Colts win sparks memorable locker-room moment


The Indianapolis Colts moved to 5-3 on Sunday, an amazing start to the season for a franchise that was 2-14 last year and 3-13 in the rookie season of their most recent franchise quarterback.

After the game, the Colts gathered in the locker room with coach Chuck Pagano.

In a memorable few minutes that went from the “Our Father” to an “F” bomb from Pagano, the Colts said a post-game prayer (there’s that “faith” thing again), and Pagano then addressed the team.

Looking noticeably thinner, the coach who resumes chemotherapy treatments for leukemia on Monday said that his disease is already beaten, that he plans to dance at the weddings of his two unmarried daughters, and that he intends to hoist multiple Lombardi Trophies with the Colts.

When discussing his aspirations for the team, Pagano punctuated the thought with a profanity that presumably was not broadcast live by CBS, but which was captured by CBS microphones and cameras.

The Colts have become one of the great stories of the season, and they still remain in striking distance of the 7-1 Texans.  And the Colts and Texans play twice in the final three weeks, including a game in Indy, where the Texans have never ever ever never ever beaten the Colts.

UPDATE 6:12 p.m. ETHere’s some of the video, with the “F” bomb edited out.

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  1. Yes sir, glad to have the rookie passing record back in Indy, and playoff aspirations….. So much for the “expert” opinions of this team from finishing 1-15 to 3-13…… The Luck dynasty is here, where you at rg3 yeah you know me…… ROY Luck without a doubt!!!

  2. I liked Luck coming out of college, but I really became a believer in Andrew during that Packer game.

    Good for the Colts. They are fun to watch.

  3. I survived cancer so far and I gotta say that as a man with 3 daughters, I know exactly how he feels about wanting to dance with his daughters at their weddings. And please stop acting like prayer and faith in football locker rooms and on the field is something out of the norm.

  4. “And the Colts and Texans play twice in the final three weeks, including a game in Indy, where the Texans have never ever ever never ever beaten the Colts.”

    So what you’re saying is the Texans have never won in Indianapolis? I’m not sure you made your point clear enough here.

  5. With no disrespect to Chuck Pagano, you have to be happy for Bruce Arians.

    He never had a winning season while coaching at Temple, but they’re playing their butts off for him while paying homage to Pagano.

  6. “And the Colts and Texans play twice in the final three weeks, including a game in Indy, where the Texans have never ever ever never ever beaten the Colts.”

    Yeah, so what? There’s a first time for everything, and this is the year we sweep the Colts. Not saying the Colts aren’t already worrying me as a Texans fan – they’re a fun team to watch and Luck is already showing what a stud he his. But the Texans are going to be just too good for the Colts to take down this year. Now next year………

  7. If you could hear Coach P speak and not feel any type of emotion, you just ain’t human. JMO. Very powerful stuff.

  8. Irony is just the best. Here you got Coach Chuck with his never give up attitude beating lukemia’s ass and then we go to Jacksonvillle this Thursday to play a team that is clearly on life support and has lost all will to live. Some one just needs to step up and pull the plug so this team and their few fans can “go ” peacefully. RIP Jags.

  9. Stop injecting religion into your articles. Why is that comment even needed? The man is BATTLING CANCER!! Whatever he believes in, to get him through this, let it BE! Chuck is an inspiration to us all here in Indy. And it’s showing on the field. This team was #32 in a lot of preseason power polls. They were expected at BEST to win 5-6 games. Everyone now saying “I told you before the season they would go 8-8” is lying or a complete Colts homer. I am a die-hard Indy born Colts fan and I had them winning maybe 5 games. This team is becoming the monster Chuck P. wanted to build. And they built it with spare parts (Zibby, Redding, Winston Justice, Avery, etc) and rookies. Look out when they have some FA money and a draft or two! Dwayne Allen is a beast at TE, and they have another fast, pass catching TE in Fleener (hurt right now). This season is gravy for me, and it has been fun to watch. Even if they don’t make the playoffs, I am excited for the future of the Colts…

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