Report: Dez violates his curfew


It’s been a rough year for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

Apart from a chronic inability to catch the football, to not misplay punts, and to remain healthy, Bryant has been placed on a set of rules for off-field conduct.  According to, now part of the USA Today Media Group, Bryant violated one of the basic terms of his double secret probation.

Dez was out past midnight, even though he’s questionable for Sunday night’s game at Atlanta with a hip injury.

Given that the Cowboys insisted that they didn’t impose the rules on Bryant and that he imposed them on himself, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Will Dez fine himself?  Bench himself?  Suspend himself?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Dez does — and what the Cowboys don’t do.

44 responses to “Report: Dez violates his curfew

  1. This guy is a prime example of J.J. not admitting his mistakes. Dez is a child, a waste of talent, and won’t ever be the player they thought he could be.

  2. Dez doesnt follow rules, they are made for others in his eyes, however heres an easy answer to what the cowboys wont do:
    win a playoff game with romo as qb!

  3. How can you break your own rule? This whole babysitting the grown up thing is stupid.

    Got a 17th row seat behind the Cowboys bench for Sunday night. Close enough to see Dez have a meltdown. Can’t wait.

  4. Cut the bum. Send him to that circus, the NY Jets.
    This is a Prima Donna, head case.
    Lots of talent, zero between the ears

  5. Potential 10. Common sense 0. My Phins desperately need a good receiver and I’m still glad we didn’t draft him.

  6. I wonder if he used the old sneak out the bedroom window and put pillows under the blankets trick to ditch the babysitters.

  7. What happened to the security agency that is bodyguarding him? Were they yarning?

    This guy is not worth the trouble. He is the reason why Romo numbers has few more interception and cowboys have few more losses. Runs a wrong route or tips the ball to the opponent.

    Jerry – Cut this guy!!!!

  8. You have to let him be his own man. Treating him like a kid will prevent him from maturing. Let him go. FREE DEZ

  9. WhiteSportsOnline reports that Jason Garrett played a few rousing rounds of Battleship with his mother before turning in around 10pm.

  10. This is why I am even more impressed with Michael Irvin. He could be up all night, smoking, drinking, snorting candy, banging chicks, then show up the next day to have 100+ yards receiving & 1 or 2 TDs.

    Dez needs a babysitter to make sure he gets to bed on time, & still can’t match Irvin’s stats.

  11. Cut him for missing a self imposed curfew… You can only attribute these comments to a few things, one they aren’t Cowboy fans, two they aren’t to bright, or three they subscribe to the adage of, cutting off their nose to spite their face. Overreact on a Saturday morning much?

  12. just another michael irvin.
    we’ll probably get a report shortly saying he was caught snorting cocaine off of a hooker… just like his counterpart.


    Michael Irvin was actually able to catch the football though.

  13. “two they aren’t to bright”
    Speaking of not TOO bright…

    Back to the subject–I don’t want Dallas to cut Bryant. First, he is part of the trainwreck, and it wouldn’t be nearly as much of a trainwreck without him. Second, Jerry would rather keep Mr. What Route Shall I Run This Play around than admit that JJ the GM is clueless.

  14. Trade deadline has passed. He needs a vet receiver to mentor him. No way will the cowboys cut him. Before everyone yells fire lets learn more about the situation. Maybe he caught late night screening of Man with Iron fist. Who knows.

  15. What a waste of talent!!!! He’s no Michael Irvin take off that #88 ASAP !!! For all Michaels shortcomings at least he showed up on Sundays ready to play!!!! CUT THIS BUMB….

  16. This is a good opportunity for Red Jesus to flex his supposed coaching muscles and bench Dez for at least the first half, if not the whole game. If Dez is a true competitor and wants to get better, then it would absolutely KILL him to be on the bench and not on the field. But, we all know Jerruh, the owner/gm/president of Dez Bryant fan club would never allow Red J to show he’s an actual head coach.

  17. This guy gets paid more than I ever will to catch a football (which he has trouble doing), and he still can’t be trusted to stay out of trouble at night.

    Good grief.

  18. we’ll probably get a report shortly saying he was caught snorting cocaine off of a hooker… just like his counterpart.
    Upholding the finest tradition of a Cowboys # 88.

  19. Hanging out with delonte west loser I see now why he is always getting in trouble, it’s the company he keeps only Jerry would put up with it, time to part ways..

  20. He wasn’t “getting into trouble.” He went to a nightclub to celebrate his birthday. Not a big deal. Get over it.

  21. Im guessing Dez Bryant’s parents are gonna tell Jerry Jones that hes staying in the house all day Sunday and cant come out to play.

  22. joetoronto says:
    Nov 3, 2012 9:06 AM
    And still, the odd idiot here will come along and support him, just watch.

    edwinmoses says:
    Nov 3, 2012 9:59 AM
    joetoronto – do you ever offer anything of value?
    And here he is. 🙂

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