After blowing 14-point lead, Ravens win by 10


A slow-motion game of ping-pong emerged at the Factory of Sadness on Sunday, with the Ravens building a 14-point lead, blowing the 14-point lead, and then scoring the last 11 points of the game to win by 10.

The Ravens have beaten the Browns for the 10th straight time, 25-15.

The victory comes three days short of the 17th anniversary of the day on which the Ravens (formerly the Browns) announced they’d leave Cleveland for Baltimore.

Ray Rice reeled off 98 yards on the ground on 25 carries for Baltimore.  Trent Richardson had the same number of attempts for the Browns, gaining an extra seven.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was unspectacular with 153 passing yards, but he delivered when he had to, leading the team 81 yards on nine plays after Phil Dawson’s fifth field goal gave Cleveland a 15-14 lead.  Flacco capped the effort with a 19-yard touchdown pass to receiver Torrey Smith.

The two-pointer gave the Ravens a 22-15 lead, and the Browns opted with 3:53 to play to go for it on fourth and two from their own 28.

It was the mirror opposite of coach Pat Shurmur’s controversial decision two weeks ago to punt on fourth down from the Colts’ 41 with 6:38 to play.  This time, instead of punting from his own end and hoping to get the ball back, Shurmur rolled the dice — and the pass was incomplete.

The Ravens turned the turnover on downs into a field goal, which created the 10-point margin.

The loss sends the Browns into their bye with a 2-7 record.  The win pushes the Ravens to 6-2, in their first game after the bye, which came after a 30-point loss at Houston.

20 responses to “After blowing 14-point lead, Ravens win by 10

  1. These Ravens just suck, only reason they got that go ahead score was a BS roughing the passer penalty. No way you can consider that “forceable contact”.

  2. With the their bye week next year–now’s as good a time as any to fire Shurmur. TRich was very effective today against an injured Raven defense, yet he continued to throw pass after pass on 2nd and 1; 3rd and 1; etc. Weeden had a very bad game yet Shurmur continued to put the ball in his hand to make plays ignoring an effective TRich. Shurmur’s play calling has cost the Browns at least 2-3 wins this season. The hired Childress as an offensive coordinator, yet clueless Pat continues to handle the play calling. If there’s a God—Shurmur will be sent packing tomorrow. I’ll even volunteer to drive his worthless butt to the airport !

  3. Flacco is having a bad year, this was supposed to be the season he took the next step but he’s just an average player.

    I personally think the Ravens are in trouble because of their now sub-par defense but as long as they give Ray Rice the ball and not Flacco they still have a good team.

  4. The BS was the plethora of penalty calls against the Ravens, including the offsetting call about “bench unsportsmanlike conduct” that wiped out a personal foul on the Browns. Hardly offsetting, and hardly all BS towards the Browns… The Browns coaching staff’s horrible call “not” to punt from their own 28 cost the Browns the game.

  5. The D may actually have progressed today. I think Suggs will make a difference and get the Ravens back on track. Offense seems off-track after a very strong start this season.

  6. I love the ravens but i absolutely hate watching cam Cameron call stupid, ridiculous offensive plays..he has been here for 4 years now and he still doesn’t know his personnel.

  7. The ravens r the worst 6-2 team in the league and I m a ravens fan. But u r what ur record says u r. And we r leading the AFCN. And if the Squealers lose to the giants as they should, the ravens ewill b the only team in our division over 500.

    Richardson is a beast. He needs to carry the ball much more than they give him. Weedon might have a strong arm but his reads r very slow and he has no accuracy on longer passes. Finally, pat shirker should be fired just on the basis of that 4th down call. With 4 minutes left on your 30 yd line with 2 to’s left you do not go for fourth down. Period. End of statement. That call lost their chance of winning the game and wad frankly stoopid.

  8. Shurmer should be let go after the punt call – but as a Ravens fan I hope he sticks around.. And the previous 3rd down quick pass call that was designed 3 yards short of the first down was also stupid. Weedon had all day with the Ravens weak pass rush so let something develop that will get you the 1st down. Richardson could have easily gotten some short first downs early too, but they opted to throw and give us the ball back. Thanks very much. See you next year for a couple of more wins.

  9. Ten losses in a row to the Ravens. There are no words to express my disgust about the Browns. Nobody should ever lose ten straight games to a division rival — or any other team, for that matter.

  10. Last time I checked, Giants are defending SB champs, and the Browns are, well, the Browns. Enjoy, cheers!

  11. Hey sixlombardis! Did you forget that the Steelers sucked for 30 + years, or the fact that the Real Browns use to kick the crap out of the Steelers all the time? Or the fact, that Cleveland has 8, yes 8 rings! Just cause the Championship was renamed the Super Bowl, after a bouncy ball, they still have 8 Championships! Listen buddy, you want to bring up history? Or do you only want to bring it up, when its convenient?

  12. Wow…. that’s diggin’ deep. Okay. The Browns were great once. Of course, that team left town. The current one, eh….

  13. Last week Shurmer made the wrong call on fourth and 1, this week he made 2 bad calls on fourth and 1.

    He should have punted on the first one, then later, TR was having a great game, Weeden was passing like a little girl, so on fourth and 1 he calls a pass play which Weeden throws so high the jolly green giant wouldn’t have been able to catch it.


    The Browns need to clean house again, new coach and a real QB.

  14. At least the Browns made it a game which is more than I thought they’d be able to do. It was unreal that they actually took the lead in the fourth quarter! Still, you should hear all the hand-wringing and finger pointing around the Baltimore area today. It’s hilarious. I can’t believe Ray Rice got the ball 25 times and couldn’t go over 100 yards!!!

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