Doug Martin’s star turn gets Buccaneers to 4-4

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The Raiders were close to running out of running backs.

The Buccaneers almost had one too many.

With Doug Martin running wild, the Bucs improved to 4-4 with an impressive second half in their 42-32 win over the Raiders, though it was far from easy.

Martin finished with 25 carries for 251 yards, including touchdown runs of 45, 67, 70 and 1 yards. He was averaging 12.0 yards per carry before the final kill-the-clock drive (where he lost 14 yards on three carries), and it just seemed like he scored every time he touched the ball.

That was the bulk of the Bucs’ 515 yards of total offense.

Of course, the Bucs almost let the Raiders back in, thanks to another back. Bucs backup LeGarrette Blount came in and fumbled (apparently Martin was winded), allowing the Raiders to close late.

The Raiders, meanwhile, were scrambling for someone to carry the ball.

Darren McFadden left in the first half with a leg injury. X-rays were negative, but he didn’t return. Backup Mike Goodson left the game in the second half as well, leaving fullback Marcel Reece as the primary ballcarrier.

That wasn’t the death sentence it could have been, as Carson Palmer answered with three touchdown passes and a offer-it-up two-point conversion in the fourth quarter, cutting the gap to 35-32 with the ball in the final three minutes.

But Bucs safety Ahmad Black’s interception with 2:27 left iced things, since they weren’t letting Blount carry it again. Another pick (Palmer’s third, which cancelled out 414 passing yards and four touchdowns) closed it out, dropping the Raiders to 3-5.

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  1. Believe me, I’m the first one to call Blount out for a dumb play, but that fumble was not his fault. The ball was falling out of Freeman’s hand as he was trying to hand it to LeGarrette. Free was also holding it too high.

  2. I’m giddy to think how good this team could be when it fixes the corner situation. Offense is really starting to take flight, already I would say its the best Bucs offense ever.

  3. Wow, full marks to the Bucs, they travelled across the country and laid one on the Raiders.

    Doug Martin is one very special back. Everybody is going to know about him before long, his vision combined with his lateral movement at the LOS is amazing.

    You could just feel that he was about to go off and sure enough, he REALLY went off.

    As for the Raiders, this loss really hurts. They had a chance to get to 500 by winning their 3rd game in a row, but they weren’t as ready to play as the Bucs.

    Losing both McFadden and Goodson is devastating. Jones is too slight and can’t carry the load. The starting FB is now the HB, the starting FS is the #1 CB and a 3rd string safety is starting at FS.

    With out a running game, it’s gonna be ugly.

  4. @joetoronto

    You act like “laying one on the Raiders” is some kind of achievement. This will be their 10th straight year without a winning record.

    Only Carson Palmer could fight his team out of a huge hole and then throw it away like that.

  5. Palmer had a chance to make a game out of it despite the injuries and invisible run defense, but that second pick was a killer. It seems as though his brain just randomly shuts down.

  6. enochmh2 says:
    Nov 4, 2012 7:43 PM
    Anytime you let Carson palmer throw 60 times you are gonna lose


    yet, they almost tied the game.

    thing is, i think his o-line and wide receivers completely bailed on him…they need help in the offseason, or move on from Palmer

    either commit to protecting the guy and surrounding him with talent, or draft Geno Smith or Tyler Bray and admit it was a mistake on a previous regime.

  7. This is squarely on the defense, or I should say lack of it. Carson did eveything he could to get the Raiders in it. Generally, a team throws 60 times and they lose.

    I don’t care who it is. It could be the second coming of Jim Brown, but no one should run for almost 300 yards by himself. The run D was putrid. I’ve seen the Raiders play a lot of bad run D in the last 10 years, but this was the worst and that’s really saying something.

  8. Martin is starting to take form. He reminds me of a young running back drafted by the New England Patriots. Curtis Martin was not very fast or flashy, Yet he produced year after year. I am not saying this kid is as good, but watching him reminds me of Curtis. Good Job Rook, let keep this thing Rolling.

  9. Remember a week ago when fresh off beating the worst team in the nfl, the Raiders fans were calling themselves a team on the rise and saying they’d win the AFC West at 7-9 or 8-8? Yeah not so much their Raiduh fans! But in good news the Broncos will be 11-5 (6-0 in the division) and leave you with absolutely no, what could have been thoughts.

  10. Here is a stat for you that tells the story of how dynamic Doug Martin has been so far:

    Doug Martin became the first player EVER to have 3 rushing TDs of at least 40+ yards in the same game.

