League looking into role of official in DeAngelo Hall spat


Perhaps the reason the league hasn’t issued a ruling on what kind of punishment Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall will receive for last week’s tirade is because they’re trying to determine how much fault is his.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the NFL is looking into the role of the official in the situation.

Hall blew up at head linesman Dana McKenzie, after an altercation with Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders last week. Hall said during a radio interview with 106.7 The Fan Tuesday that McKenzie  “was equally at fault” and “dishing it out just as much as I’m dishing it out.”

While officials don’t have free rein to say what they please to players, Hall showed a lack of control, and will still be fined heavily even though he won’t be suspended.

9 responses to “League looking into role of official in DeAngelo Hall spat

  1. bunjy96, based on two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and a subsequent ejection, how can he NOT be heavily fined? That’s commom sense! Suspension, no. Not serous enough to warrant that.

    And yes, as hard as it may be for you to believe, the PFT guys know A LOT more about the NFL than you do.

  2. Maybe Hall should focus less on the big bad ref and more on his own substandard play.

    And the league “looking onto this” sounds like the NFL is just making a token show of being fair as a way to combat the general sense that they have a pro-ref, anti-player bias.

  3. Being a Skins fan I can say with confidence that describing MeAngelo Hall’s play this year as “substandard” is being very generous. The only thing he can do well at this point in his career is grow that beard.

  4. The officals neeed to be held to a HIGHER standard!

    After the pooer example of the officials in the game with Carolina (blown, whistle, ref not owning up to blowing the thing – should be FIRED for not admitting to what he did as LIARS are not qualified to officiate, ‘Skins were held several times with no calls, just plain inconsistant) I am done with the Ticket as the league has puffed enough smoke up my a$$. They are concerened only with REVENUE not integrity of the product.

    Goodell is the WORST comish in league history.

    Also BOB III, think you can hold the ball more than 3 seconds in the pocket? PATHETIC.

  5. dlr4skins: Your right the refs do need to be held to a higher standard. However that being stated, this isn’t the first time Hall has had this problem. He should have the hammer thrown at him as he has similar problems every year.

    There were alot of missed calls today, especially that whistle blow that the referee neglected to own up to.

    RGIII tries to pass but gets killed when he stands there, or were you not watching the right game?

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