comments tasteless and disturbing that people in our society are like that and I feel if you make those comments you should be banned from making comments like that in the future

  3. too much drama in philly with Vick and Reid…I’ve had enough of the constant whining, I hope their front office pull the plug on these guys asap…there’s articles about these 2 everyday…it’s like a philly merry-go-round circus

  4. Going at Reid via the kids angle is about as low and cowardly as it can get.
    You’ve really gotta have a crappy life to need attention that bad.

    But, I have the “upmost” confidence that Vick’s time as a starter anywhere is close to an end. He’s getting too old and beat up to pull off the highlight-reel running back stuff and he’s just not a very good NFL quarterback.

  5. Vick will not be successful until he can stay in the stay in the pocket and learn evaluate his progressions. If he sees all of his receiver are covered, THEN he should think about scrambling. #Focus

  6. There are a good handful of 7-0, 6-1, 6-2, 5-2 and even 5-3 teams that have a lot more going on than an hourly update that Vick is still the QB of the Eagles (3-4). Now as a fantasy GM with Vick QBing My Big Ditkas, by all means post a story if he were to no longer be QB, that I would like to know. But come on guys, how about a decent story sometime soon about something that matters?

  7. as long as florio is on the case it will never die down. I have a feeling he would still be calling for a change if a miracle happened and philly ran the table all the way to the superbowl. won’t happen since they would not make it past my bears but once florio has it in for you he never stops. unless your name is peyton manning right mike? or have you forgotten the peyton is a fake crusade you were on when he first came into the league? how did that work out for you?

  8. Wow!!!
    Can someone please tell me the reason the media, this site included, have decided that such an irrelevant franchise as the Eagles is so worthy of so much attention?
    For years, the Eagles have been treated “special,” as though they’ve actually won something.
    I always figured ESPN placed the Eagles on such a high pedestal so not to offend Donovan McNabb and his crazy mother.

  9. I remember the good days when this site focused on real NFL news and didn’t act like the TMZ of sports news for clowns who think they are clever to comment on…. You might as well be sports talk radio and allow unemployed losers to call in and comment on your fake imaginary stories….. Weak!

  10. Notice who is writing all of these stories…metalhead65 is dead on. This is just Florio beating a dead horse as he tends to do.

  11. notdoingwork says:

    Reid knows how to take care of his guys
    just ask his kids.


    Judge not and ye not be judged.

    Cold blooded ” Notdoingwork ! ”

    It may not be too soon before karma knocks at your door !

  12. I can’t wait until the day when Michael Vick is only referred to as a criminal who played football. He’ll never do anything worth remembering in this sport.

  13. Way too many Mike Vick updates! The guy is a washed up scrub. Florio find something else to write about, you loser! You suck almost as bad as your Eagles!

  14. What a load.
    Please stop with these meaningless stories. Who cares about the loser eagirls?
    They are not going to the superbowl.
    They sure wont win one.
    All they do is flap their wings and say stupid stuff in the off season about how great they are like:
    Dream Team
    Even if you run the table from here on out that would be newsworthy but until then just shut up already until you actually win a Superbowl. Its the same old worn out jargon. Get over yourselves.

  15. Andy Reid will always be the bridesmaid, who never catches the bouquet. Mickey Vick will always think he’s Steve Young, but shares zero football DNA with him. Hasn’t the Iggles soap opera been cancelled?

  16. He said,she said,who really cares what Vick thinks,the guy should be thinking how he is going to win his next,(probably his last)game.

  17. bleedburgandyandgold says: Nov 3, 2012 5:00 PM

    You guys that make comments about Reid and his kids are some of the most classless people I’ve come across I don’t care how much you dislike Reid or whatever I’m a father of two and I find those comments tasteless and disturbing that people in our society are like that and I feel if you make those comments you should be banned from making comments like that in the future
    I have the upmost respect for people likes you. Allow me to ejaculate on my preposition. Anyone that can say all that you said without a breath is awesome.

  18. Some of you up here are patheic loser never have anything good to say, Vick has paid for his crime so get the hell over it. Know one ever brings up that rapist in pittsburgh i guess its cool to hit on women. So if you dont like that vick is our QB go fine you another team to root for.

    notdoingwork you are dumb to talk about anyone kids no matter if they are a kid or grown, but to know that man son died what an idiot you are

  19. Geeze I just wish they’d get rid of sick Vick so he can get started on his new career asking people if they’d like fries with their whoppers.

  20. Vick = hits on PFT.

    The guy needs to go away so the pft staff can focus on NFL players who matter.

  21. Vick is STILL the best QB in philly an there for gives them the best chance to win. that O- line needs to give him more time and Reid needs to LET VICK PLAY LIKE VICK. hes not a pocket QB. Make defenses worry about him taking off or throwing on the run.

  22. I don’t know if Vick is the best QB in Philly. I know he is not good enough to win a Superbowl. I know he is a guy who makes poor decisions on and off the football field.
    Nick Foles maybe Joe Montana, he maybe Bobby Hoying. Bottom line is we know what Vick is, an aging QB who needs his speed to succeed and that speed is decreasing. There are now defensive linemen and many linebackers who can outrun Vick. He was never a great passing QB, he has always been mediocre at best when he needed to be a QB, instead of a RB. Both McNabb and Cunningham were better pure QB’s than Vick. We know what Vick is, it is time to move one.

  23. If anyone thinks Andy feud should bench vick in midseason n play a rookie that hasn’t had the chance to get a real feel for his offense n offensive line, u don’t know football.

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