Jerry Jones the owner says he would have fired Jerry Jones the G.M.


Several years ago, NBC’s Dan Patrick asked former Lions CEO Matt Millen whether he would have fired himself.  (Millen basically said yes.)

In a new interview with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, NBC’s Bob Costas asked Jones whether Jones the owner would have fired Jones the General Manager.

“Well, I think so . . . because he was there to dismiss,” Jones said.  “I’ve always worked for myself and you can’t do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. But certainly, if I’d had the discretion, I’ve done it with coaches and certainly I would have changed a general manager.”

Jones made himself the G.M. when he bought the team in 1989.  Before Al Gore invented the Internet and before sports talk radio was as prevalent as it is now, Jones was able hire Jones to be the G.M. without creating too big of a national stink.  Today, it would be very hard for an owner with no credentials or experience to make himself the G.M.

And even though Jones the owner would have fired Jones the G.M. by now, Jones firing himself would have been even harder.

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46 responses to “Jerry Jones the owner says he would have fired Jerry Jones the G.M.

  1. Blah blah blah. All BS by this buffoon. If he “would have” fired Jerry the GM, he “would have” done it by now.

  2. Gore did not invent the Internet and everybody knows it except him. Jones is not a GM and everybody knows it except him. If he knows he should fire himself, then why not do it? His asset, the Cowboys would be more successful and more valuable.

  3. “Today, it would be very hard for an owner with no credentials or experience to make himself the G.M.”

    Why? First off, it’s his billion dollars he spent to buy the team, he can do what he wants with it.

    Secondly, can you think of a case where a meddling owner has somehow lost either money or any amount of control of the franchise due to his incompetence?

    Jones has been running the Cowboys into the ground since he fired Jimmy Johnson. Al Davis’ Raiders were a laughing stock for decades, and Dan Snyder has been a joke from the start of his reign. Have any of them suffered any loss of money or control as a result? (And that’s just the first three I thought of off the top of my head. It’s not like you have to look long and hard for examples.)

    Anyway, Jerry’s right; he should’ve been fired long ago.

  4. The Cowboys clearly have a good foundation of some young solid players and can attract FAs well and have no excuse to not be dominating. Not only is he not winning, but he’s not even coming close to optimizing his potential success. He definitely needs to have a strong GM take over the coaching and personnel decisions and do things completely different.

    It’s time to start the rebuilding process because he’s wasting way too much time and taking on too much player depreciation year after year in his pursuit to not dominate and not even come close.

  5. Jerry Jones has shown some lousy judgment with respect to certain key players — Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Roy Williams, etc. But his judgment about head coaches has been worse, Jimmy Johnson excepted.

    Jason Garrett’s not head coach material — isn’t even Off. Coord. material. Wade Phillips is a Def Coord., not a head coach. The game had passed Parcells by. And on and on.

    Go back to the well, Jerry. Hire Brian Kelly(Notre Dame) or Chip Kelly(Oregon). And stay away from Andy Reid or other big name retreads.

  6. He needs to…. while he’s at it, he needs to pull a Brooks Hatlen from Shawshank Redeption!

  7. The question asked makes absolutely NO sense. Why would any interviewer ask Mr. Jones, “WOULD you have,” as in the past fired yourself? The demise of the Cowboys is very much in the PRESENT, and Mr. Jones continues to operate as the GM. While it may have been an off-putting query, shouldn’t Mr. Costas have inquired if it was time for Mr. Jones to fire himself at THIS time if The Cowboys ever want to compete for another playoff entry/victory? The answer to THAT question not only would have been relevant, it is what most fans want to know.

  8. “Jerry Jones the psychiatrist would have diagnosed Jerry Jones the patient with a multiple personality disorder.”

    Now that’s the comment I’m waiting for.

  9. It’s obvious Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are exactly the same thing. Jerry cannot let it go, he will prolly die in his luxury booth after another crushing Dallas loss.

    Jerry wouldn’t want it any other way.

  10. It’s wrong for owners to get involved. The GM’s work for decades to learn the job. Perfect example is the 49ers when the Yorks took over,John was to involved trying to be Eddie D right off the bat. But than he let Jed take over and Jed wisely hired Baalke and together got Harbaugh now all he does is let Baalke & Harbaugh make decisions and he just signs checks. Jones should take notes go get a young upcoming GM like a spielman was or dimitrioff & Baalke it’s not a Fluke that those 3 GM’s all have very good teams right now.

  11. Dallas just lost. Jerry “wink of the eye” Jones is a dinosaur much like his idol Al Davis who like Davis is a punchline to a joke in the NFL.

  12. Jerry – you and that schmuck Redskin owner, Lil Napoleon Snyder need to get married. You are a bunch of jerks and own franchises committed to mediocrity.

  13. FIRE Jerry the GM! FIRE Jason Garrett, dude can’t call a game plan to save his life. Just failed during 57 minutes of the Falcons game. Get some GD SAFETIES!! Talked about needing safeties for years now and we are paying for it. It’s great that we have great cb’s now. Yet obviously the GM doesn’t see teams pick us apart down the middle of the field. Don’t hire Kelly from Oregon without making sure we have someone extremely strong on defense. Kelly’s offense can score but his defense blows. Dallas offense can score too if the right plays are called. I can go forever….

  14. 1) Jerry Jones is not a good GM

    2) If I spent a billion dollars on a football team you better believe I’d play GM. I’d draft, trade and sign free agents. I’d probably suck at it but it’s MY billion dollars.

  15. Jerry Jones took “America’s Team” and turned it into something America is most known for now.. being loud and obnoxious the only thing more American for him to do now is outsource his team to another country. Hey, I heard England was looking for an NFL team…

  16. He hasn’t done it because he can’t swallow his pride, or ego! This guy is like Art Modell, who couldn’t swallow his pride and sell the Browns, because he didn’t want to see another owner win a championship with them. Same goes for Jerry! He can’t fathom the bruise to his ego, if he hires a real GM, and they start actually winning consistently. Everyone will be rubbing it in his face, telling him that he should’ve done it years ago!

  17. Well he need to fire romo also this guy is a garbage QB and well not get the job done. Tired of this guy getting a pass every week he has not accompolish anything time for Jerry to start looking for himself a QB in the draft. Also time for Jason Garrett to be fired to he is a Offensive coordinator thats it time for him to go.

  18. Jerry, Bud Adams and Al Davis all drank from the same cup!!!!! They all think they are NFL geneiouses then they hire idiots and puppets. Until they stay out of the buisness they will never see another SB which is fine be me. So either get the signs up at games, rent billboards or buy commercials on TV for them to quit being an NFL GM!!!!! Don’t have to worry about AL anymore……Patsman has spoken!!!!!

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