  11. Apparently winded? He was on the sideline jumping up and down looking longingly at the field while Blount fumbled… Shame the D shortened the field in the 4th, or he woulda had a shot at 300…

  12. yelix says: Nov 4, 2012 7:47 PM

    Only Carson Palmer could fight his team out of a huge hole and then throw it away like that.
    And only Matt Cassel could keep his team close into the 4th quarter and then fumble the ball away in his own end zone. Chiefs fan is getting bored.

  13. “He was averaging 12.0 yards per carry before the final kill-the-clock drive ”

    And if you take out his three long TD runs, he averaged 3.1 yards per carry. Anyone can play that game.

  14. yelix says:
    Nov 4, 2012 7:47 PM

    You act like “laying one on the Raiders” is some kind of achievement. This will be their 10th straight year without a winning record.

    Only Carson Palmer could fight his team out of a huge hole and then throw it away like that.

    Your QB is Matt Cassel, Matt Cassel, LOL!

  15. Josh Freeman has put up an amazing 11 TD to 1 INT over the last 4 games..

    Yet for two weeks in a row he gets NO MENTION in the recap of the game.

    Funny, when he was struggling there were PLENTY of articles here about Josh Freeman….

  16. niners816 says: Nov 4, 2012 7:49 PM


    Having your team lose brings a smile to my face. Wouldn’t you agree, “eh”?
    Geography smack? Will Joe come back and mock your lisp? Stay tuned.

  17. GO BUCS! Playoff run….. Im sure they will start to mention the bucs on espn or nfl network right? The best offense the last 5 weeks. Doug Martin out shining peterson last week and 4 TDs 251 yards.

  18. joetoronto says:
    Nov 4, 2012 7:43 PM
    Wow, full marks to the Bucs, they travelled across the country and laid one on the Raiders.


    Obviously you haven’t been watching Raiders football for the last ten years, have you? That occasion is quite cosmopolitan if you haven’t noticed.

    But then again, that is coming from someone who is 3,000 miles away, never has set foot in Oakland, let alone in California, and wouldn’t root for the Raiders if the teams’ colors were orange and pink. Not to mention someone who chooses to vanish after losses and magically reappears a few days later to avoid ridicule. But hey, what do you expect from somone who lives in Toronto?

    You and that 44 year old Mr. Villa should bunk one day.

  19. Can’t blame Blount for that fumble. Freeman didn’t give it to him cleanly, just sort of pushed it in Blount’s direction. The Bucs are going to rely on Blount when that tremendous rookie tires out later in the season.

  20. Commendable 2nd half performance for Palmer. That OL wasn’t doing him any favors all day. And any time you make your QB throw 60 times tells you your defense is not having a good day.

  21. Raiders lack depth and it showed today on D. Carson Palmer was a mistake that almost paid off in making the playoffs last year but the Chargers beat the Raiders in Oakland. This team needs to prepare for next year and get Terrell Pryor some time to see what he has.

  22. Also having watched football since the 80s everyone wants to compare Martin to Rice, me, maybe it’s my Florida bias and when I see an undersized guy low to ground guy wearing the number 22 I see Emmitt Smith — a guy that is a patient runner, picks his lanes well and then has just enough speed to outrun tacklers. Emmitt was about vision and I think Martin has some of that as well. Obviously way too early to every actually compare him to Smith, just an observation.

  23. Look at the bright side. DMC lasted four more games than anyone(not wearing silver and black goggles) thought he would. Better hope he gets back soon because without him the Raiders will be lucky to get 3 more wins.

  24. Brutal game- the run D was absent entirely. Nice comeback but it ended up being a tease. This is the 3rd season in a row where the RAIDERS seem like they might make strides towards being a good football team, but it is not to be in 2012. Give Big Reg some time to get it sorted- 2013 should be better. Shoud be…

    @hoetoronto- Make sure you never come to California— I’m tired of donkey transplants crowding this beautiful state. Stay home east coast homers and tell your friends to do the same.

    PS- I’m 4th generation Californian–(non-hispanic)…

  25. The Raiders are so bad that they can’t even start to climb out of the deep hole that Crazy Al put them in over the past decade. Even the hapless Donkeys were able to win a playoff game last year, and look to be in the position to walk right off with the AFC West title with little to stop them now.

    I guess the only thing “nation” fanatics can take solace in, is the fact that they at least aren’t Chiefs’ fans. But then again, Chiefs fans are lucky that they don’t live on Oakland. So, who really wins there…?

  26. Just your typical raiders, everytime they have a chance to get up to .500, they find ways to screw it up. They could have been tied with the chargers putting pressure on them to continue winning but, they just couldn’t do it. If they don’t turn it around, the broncos are gonna have the west locked up within a month.

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