UFL players still waiting for payment

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Given that the UFL wasn’t very good about paying its bill when it was playing, it’s understandable that the UFL isn’t paying its bills now that it’s not playing.

We’ve received a copy of an email that is being circulated among UFL players regarding ongoing delays in the payment of their wages, and regarding their options for getting their money.

For now, it seems that some players are inclined to be patient with founder Bill Hambrecht (who is affectionately — or otherwise — referred to as “Bill Hambone” in the message), but only until Friday, November 8.

The willingness to wait seems to be driven in large part by the delays that will arise if the players pursue their legal options.  Many states, however, have specific laws regarding the failure to pay wages, entitling employees to receive extra payments for their trouble, along with attorneys’ fees and interest.

The goal of such provisions is to provide a strong incentive to employers to “settle up” with employees when the relationship ends.  Otherwise, plenty of employers would be tempted to stiff a former employee.

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  1. Mitt might say that, but at least he wouldn’t say it was the Government’s responsibility and make the taxpayers take care of their wages. You don’t have to vote red, but don’t vote blue.

  2. They still think they are going to get paid?

    HA that’s sad but still funny. Yeah I’ve been there, and I know the feeling, deadbeat employers SUCK! But that’s the price you pay for living in a country that has poor leaders that don’t know how to get the job done.

  3. unreal, does he realize that 8 players at most might make the NFL from tide , everyteam in NFL is college all star team, and his Saban comments, does he remember his last stop in NFL hmmm those dolphins were scary lol

  4. Thanks for making this thread political, d-bag. People like you are turning me from neutral to against Obama.

  5. “mustbechris says: Nov 3, 2012 11:51 PM

    mitt romney would call that a job-killing regulation”


    Plus he’d send all of its jobs to China and televise it here. Then tout himself as a “businessman” that saves companies.

  6. Enough of politics on a sports issue.

    I live in Omaha and the UFL Nighthawks got their season abruptly ended. I believe Mark Cuban is involved with UFL and was trying to push it as a replacement if NFL went on strike. New practice facilities, etc.

    It is a shame as this provides affordable family entertainment. I think season tickets initially were $10 a game and Nebraskans supported this team with the highest average attendance which brought the championship game to Omaha their first year as a member, over 20,000 attendees.

    I think that they will eventually get compensated. their problem was in some of the bigger cities and areas, they couldn’t draw the crowds and teams dropped out leaving fewer teams to schedule

    I heard that they had plans for other smaller markets like Omaha, like Des Moines, etc

    It was an option. Omaha also has arena football that is well supported.

    They just had to keep the schedules away from Nebraska home games (50 years of homes sellouts for the Huskers).

    They have indicated that they were going to try again next year with earlier scheduling???

    If they can key their market they may be able to succeed.

    Maybe Mark Cuban will pay off the teams for this year.

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