Antonio Brown hurts ankle, Steelers grab lead anyway

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The Giants have been avid proponents of the next man up approach to dealing with injuries, but the Steelers used it to grab a 7-0 lead at the Meadowlands.

Ben Roethlisberger hit Emmanuel Sanders for a touchdown pass to cap a drive highlighted by Isaac Redman running all over the Giants defense. Redman, playing the feature role with Jonathan Dwyer and Rashard Mendenhall on the sideline with injuries, ran for 34 yards on the drive and Roethlisberger hit the likes of Will Johnson, Jerricho Cotchery and David Paulson to keep the ball moving down the field.

We’ll see if they need to keep using unsung members of the offense. Wide receiver Antonio Brown left the game with an ankle injury during the drive, but his return is being called probable by the Steelers.

The Steelers got the ball after an Ike Taylor interception near midfield. Eli Manning launched a duck after a long wait in the pocket for pressure to arrive and it wobbled its way into Taylor’s arms to set Pittsburgh up with their best field position of the day.

16 responses to “Antonio Brown hurts ankle, Steelers grab lead anyway

  1. Steelers grab lead, refs even things up with two of the worst calls you will ever see.

    Glad the real refs are back.

  2. And Roger Goodell’s already in the Steeler’s locker room digging through Ryan Clark’s wallet…

    Where’s the replacement refs? This back judge sucks!!!

  3. Must be nice to Be the Giants and have the refs cheat for you over and over again. Completely BS pass interference call, filled by completely BS helmet-to-helmet call, followed by ball not coming close to breaking the plane but giving them the touchdown anyway!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

  4. giants very fortunate on that drive. The PI call on Lewis and the personal foul are Clark were both atrocious calls.

  5. Giants are getting some hurricane sandy charity calls by the refs…. The refs should donate with their own cash instead of using their whistle to contribute to the hurricane sandy relief fund….

  6. I’m not a steeler fan but they just got jobbed twice by the refs in a hurry. The PF on Clark was awful and they really missed the call on the supposed fumble! Wow! Bet steelers fans want replacement refs back!

  7. Don’t have the lead any more. Looks like the refs want the Giants to win. I’m up to four bad calls against the Steelers so far.

  8. And the cheating continues as the incomplete pass is somehow ruled a fumble and the blatant clip on the return isn’t called either??????? Tomlin should just pull the team and refuse to complete the game – what a blatant bunch of crap!!!!!!!

  9. Nice to see baiting the refs works so well. Thank the refs for that 2nd qtr touchdown Giants fans. Two GARBAGE calls to sustain those drives. Cry babies have been getting away with murder all game. Still they give them that drive. This league had become a joke. I want the replacements back!

  10. Wow even with all the bad calls leading to the Giant scores the banged up Steelers are on top. I think the Steelers have over 100 yards in penalties and can’t move the ball.

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