Dan Patrick Show comes to NBC Sports Network on Monday

It’s been an open secret for a couple of weeks, but now it’s official.  And so we can mention it.

The Dan Patrick Show comes to the NBC Sports Network on Monday.

Dan’s show airs every day from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., via the network that has been moved to 220 on the DirecTV dial.  It’s also available on more than 270 radio stations from coast to coast.

It’s a win for all involved, and we welcome Dan’s guys to the NBC family:  Paul Pabst, Seton O’Conner, Todd Fritz, and (reluctantly) Andrew “McLovin” Perloff.

16 responses to “Dan Patrick Show comes to NBC Sports Network on Monday

  1. Awesome news! Congrats to dan and the danettes… and thanks for letting me know about DTV moving the channel to 220.

  2. Does that twit Seton have to be included in the change-over? He always interrupts Dan and is so snarky.

  3. He has to have something on someone. That show is the pits, you can take it for oh maybe two seconds.

  4. The fact that they think it’s funny to have a guy nicknamed “McLovin'” on their show is all you need to know about how out of touch these guys are on the comedy front.

    For sports commentary, however, DP is still more insightful than just about anyone you can name.

  5. The show is a pathetic copy of what Howard Stern and his Wack Pack started 20 years ago. But Dan himself is smart, insightful, has good guests, and is a good interviewer.

  6. I watched that show once. The “danettes” have to raise their hands and wait to be called on by Dan to speak, like they are in kindergarten or something. Funniest thing ever.

  7. The show features dorks with no life or intelligent comments.

    Anyone who respects this show is bigger dork than anyone in “The Man Cave”!!!

    Also, “Chris from Syracuse” needs to get a job!!!

  8. Best sports talk host is Jim Rome, by far!!!! Worst show on the air is The loose cannons with Pat O’brien. He’s such a smug arrogant ass!

    Roll The Jungle!!!!!

  9. I watched the show on DirecTV for the better part of the year and came away with the impression that Dan is really kind of a bully at heart, especially when it comes to the Danettes.

    Maybe they’re well compensated financially which they should be because their lives with Dan are ones of constant slights and endless denigration.

    I’ve found the Nick and Artie Show on DirecTV to be much more fun. They cover sports, are often hilarious and don’t engage in the endless self-promotion that Patrick does.

    Patrick constantly talks about every scenario for a sporting event, and then claims credit for “like I told you last week”, as if he made a call that didn’t include every possible outcome. He wore me out.

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