Cliff Avril’s not sure where Cliff Avril will be next year


Lions defensive end Cliff Avril grew up near Jacksonville, and he’s playing his first game in his hometown of his pro career today.

Where he calls home next year is very much up in the air.

The Lions kept him this year with the franchise tag of $10.6 million, after failing to agree on a long-term deal.

That’s set up him for the jokes of teammates, who tease him about what he’s worth.

Not much right now,” Avril said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I only got 4 1/2 sacks.

“I don’t know. If I do what I want to do, I’m still young. … I really don’t know. We’ll see when that comes around. Like I said, I don’t really think about it too much. Cliff is just trying to collect these checks now and get sacks.”

Cliff needs to collect a few more sacks if Cliff wants to get paid the way Cliff thinks he deserves to be.

At 26 years old, Avril’s still got plenty of potential player, even if his pace is off last year’s 11.0 sacks. But the Lions might not be able to afford him, considering the big deals they’ve already signed and need to sign.

They offered him a three-year deal worth around $30 million, and he’ll almost certainly do better than that on the open market.

“As coaches we always evaluate, is a player level, is a player declining, is a player ascending, and Cliff’s definitely an ascending player,” Lions defensive line coach Kris Kocurek said. “He’s got a lot of big plays ahead of him.”

For whom Cliff makes those plays remains to be seen.

11 responses to “Cliff Avril’s not sure where Cliff Avril will be next year

  1. just another end who reaps the benefits of the more talented players around him getting double teamed some team will sign him to a big deal to be their no.1 pass rusher and we will seldom ever hear of him again except when talking about big contract busts(see ray edwards jump from vikings to falcons)

  2. Cliff Avril better just worry about getting his butt some more sacks…. and leave next year for next year.

    How bout a few more of them BIG plays THIS season???

  3. “They offered him a three-year deal worth around $30 million, and he’ll almost certainly do better than that on the open market.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The fact that he could probably play OLB in a 3-4 will help his value (up his possible suitors), but this guy is hella overrated. Feasts on a few bad tackles (Loadholt, maybe two others), and completely disappears against decent ones. Completely disappears.

  4. Avril rolled the dice… If he really thinks he’s worth the big long term contract than prove it today in Jacksonville!

  5. Well he is on pace for 10 sacks which is more he had in any season other than 2011.

    As others have pointed out though, he does seem to do his best work against inept tackles, so really is probably an above average pass rusher..but what do you really want to pay that?

  6. Out goes Avril, in comes Willie Young! I’m good with that. I believe Avril can do better than he has shown this season, but he’s not any better than Willie. So I say let him go after the season. We can always bring in another end either draft or free agency. Suh, williams, Fairley, Hill, will make an average end look better than average for sure. By the way I think it’s time to start thinking about replacing VandenBosh next season, I’d move Jackson up to starter and keep Vanden Bosh as a 2nd stringer for a reduced contract $. He’s still got some left in the tank but he’s not a youngster anymore. If they put him in as relief here and there he’d be more effective.

  7. davejbolin I agree with your assessment of Willie Young and Vanden Bosch. I would love to see Vanden Bosch come back as a coach though. He can still get it going motor wise, but has slowed down just a touch every year now. He is actually doing better I think than Avril, but can’t play as many downs as Avril. Willie Young on the other hand has just plain tore it up on the other side. I think our coaching staff at DE is the best in the business, and DE wear down after a few good years for some reason.

  8. Might be time to trade Suh also because his contract is way to big for today’s cap. We can’t be paying everyone these huge contracts and have enough money left for a good enough team. We have these rookies who aren’t making that big money anymore and it’s time to drive the veteran pay scale down. I like Suh and all, but next years contract is like 15 to 17 million range. let me know if that’s not correct. I could see letting Cliff go and keeping Suh though, but someone has to go. We have to think about the upcoming contract with Stafford too. I guess we could put the tag on him, but that’s like 20 Million the first year and goes higher every year after that.

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