DeAngelo Williams felt disrespected by Redskins “Homecoming”

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So we’ve established that DeAngelo Williams’ touchdown run was legal, despite an inadvertent whistle.

What we didn’t know is why the Panthers running back was so angry after the game.

Williams said in the locker room he was upset because the Redskins seemed to be scheduling the previously 1-6 Panthers as a Homecoming opponent, even using the H-word on the cover of the Game Day program which celebrated the return of a bunch of old-timers.

“I have to say this, because it’s been bothering me all day, and it’s probably going to bother me for some time,” Williams said, via the Washington Post. “I got up this morning, I was feeling pretty good. Got my breakfast, got something to drink, got on the bus. Business as usual.

“I get over and I pick over the Game Day [program], and I’m looking at the [program], it’s customary. And I look on there and it says homecoming. And I’m thinking to myself, like, this is the National Football League. Are you serious? Homecoming? Homecoming.

“And it’s not like you tried to hide it. You blatantly put it on the front of the Game Day. And you’re talking about somebody fired up today? I was pissed.”

Asked if he was the only one so bothered, Williams said he was not.

“It was the whole team,” he said. “It was the whole team. That was definitely motivating. I mean, you don’t say you’re gonna have a homecoming in the National Football League. I mean, you do it in college. It’s [against] one of those teams that’s just terrible. You don’t book a good team for homecoming, . . . I don’t know if they had a dance or anything; I just know you don’t give a team extra motivation by putting that on your program, just blatantly coming out and saying you’re our homecoming game.”

On his way out of the stadium, Williams tweeted: “I’ve never been more insulted in the nfl until today!”

When you’re 1-6 and have already fired your GM, motivation should come easily for a team such as the Panthers.

But the Redskins apparently made it too easy for them.

30 responses to “DeAngelo Williams felt disrespected by Redskins “Homecoming”

  1. Its not hard to see why DeAngenlo and the Panthers are angry at the Skins celebration of 80 years of history and tradition.

    Because the Panthers have no famous players, history, or tradition.

    How dare the redskins retire their players numbers in front of their own fans!!!

    Too much talking for a 2-6 team

  2. I am a skins fan, went to game and have no issues worth this. Organization needs to focus on winning a freaking home game before they worry about freaking homecoming!!

  3. I saw the picture he tweeted of their program. It certainly is weird to call any game in the NFL a “homecoming”.
    Also, can I borrow Carolina’s defense whenever they play a Shanahan team? They are much much better at stopping his offenses than my team is.

  4. deangelo is hilarious. he’s worth a follow on twitter even if you dont like the panthers. and while, i’m not offended about the “homecoming” thing, i can kinda see where he’s coming from.

  5. Is there anything that players aren’t “disrespected” over these days? Kinda getting tired of hearing about this stuff. It was the Skins 80th anniversary… they had to schedule it against someone. Yes DeAngelo I’m sure it was personal. #facepalm

  6. Now that you mention it, an NFL team (or any professional sports team) having a “homecoming” game is pretty gey.

    Maybe if Dan Snyder hadn’t run the franchise into the ground and alienated the majority of the fanbase such lame “promotions” wouldn’t be necessary.

  7. the redskins had been celebrating that upcoming win all week. it’s also a joke to try and compare rg3 to cam, like cam hasn’t proved himself enough. wait until rg3 at least comes close to maybe a couple of cam’s shattered records before you crown the kid and talk about cam’s immaturity. it’s the other way around, jokers.

  8. Homecoming is supposed to be the first home game or a return from the longest road trip of the year. This game was neither of those things which is extra bizarre and therefore it’s legit bulletin board material. They should have known full well that this would juice up the minds of their opponents. Some teams like to trash talk at their opponents and some don’t, and the Redskins thought they would be cute here and try it, and instead they got burned. So justice was served for getting smart and cute with their marketing choices.

    Also I posted in the other article about the evaluation of players and commented how they also blew this game in part by wasting almost 30 seconds by not using their TOs correctly at the end of the game. They made 2 major off the field mistakes in this one, and it cost the team their season in a must win game.

    Bad coaching and mngmt in 2 key situations have cut their odds just enough to lose it. What’s fair is fair and they deserve the loss is all that matters.

  9. “stevenfbrackett says: Nov 4, 2012 7:21 PM
    Uh, can someone explain what the insult is? Because I am not seeing any. All I see is a cheesy promotional ploy. Like most every other week.”

    No one else is either. Some players need the merest “slight” to get motivated. You’d think that being one of the highest paid players in the league would be motivation enough. Williams sounds worse than major league baseball players with their false bravado and ridiculous retaliations for perceived violations from unwritten rules.

  10. Dude that’s ridiculous, it was the 80th anniversary, the Steelers did the same thing last week against the Redskins, and none of them complained. And the TD run was bull, yeah he didn’t step out, but the whistle blew when he was at like the 8 or 9. You can’t change blowing a play dead, the ref messed up, and it shouldn’t have been a td.

  11. DeAngelo is insulted because in some areas of the US, the home team plays a much weaker team, making the Homecoming game a lock for the home team.

    Although that doesn’t happen around here, at least not at the high school level. I’ve been to two Homecoming games where the home team lost.

  12. Panther fan here,

    at this point if home teams want to wear their home jerseys, the Panthers need to get fired up. Its the only way we can at least have a decent record at the end of the season….

  13. “So we’ve established that DeAngelo Williams’ touchdown run was legal, despite an inadvertent whistle.”

    No, we haven’t. We’ve established that the line judge that screwed up and blew the whistle early wasn’t man enough to admit his mistake. The refs blew that call, and it most definitely was not legal. The play should have been dead at the 20 yard line.

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